Hill & Bill – back in the firing line of scrutiny



The Justice Department has launched a new inquiry into whether the Clinton Foundation engaged in any pay-to-play politics or other illegal activities while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of State according to The Hill. Denials are flying along with accusations of political pressure from the White House. Though there have been stories in the New York Times and elsewhere for several years about donations to the Clinton Foundation or speech fees that fell around the time of favorable decisions by Clinton’s State Department.

Hillary never did look happy, astrologically speaking, around now with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct her Sun, within two minutes of a degree, so exact exact. Tr Pluto is also opposition her Mars/Uranus midpoint this month for a ‘violent intervention’ and high-stress. And tr Uranus is moving in February to oppose her Solar Arc Mars Pluto, which will be a hugely unsettling jolt; at the same time as an undermining and disappointing, power-eroding tr Neptune opposition her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. A confused and devastated phase courtesy of tr Pluto as it starts to oppose her Sun/Neptune midpoint from late March, on and off for two years. With tr Uranus starting the disruptive opposition to her Sun from July onwards into 2019. All in all not a great year or two for her.

Even Bill’s customary aplomb may slip when tr Saturn squares his Ascendant, Mars, Neptune in February/March and on and off till late year, which will feel like a worrying setback. Plus he has an ‘emotional shock’ Solar Arc Venus opposition his Uranus now. Plus a drift of undermining Neptune transits to midpoints through this year and next. Assuming this is not health related, he’ll reboot his confidence in 2019 when his Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct and tr Pluto square his Jupiter.

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  1. You don’t think the timing has something to do with the ongoing Mueller probe? The donations have been there for years, and a new enquiry is launched just when it seems the current Administration, including Attorney General leading DOJ is unravelling? It could have even been launched to distract WH. We now know people working at WH are complete idiots, I know more on how an investigation works in The US than they do after having watched US TV all my life than they do.

    • Possibly related, Solaia. I’m American and have watched TV for much of my life as well. When Trump becomes nervous, he distracts. The rubes eat it up like hotcakes.

      • Also, if Clintons are doing this, Bushes are doing this as well. Reagan would have been doing this if he hadn’t been on early stage dementia by the time he left WH. And while maybe not receiving as much attention in The States, Kissinger is The Godfather of the International Speaker Circuit. His stamp is everywhere, apparently Kushner phones him regularly. Al Gore, too. I applaude his work on climate change, but he is not smart, and definitely exploits Speaker Circuit. He recently spoke at Slush startup event in Helsinki (Princes William and Daniel of Sweden attended, because this thing some tech grads started has gotten immense in Europe) and managed to misspell several words in a still 140 character tweet. I’d say that of the post-Nixon POTUSes and VPOTUSes the ones probably getting a pass from Ethics Committees would be Carter (who sold a literal peanut farm for a possible conflict of interest), Obama and Biden.

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