USA – fractured and fractious but holding together


“The USA will be into the thick of rancorous and aggravated debates in 2020 as Pluto starts to oppose the USA Mercury opposition Pluto from late February onwards, on and off till late 2021.” See previous post December 26 2019.

This being America, guns were guaranteed to appear to back up toxic arguments and hate rhetoric. Armed protesters railing against Michigan’s coronavirus lockdown have been rallying in the Lansing capitol building. The state has been hard hit with 3,788 deaths and Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a favourite Trump target, has extended a stay-at-home mandate until 15 May.

The fanatical Mercury opposition Pluto in the USA 1776 chart is malignant when triggered. When tr Uranus was in hard aspect, it spawned Mcarthyism and Watergate. The Saturn Pluto conjunction this year and over the election will collide with it. Previous times of tr Pluto in hard aspect to the USA Pluto Mercury saw bitter anti-slavery fights under a Democratic President, 1845 to 1851; the Great Depression, 1933 to 1938, Roosevelt’s New Deal and J. Edgar Hoover in the FBI; Reagan was elected on tr Pluto square the USA Mercury in 1981 and during his term, there were swingeing tax cuts leading to a soaring budget deficit and high unemployment, a recession and his attempted assassination.

For all the rancour and talk of an impending USA Second Civil War, the astro-indicators are not there. The 1861 Civil War showed up most clearly on the USA First President chart, 30 April 1789 12.45pm New York. Tr Pluto was then conjunct the Taurus Sun which is a classic signature for a nation at war with itself; with Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct Uranus and Solar Arc Saturn opposition the Scorpio North Node. This time round tr Uranus will conjunct the Taurus Sun from this July onwards, on and off, into early 2022 so it will be a turbulent patch similar to May 1937 to March 1938, which oversaw a recession, but unlikely to lead to a complete internal rupture.

That apart, this year the First President chart is uncertain and confused with tr Neptune conjunct the Saturn, picking up exactly now and extending through 2021; and is discouraged and aggravated with tr Pluto Saturn in hard aspect to the Mercury and Jupiter through till late 2021 as well.

The USA 1776 chart was on its Uranus Return for the 1861 American Civil War and that aspect isn’t due again till 2028.   When coincidentally tr Pluto then in Aquarius is in hard aspect to the First President chart’s Taurus Sun with tr Saturn in Taurus conjunct the Sun. So that may be a riskier phase though events rarely repeat exactly the same. And the previous tr Pluto hard aspect to the First President Sun when in Scorpio in 1988 didn’t produce armed rebellion, though the Iran-Contra affair did diminish Reagan’s standing.

The USA 1776 chart in 1861 also had, on an 11 am start time, tr Neptune conjunct the Descendant and square the Midheaven when civil war broke out.

At the moment, assuming an 11am start time for this 1776 chart, there are indications of a shocked and angry populace from Solar Arc Mars is conjunct the Aquarius Moon which makes sense of the present mood with tempers and neurosis running high and likely to continue through next year.

See also previous post October 29 2018 – Steve Bannon predicts civil war.


12 thoughts on “USA – fractured and fractious but holding together

  1. Is the Pluto Mercury opposition a signature for the ongoing oppression by the rich – the Plutocrats – of the People. I so long for the power to shift away from the obscenely wealthy.

  2. Even if the US doesn’t quite crack up, I could indeed see more power returning to states, and perhaps even metropolitan cities, too. There may also be several new states carved out of existing ones.

    • “There may also be several new states carved out of existing ones.”

      How do you read that, Clarence? California splitting apart? Texas building its wall, leaving out El Paso? NY splitting apart to form upstate NY vs. the Hamptons? 😉

  3. I’ve read multiple reports that Kim Jong-Un is dead. He hasn’t been seen publicly in 3 weeks. Can you do a post on him?

  4. Thank you Marjorie, what an informative piece. No, I don’t think there will be another Civil War in the U.S. but to see guns in a public building is shocking to me.

    I’m trying to educate myself on American history by watching some of the programs on the PBS channel here in the U.K.

  5. Very interesting. Certainly a time of upheaval, obviously, on many fronts probably. For instance, the founding chart for California, 9th September 1850, 9.32am according to Astrotheme, is currently having Saturn transit square Venus in Scorpio, and pressure on the Moon (3 Scorpio) and ascendant (3 Scorpio). If the time is right, then Uranus is squaring the 8 Leo MC. Saturn back in Capricorn puts pressure on Pluto (29 Aries) and Uranus (29 Aries) by the end of 2020, with Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn also emphasising those. It looks quite turbulent, but could be a natural upheaval.

    I can see that individual states might want more autonomy, but a fully fledged civil war seems unlikely. Massive unrest and demonstrations might mimic a “war” though in some ways. Also a reimagining of what the USA stands for now?

    • Jane, I like your note about “re-imaging”. America was the world’s policeman…but what has that degenerated into? The world’s bully-boy? We’ve become a country of “look what I have and look what you do not (and never will)”.

      Bannon’s searching/preditions for a vicil war…would produce exactly what? Where is the meaning in such a prediction? What would be accomplished? THe old saying of “money to be made when blood runs in the streets…”, is this his expectation?

      With autonomy comes responsibility. I see no shining examples of states being responsible as well as accountable.

  6. “The fanatical Mercury opposition Pluto in the USA 1776 chart is malignant when triggered.”

    Marjorie, is Mercury opposition Pluto always fanatical? I’ve got that configuration in my chart, by an orb of about 10 degrees. Yet, I don’t consider myself fanatical, but quite flexible.

    Is there any particular transit/progression I should watch out for?

    • 10 degrees is a wider orb than I would use. Mercury communicates. Pluto is essentially about control. So when closely linked they bring a mindset that wants to control others thinking and won’t let go their own dogmatic ideas for fear of humiliation.
      One of the other ways it can work is to push your thinking into Plutonic depths – good for research but bringing a tendency to look too much on the negative side or become obsessive. Everything feels as if it has deep significance so there can be a difficulty in staying light-hearted.
      I wouldn’t worry about a 10 degree aspect.

  7. Thank you. That was really good. As far as any changes there has always been the whole discussion between states rights versus federal rights, which triggers a lot of disagreement in thought. The Governor’s Association has become very important, with the northeast building a coalition of governors as well as the west. States have their own charts, with New York, Pennsylvannia, Massachusetts, Virginia being important to the USA founding. Not sure if this is important but NYC or Philadelphia could have been the Capital but it was moved to Washington DC to put it in the middle of the coast and DC has a founding chart after USA founding. Watch the Governors closely. I live in Maryland which has been hit hard, but we appreciate our Republican Governor Hogan who flew us in supplies from South Korea due to wife connection. We are an 80percent Democrat State. I need to look at Md chart and report back. Hogan also leads the Governor association.

    No civil war, but maybe adjustments in States Rights versus Federal rights. For a time California was the 8th largest economy in the world. Ahead of many countries. My Saturn is at 29Capricorn and have always felt very connected to this nation. Thanks again for your good overview.

  8. I was listening to podcast 250 on the astrology podcast web site. It’s an article with Alan White at about (2:16:25) he makes a case for a chart he prefers to Sibly of 6th July 1775 at 11 Philadelphia…I wondered if you’d used this one in your work.

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