Venezuela – Cancer’s patriotism pushed beyond its limits



With Venezuela at starvation point and the world’s fastest inflation rate, President Nicolas Maduro is flailing around to find a solution to a problem caused largely by his own and his predecessor Hugo Chavez’s left-wing policies. Hundreds of thousands have fled to nearby Colombia with the economy near collapse and food and medicines out of reach for most of the population.

His Presidency chart, 19 April 2013 2.05pm Caracas is heading for an inflammatory collision come late April into May this year and again in early 2019 as tr Uranus is conjunct the Sun Mars in Aries. He’s under sanctions by most governments and described as a dictator.

Venezuela, 5 July 1811 3pm Caracas, if the time is sound, is certainly at its nadir financially and tr Saturn will soon conjunct the 2nd house Moon within weeks, making the population even more deprived. There is a Solar Arc Pluto square the Cancer Sun, exact now, which is a dead-halt; with the country continuing to be fractious throughout this year. With regrettably more Neptunian slumps over coming years. There’ll be a high in 2020 and then more setbacks with even more disenchanted citizens in 2020/21.

There’s no real indication from the charts of Maduro, 23 Nov 1962 9.03 pm – a reckless and chaotic Sun Sagittarius square Jupiter opposition Uranus Pluto – disappearing soon. Though he’ll continue to slide from mid 2018 onwards for eighteen months.

3 thoughts on “Venezuela – Cancer’s patriotism pushed beyond its limits

  1. I would advise anyone with an interest in critical analysis of these comments to read ‘The Open Veins of Latin America’ by Eduardo Galeano and/or ‘The Untold History of the United States’ by Oliver Stone

    • We aren’t owed any impartiality here though, are we? This is a blog, not the BBC, in fact as a trained journalist Marjorie does a hell of a lot better than most.

      If you think a point has been missed, you are free to raise it. I don’t know a lot about the nature of the US sanctions. I know Britain was happily selling arms to Venezuela until the EU recently put sanctions against that in place.

      My take on Venezuela is their problems stem from way before Chavez. A cycle of the effects of:
      rampant capitalism,
      which drove a populist socialist revolt,
      which needed to make an impact against poverty fast,
      which led to massive borrowing on a gamble that the price of oil would remain high

      Decades and decades of poor governance, no matter the ideology. The best thing for the workers would’ve been to invest in diversifying the economy while the oil prices where high. Short term goals instead of the longer term, putting all of your eggs into one teetering tower of a basket, failure to build a new economic structure. They have now made themselves very vulnerable to bullying from Russia and China via debt and the West via sanctions. Another lesson from Pluto in Capricorn.

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