Theresa May – a wing and a prayer won’t be enough



The pound may have chuted south last week because of a technical market fault (though it has been drifting down since June anyway and is unlikely to go back up in the short term). But there’s no doubting that UK and global business leaders and others are beginning to get seriously worried about the direction Theresa May’s policies are heading. A hard Brexit means losing half of the UK’s export market, never mind blowing holes in the City of London’s prosperity (and thus decimating tax revenues). And anti-foreigner rhetoric is only likely to harden the EU’s already flinty hearts.

Her birth chart over the next two years shows a mix of great confidence side by side with panic about dashed hopes and plans dissolving under her feet. Her steady-pair-of-hands image may be an illusion which events drive a spear through. She has a singleton Mars in Pisces in an opportunistic opposition to Jupiter natally and that is being seriously shaken first by tr Saturn square Mars from the 19th of this month for about eight days; much worse is tr Neptune conjunct her Mars from April next year on and off till late 2018. That latter is usually straight failure, weak-willed and an inability to make progress. She has on the upside tr Pluto trine her Jupiter and sextile her Solar Arc Jupiter through 2017 which will keep her confidence up and bring some successes. But it will be a struggle. She’ll suffer a major shock of sorts with her Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Sun in 2018, maybe early or late in the year depending on her birth time.

In addition, transits to her midpoints next year are with one exception bad news – disasters in February and total confusion. That latter rolls on and off till late 2018 and is described by Ebertin as a ‘tragic delusion or deception.’

The CBI (Confederation of British Industry), 30 July 1965, are up in arms and at daggers drawn with her. The relationship chart between the PM and the CBI has a composite Sun Pluto trine Mars, so a brutal and hostile power struggle. The CBI chart looks hugely stressed through 2017 with tr Pluto square their Mars and sextile their Saturn; with a discouraging Solar Arc Saturn square Sun in 2017; a stuck Solar Arc Pluto square Sun in 2017/18; and a real jolt from Solar Arc Uranus square Sun in 2020.

Theresa May has already indicated she’s not overly happy about the Bank of England’s policies and her relationship chart with chairman Mark Carney, much like the CBI is fraught with a Pluto square Mars and that is being steadily undermined by tr Neptune in2017/2018; and ploughing through exceptionally heavy seas (if he stays the course) in 2017/18 with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Saturn.

The Chancellor Philip Hammond, who is murmuring words of caution, is anxious about the buccaneering Brexiteers – Johnson, Fox, Davis – making negotiations more difficult with inflammatory and delusional claims. He clearly favours a ‘soft Brexit’ with access to EU markets. His relationship with Theresa May is inherently friendly but under disappointing, unsupportive influences through till January next year. His own chart is sagging badly right through until late 2017 with tr Neptune square his Sagittarius Sun Mercury.

Theresa May had some real disasters as Home Secretary but seems to have a Teflon knack of emerging unscathed. Whether that will last through her term is questionable.

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  1. Marjorie, can identify with your Neptune feelings as I have/had 4 planets with Neptune transits and it feels relentless. Must have been similar, though when Neptune was in Sagittarius but I can’t remember.Do you ever look back over previous transits to compare notes? Theresa May is unfortunate to have Neptune conjunct her Mars so soon after becoming PM.

    • Greta, I just looked tr Neptune in Sagittarius up in the 1970s. The start was OK – I have five mutable planets in Virgo and Gemini – busy and interesting, then what could have been a career disaster but I seemed to float through it and extraordinarily having done almost no work got lots of credit, which given that I’d worked like a Trojan in previous years and got no thanks for it, seemed to me paradoxical and irksome. Then for the final square to my Sun I moved companies and ended up in a nothing year, for which I was paid and just floated through again, before moving onto much better. So not terminal and there was that Neptunian ‘make no effort and it works out OK’ theme running through. But it definitely doesn’t make for decisive action and foot-on-accelerator living.

  2. Hugh, Thanks for that. I’m sinking in an ocean of Neptune – urgh I just looked up – till late 2019, an almost uninterrupted deluge of the stuff.

  3. As I understand it the best advice on Neptune Transits is to stay honest, don’t bet the house on red and to go with the flow rather than trying to force events. I suspect Theresa May like most politicians might find the latter situation the hardest to handle. She apparently want to keep a firm grip of government which is something that may find impossible.

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