USA Presidential Election Debate – Round Three sinking even lower



The Mars Pluto conjunction’s brutality, hostility and bad-temper is certainly showing its ugliest face and the  conjunction doesn’t come exact until October 19th, so there’ll be more and possibly worse to come. With a couple of Uranus thunderbolts mid month and on the 29th.

Re-running part of the August 28th post which was headlined ‘Gladiatorial contest gets more vicious into October’ – and how.

The tr Mars tr Pluto in Capricorn will fall in Trump’s grandstanding 5th house so he’s likely to be incandescent with rage and hostility.

Hillary is in worse shape for the two October debates than for the September one. For the October 9th debate: she’s got tr Saturn square her Mars/Neptune which is weak-willed, low energy, feeling inferior or unstable – so not on top confident form. The October 19th debate sees her with tr Saturn square her Jupiter/Uranus – disadvantages, losses, obstinate, inhibited; and square her Neptune/Pluto – pessimistic, muddled, tormented. These midpoint Saturn transits are relatively minor but she’ll be sagging slightly and she’s not a good extempore speaker at the best of times.

Donald Trump has tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint through October which is inclined to over-react and become aggressively argumentative. Like Hillary he is sagging over October 19th with tr Saturn square his Jupiter/Pluto = unable to make progress, for a few days up to October 28th.

If I may be allowed a personal, non-astro-thought. I’ve walked through the wall of worry on this election. Not that UK politicians are exactly covering themselves in glory. But if the US wants to elect Trump, on their own heads be it. Just remember to pull up the drawbridge after November 8th and protect the rest of the world from the fall out. Hillary may be many shades of awfulness but she has a smidgeon of competence and experience. A dodgy businessman with a hair-trigger temperament and zero political track record really doesn’t cut it.

8 thoughts on “USA Presidential Election Debate – Round Three sinking even lower

  1. Marjorie, just want to express support for your comments on this. It’s an awful time to be an American voter, really. The Clinton corruption is not just smoke being blown by Republicans, it’s real and profound; but as you suggest, a Trump presidency is unthinkable. Most Americans now think Clinton will win in a walk unless the polls are hacked, which certainly is not impossible (though the thousands of locations/protocols would make it quite difficult) or Democrats are simply so disheartened by the issues surrounding Clinton that they don’t vote at all. Something many of us are wondering about is what will happen in four years’ time, when the Republicans, surely, will nominate a more viable candidate. Clinton is so deeply disliked even by a large minority of Democrats that they’re saying even if she wins in 2016, any sane and somewhat balanced Republican will beat her in 2020. The Big Money question is pivotal, because fundamentalist-right wing billionaires like the Koch brothers continue to “primary” any Republican who dares cooperate even marginally with the other side (in other words, they fund hard-right opponents and flood the airwaves with commercials for them). What a mess. Thank you for the attention you’ve paid to the U.S. this cycle.

  2. I am very curious whAt you can see regarding Jullian Assange’s chart regarding the next emails re. Hillary C. It seems that the first lot did do some damage. A most confusing yet interesting election,better than any tv soap opera!!

  3. Obviously, I am not an expert and don’t pretend to be. Feeling pity for Trump for looking like an idiot may be misplaced, but is in NO WAY agreeing or supporting him. He seems to lack a political agenda because he isn’t a politician and that has been well established. The larger point to me is our system needs to be overhauled and big money taken out. This election reflects how messy everything has become for the US. A person really has to search hard for REAL journalists to shed light on the murky details of our government operations and even then it is so complicated for a citizen like myself. So what is there to do?

    • Couldn’t agree more. I read most of the ‘decent’ papers daily and get really fed up with the state of journalism. In my early days in newspapers, proper journalists were supposed to stand back from the fray and not to hold political opinions of any hue.
      The trendy word for it appears to be ‘noise’ or ‘witless white noise’. And it’s not just the USA which is suffering. As one commentator wrote recently: “The Brexit debate is one area that is replete with worthless noise – in the jargon favoured of economists, the noise-to-signal ratio is appalling. This is not a partisan point: all sides are at it. Most pronouncements and warnings are little better than spam, but it is essential for those trying to decipher trends to wade through it all.”
      The astrology may not always be pin point but it’s a giant step up from the ping-pong wiffle-waffle that goes on.

    • Agree that considering pity is no way inclusive of support. But we already know the systems are broken – don’t need “real journalism” to point it out. Even then, how long would that journalist have to live?

  4. Gina – an interesting perspective. Feeling pity for him. One of my former managers had a personality and temperment much like Trump. There was always an excuse to use, problems were always someone else’s fault to solve. Mister Teflon. Eventually, he was canned; insiders told me he refused to believe the employee transfers and resignations and loss of customers to the competition were any of his doing. Well, it caught up to him. He has yet to hold a job much like what he had in 2002; found his profile on linkedin…still muddling along in Sear’s appliance salesman positions.

    Given the astro projections for the next several years, no one will be able to hold it together well for the US. I’ll do well to make the rent! Political experience…or television reality show host? Hmmm, choices… and choices.

  5. Marjorie: I couldn’t agree more with your ‘personal, non-astro thought’, and I am an American! There must be savage and cruel energies about because the debate was painful to watch. I may be in the minority for actually having felt pity for Trump, but I do. He seems to be in way over his head. He lashes out like a little boy at the unfairness of the debate platform simply because he is being held to a standard of decorum of not interrupting the opponent and the expectation that he must answer the question. Meanwhile Hillary is cool as a cucumber. I am not saying this out of admiration either. Trump appealed to a certain feeling that Americans are so tired of the same old smooth rhetoric practiced by current and presidents past that assured their victory but they are only words that are hollow and insincere. Now we have candidates that reflect two extremes. America is in such a bad place and from what astrologers say about Pluto breaking down America, I guess it is a medicine we must swallow. Thanks for your insights.

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