Mini Boris – rebel and healer with a tempestuous love life

Boris and Carrie’s baby has been named Wilfred in honour of Boris’s half Turkish paternal grandfather (who changed his name after settling in England). He was born at 9am according to an Instagram post which is later than the initial ‘early morning’ that was first indicated. Assuming it is there or thereabouts it gives him a Cancer Ascendant to match Boris’s Cancer Midheaven. An outer identity forever linked to his father’s career.

His home-loving Cancer Moon in the 1st opposes Pluto Jupiter in the 7th and trines a 10th house Neptune. This suggests a healing/helpful career where he wants to be of service as well as a power-packed presence on the social scene. His rebellious, reforming Sun, Uranus, Mercury in Taurus are in the 11th house of friends and the wider society, suggesting an inclination towards maverick best buddies but also a focus on bringing in innovations for his community. He’ll be every bit as vocal as Boris with his Mars in airy and contrary Aquarius in the 9th and will want his opinions to be heard.

An 8th house Saturn will make him defensive about intimacy, though will also bring a talent for handling other people’s money.

He’ll find career and pet causes easier to handle than his emotional life with a hidden 12th house Venus in an idealistic but uncommitted square to Neptune, which also trines his Moon and in turn his Moon is inconjunct Mars and as well as tying in to Pluto Jupiter, which latter will attract him to  high-octane partners and relationships.

Liz Greene remarked about Neptune in the 10th that it represents a child who has to mirror back to the mother who she is, rather than the other way round, so can lack of a strong sense of self. Or at least the identity is tied up with giving, first to mother and then to others in a supportive career. There can also be difficulties in setting boundaries with a Neptunian mother.

Carrie Symonds is quite elusive with a Sun Moon in Pisces and a chaotic, unpredictable collection of Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus in Capricorn. The Neptune cross overs between her and mini Wilfred are marked.

Boris’s workaholic Saturn in Pisces is conjunct the baby’s Midheaven; and his focal point Mars in Gemini is trine the baby’s 8th house Saturn with his Scorpio Moon square the baby’s Saturn so there will be gritty moments and some emotional disjunction. Boris’s erratic and changeable Uranus Pluto is conjunct the baby’s IC so he won’t be experienced as a stable element in life. But Boris’s Jupiter in Taurus will jolly the relationship along and the baby’s Venus in Gemini will match his Sun Venus.

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  1. Pluto in Aquarius will be conjunct the natal Saturn in 2024 which is when the next general election is due – Boris has SA MC conjunct Pluto in 2024…. it’s a long wait.
    The baby has rebellious Uranus in Taurus (Taurus can indicate what we value) sandwiched between the Sun and Mercury in the 11th house. Also, Uranus is square Saturn – so there is that clash between the need for change, freedom and the old, established status quo. Moon in Cancer (Asc ruler) is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (Capricorn represents the archetypal father) and Pluto seeks to tear down, demolish existing structures. Will he rebel and grow up to have very different societal (and political) values compared to his father?

  2. Because of who this baby’s parents are, and because of all the ‘info’ available online these days, I can sit in NZ and think that the way the baby is described is exactly? how one would describe the immediate environment the baby inhabits with his elusive mother, the power social circles his father is part of, etc.
    I raise this because I have pondered my own chart in this way. I was born late 1944 when Doodle bugs were being dropped around London and you can actually ‘see’ the Uranus sextile Pluto plumeting from the 9th and 11th houses. Also I often think that some things actually describe my parents situation at the time rather than belonging to me.
    I wonder how you exactly see a birth chart Marjorie, in relation to these ponderings?

    • Interesting point to raise and hear Marjorie’s view on.

      I think it was Marjorie who says the house the natal moon is in tells what was going on with the mother or something to that effect? I recall that sticking with me. Was it you Marjorie?

    • My view of the birth chart is it shows a mix of things – characteristics, talents, hang ups, pattern of life. Some of that is derived from family and parental influence, some from random chance of being born into a particular milieu. Nature plus nurture plus particular event environment plus some random chance – plus the mysterious ‘grace’ which you can’t see from a chart, which can be best described, though I hate the concept, into old souls and young ones.
      I don’t understand the distinction between what affected parents and what affected the baby/child since the environment will have an impact – or be ‘chosen’ if you like to look at it that way round – even from the earliest days and form part of the later temperament. If you’re born into months of bombing raids then that not only traumatised the parents, it also imprinted itself onto yourself as a baby.
      Some people’s charts have clearer ‘genetic’ markers of parental and family influence than others. I use ‘genetic’ loosely. I’d tend to regard them as psychological patterns rather than DNA hand downs.
      I don’t think you can separate yourself out from the times into which you were born.

      • Thanks Marjorie. I agree there are many different ways of seeing a chart. I am just fascinated when there also seems to be a physical picture of the times. The 10th house of Wilfred also looks like the virus, the NHS, and his parents’ intimate involvement with same.

  3. Asc ruler, the Cancer Moon’s (1st house placement) tightest aspect is an exact quincunx to Mars in Aquarius – the baby’s name is WILfred. Mars rules will/ willpower. Mars in freedom loving Aquarius – ‘fred’ sounds a bit like free. Superficial, but fun.

  4. Workaholic Saturn in Pisces? how does that work? Johnson appears to be the opposite of a workaholic. Perhaps Saturn in Pisces is a sign of a total lack of empathy in him, or any care about the fate of the world at large?

  5. Whew! the Neptune thing…astounding how many people have it. My second daughter has it smack on her Sag MC and Pisces Moon on Pi ascendant…..hers is square the Sun (and yes, the father abandoned her older sister and her, almost before she was born)….she has been the one I had most difficulty relating to….I instinctively think the birth time of Wilbur (Ba-Jo?) is fake, like Nel, and reckon he was born some hours earlier….with this time, the Moon is close to the ascendant in good aspect to the Sun/Ur/Merc in Taurus, the square to all that on the right side of the chart is a separating one, so not strong… my three kids have strong ties to my chart, my son’s ascendant is in the same degree as my Sun, daughter has a Pisces ascendant a degree away from mine, and the other a Cancer Moon, same as me etc…..Wilbur! I’ve never met one in my life and I’ve travelled the globe! though there was a fabulous Scottish film a few years ago called Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself – an art film of great talent, and still hardly known about, it was so subtle and beautifully done. There’s something stiff about all this baby stuff, (was he really born spot on 9 a.m. hmmm) it feels quite awkward to interpret but if this is the true time, his Mercury is the most aspected planet and pointed up. There are Things Going On in the household, for sure….

  6. I personally am not comfortable with the time. Looking at a picture of little Wilfred, I instantly felt this baby has a Taurus rising.

    • There is a photo if baby Willy (sorry, couldn’t resist), but I honestly do not think you can tell the Rising Sign of a newborn. One of the very first astrology textbooks I ever read stated that Risign Sign only becomes visible after puberty, and I’d say that’s clearly the case sometimes, because that’s when people truly develop their presence. Even when there are obvious physical signs related to the sign, they may not emerge immeduately. For instance, my daughter has Mars Rising in Leo, and yes, she has the signature mane, in stunning strawberry blonde, as well as a “leonine” profile, but sported a hair and facial expression that reminded us of WWII era balding Winston Churchill (who had Leo Moon, but supposedly was a late degree Virgo Rising) for the first months of her life, then went almost fully bald for over a year, and only started growing hair after her 2nd birthday.

  7. Thanks, that’s very interesting. My eldest has Neptune 6 degrees off the MC from the 9th house side, so I am the mother in this case. Her Neptune is exactly conjunct my Moon and also her sister’s (there are only a couple of minutes difference between my Moon and my youngest child’s). Youngest child’s Neptune is also exactly conjunct her older sister’s MC. I don’t think I smother them, but I will be mindful of it! Eldest does have communication problems though, and relies on me and her sister quite a lot at times.

  8. ah yes, Neptune in the 10th and the relationship with The Mother. I have that, conjunct the MC. Before reading Liz Greene’s take on this, I would describe the feeling of my mother being a “gaping maw of need”, with my feet on her lower teeth and hands on her upper teeth, doing all I could to not get sucked into this never ending Need.

    And then Liz Greene says exactly that!!… a “gaping maw”!! I couldn’t believe it!

    Still, I’d also say my mother has been my biggest teacher. We are in a good place now, but it took 60+ years!

    I know that both Sophia Loren and Princess Diana also have Neptune in the 10th. Sophia was raised by her mother, no father, and became the actress her mother wanted to be. Diana had a very, very difficult relationship with her mother.

    This placement also gives a “glam” glow in public and, unfortunately, a lot of projection from others. Sophia and Diana both figured out how to make those projections work for them. As have I. I don’t know of any man with this placement. The mother son relationship is very unique even without this placement.

    Liz Greene is bang on with her Neptune in the 10th interpretation.

    take care, all.
    thanks Marjorie

    • My mother had Neptune in the 10th on her MC and the story I was told was that her elder sibling, born only 18 months before, nearly died when being weaned. So my mother was fairly neglected in babyhood as all attention went towards saving her older sister.

      • yes… that’s another one… neglect and abandonment. Very much the same for me. However, it does not seem that that happened with Sophia Loren?…. although it was neglect and abandonment from her father for sure.

        Liz Greene clarifies Neptune in the 10th as redemption playing out in the mother archetype, the myth of The Mother, I guess…. and then how that plays out in the individual’s interaction with the public, their choice of vocation, the collective.

        I just checked her book on Neptune and she mentions the potential for “scandal” and talks of Chuck Berry’s issues with the law. I have to say that even though I lead a normal kind of life, in the background I do have this fear of scandal!!!

        Was your mother able to heal this? I do hope so….

        • Kind of, though she died young at 38 of flu. Her mother continued to impose huge demands though that wasn’t all down to Neptune. Grandma was a Sun Pluto in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius so not exactly earth mother material.

    • “I would describe the feeling of my mother being a “gaping maw of need”, with my feet on her lower teeth and hands on her upper teeth, doing all I could to not get sucked into this never ending Need.”

      Wow that describes my mother’s relationship with me. However she is literally the mother to everyone else besides me.

      When I was growing up she essentially abandoned me emotionally because I reminded her of my father, but now she acts as if we have been BFFs all of our lives.

      These days we live in different states so the neediness thing isn’t so intense, but I turn 48 this Friday and my mom turns 80 this Halloween ( yes good old Taurus-Scorpio tug-of-war) so I am not looking forward to future and possibly having to move in with her and the upheaval it would cause in my life as well as having to deal with her… uhhh eccentricities.

  9. Marjorie, thank you for the Neptune in the 10th comment. It is relevant and helpful. Food for thought.

    I imagine the Boris baby will live through a critical pĥase when Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Pisces in 2054 and Neptune in Gemini squares Pluto in Pisces 40 years from now.

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