USA dollar – heading into extreme turbulence

Is the US dollar in trouble?  The Federal Reserve chart and the known dollar charts certainly indicate a devastating three or four years ahead.

  The FedRes 16 November 1914 9am Washington, DC, has tr Pluto in Aquarius opposition the 8th house Neptune now till mid June and returning throughout 2024 as well – that would point to massive confusion of the variety that accompanies earthquakes, not necessarily literal in this instance but financial. Tr Neptune is also heading (plus tr Saturn) to square the FedRes Saturn Pluto at 1 degree Cancer in 2025/26 into early 2027 which will ratchet up the levels of uncertainty to extreme levels.

  What is significant about Neptune in late Mutable in the next two years is that it mirrors the Wall Street crash of 1929 when tr Saturn was in late Sagittarius, and the Lehman collapse of 2008 when tr Pluto was also in late Sagittarius – both of them moving in to oppose the FedRes Saturn Pluto.

 There are various dates for the start of the dollar.

  The First Dollar coin – 15 October 1794 (see URL below).  That has Jupiter in late Sagittarius conjunct Mars at zero Capricorn. Its buoyancy, courtesy of that sensitive Mars Jupiter marker, was rattled by the astrological pressures of 1929 and 2008. Tr Neptune is aiming to square the Jupiter (= bubble bursting) by 2024 and then undermine the Mars in 2025 along with tr Saturn also in Aries. 2025/6 also sees tr Pluto square the Neptune – no solid ground ahead for several years.

USA Paper Dollar, 10 August 1861 8.30am Washington. Over the Wall Street crash, tr Neptune in early Virgo was conjunct the Jupiter which is a classic confidence-deflating influence. Tr Saturn in late Sagittarius was heading to square the Neptune. By 2008 tr Pluto in late Sagittarius was heading to square the Neptune. Tr Neptune was square the Mars. It will be seriously rattled by tr Neptune Saturn heading into Aries – 2024 to 2027.

The USA Petrodollar, 8 June 1974, was less obviously affected by the 2008 Lehman collapse though by 2010 tr Pluto was putting heavy pressure on the Saturn square Pluto which would cause pain. Tr Pluto is opposing the Mars on this chart this year and next, which is trapped and powerless.

  On these charts, the years between now and circa 2028 look exceptionally discouraging but whether this extends on into the 2030s??

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  1. Thank you for the amazing work you share with us day after day.
    Do you see the euro in trouble too? It usually rises when the dollar falls, but this time is probably different due to the issues in the eurozone .
    And do you see the renminbi continue its artificial undervaluation against the U.S. dollar to give Chinese exports a price advantage? Or will it rise as it replaces the USD as an international reserve asset ?

  2. The US dollar became the reserve currency with the breton woods agreement which came into effect in 1945. Uranus was at 10 Gemini and Pluto was at 10 Leo, both aspecting the US ascendant at 12 Sag.

    Everything important that happens to the US involves that 12 Sag asc. The American civil war started in April 1861 with tr Uranus at 9 Gemini, opposing that ascendant. 9/11 had tr Pluto at 12 Sag opposite tr Saturn at 14 Gemini. Which means the next pain point is in the second half of 2028 when Uranus is again in Gemini, opposing the US ascendant

    • Gah – I was so focused on the 12 Sag asc, I failed to notice the natal US Uranus at 9 Gemini, opposite the ascendant.

      They’re governed by their Uranus returns.

  3. To anyone who might be gloating over the fact that the astrology suggests challenges for the U.S. Dollar for the next few years, I’d like to take a moment to burst that bubble of excitement. The U.S. Dollar isn’t the only world currency facing challenges.

    The sanctions on the Russian Federation are finally starting to spell serious trouble for the Rouble. According to reports just released (as of April this year) by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the Russian Rouble is now worth LESS than the Indian Rupee and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    According to an article from the BBC, the Russian Rouble has fallen to its lowest value all year and dropped to 82 Rouble to the U.S. Dollar as of Friday, April 07, 2023 on the Moscow Stock Exchange. And according to Yahoo Finance, the Russian Rouble dropped to 90 Rouble to the Euro. There’s no way of sugarcoating it; this is bad for Russia.

    Also, according to an article from The Jerusalem Post, financial experts believe that Russia has been deliberately misleading with its release of economic stats (which shouldn’t be at all surprising; Russia lies about everything else). They claimed their GDP only declined by 2.2% and estimated their economy to grow by 0.3% However, the problem with these claims are: only Russia is making them – no reputable institutions have been able to validate any such claims.

    The Russian Federation also claims that inflation went from 18% to 11%. Many financial experts also believe this to be another lie as well given that inflation rates in other parts of Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Hungary) had inflation rates between 20% and 22% and these countries are not at war (like Russia) nor are they enduring strict sanctions (like Russia).

    All in all, if Karma decides to punish the U.S. for a history of bad foreign policy blunders….then I’m happy the Russian Federation will be getting theirs as well.

    • I don’t think that it is a case of gloating over the fate/fall of the US Dollar as much as it is of anything to do with the US.

      Perhaps due to have a few too many evangelists, the US tends to appear to the rest of the world as a moralising preacher who tends not to follow what they themselves preach, much like many American evangelist preachers.

      The immortal words of Madonna come to mind; “Papa, don’t preach”.

      I don’t think that any of us would cheer on a fall of the US Dollar itself, which would seriously destabilise the global markets, probably way more than the GFC.

      • @ Unmystic Mom,

        The vast majority of Americans are not preaching to the rest of the world as to how they should act and live their lives.

        In fact, many Americans, I’ve noticed, have a somewhat insular view of the world.

  4. This is a general thought about political discussions. I was trying to find the quote from Eliot Higgins of the Open Source Intelligence Bellingcat and couldn’t. It went something along the lines of – some people are so anti-USA they tie themselves in knots to support the ‘other side.’
    It happened during the rise of the Nazis when some people tilted over into pro-Communist beliefs because they so hated the fascists. Little realizing the other side were every bit as bad if not worse.
    Would you rather have the USA as super-power wreaking damage or China/Russia? None of them frankly.
    It may come down to the lesser of two evils while facing the stark reality of the evil of two lessers.
    In dysfunctional families children often ‘split’ – and hate one parent while idealizing the other, because it is too painful to face the truth – that both parents are damaged/destructive individuals. With maturity comes cynicism and a gloomy realization that both sides in crucial arguments can be cr**.
    Not splitting means having the mental/psychological capacity to engage in complex thinking.
    Crowing over the possible demise of the USA may rapidly fizzle into panic if the ‘other side’ took the upper hand.

    • I haven’t read the other comments yet, but as an add on to yours, Marjorie, that not splitting means having the mental/psychological capacity to engage in complex thinking, perhaps it’s why thought and attitudes have become so polarised and simplistic today.
      There’s never been a golden or simple time, but ours is characterised by very rapid change at a basic level of our everyday lives. The internet has speeded up and changed everything. The overload of information batters us, leaving us confused and despairing. Everything is too complicated and nothing works.
      Perhaps the only way to cope is to grab a stance, to defend it against all comers, irrespective of whether it’s reasonable, justified or even true. Hence the arrival of ‘my truth’. Of course, there’s always been unthinking patriotism but that was more specific.
      To stop confusion, the first response is often to create order at any price. It’s difficult to get past this. Dealing with the confusion in our own heads is difficult enough, especially when you’re overwhelmed by what you’re living through. I noticed some years back that the only way was to retreat, reflect, potter about, until my mind calmed down and I could get back to a more nuanced approach. Even so, I find myself at times being dogmatic against my true feelings or thoughts, just because it’s easier.
      In increasingly busy, pressured lives, retreat or reflection is really hard to do. The alternative, of course, is just to disengage from whatever is going on, which again is increasingly what people are doing.
      I’ve been reading about astrology for years, but it’s only in recent years that Neptune has played such a prominent role. It seems to cause havoc, the situation we’re currently living through. Will its influence diminish or are we going to be living in a Neptune led world for years to come?

  5. What came to mind reading Marjorie’s write up and the above Charts is how Pluto is influencing America, as it can be no coincidence that America is experiencing its first Pluto return and the first Dollar Coin Chart has Pluto transiting the cusp of it’s Second House – meaning America’s own money is undergoing a huge reassessment. Both Britain and America are experiencing a shift away from their financial power basis and cohesion within their own countries; which is weakening them. Pluto has a habit of dissolving order to bring about restructure. China rise on the world stage has been given a lift by transiting Pluto in Capricorn. First by Brexit and then America’s first Pluto return, which has its last transit later this year. The West is in danger of losing its grip on its purse strings, primarily through both financial power houses being brought down by their own political infighting and politicians more interested in their own wealth than others.

    • @ Helen,

      And what about the Global South? Corruption, imperialism, war mongering, and ethnocentrism are not characteristics and mentalities limited to just the Global North / Western World. There’s plenty of that going around in the Global South too.

      If the “West” is supposedly receiving a lesson in Karma, then I certainly hope the Global South receives one as well.

  6. My pro-Trump family members (uncles & cousins) would claim it’s all the fault of the Dems. “Trump would never have allowed this to happen…”

    Clearly, it’s a matter beyond humans.

  7. Macron has already ‘advised’ Europe to not follow the US into any Pacific war. It is hard to see how the US fleet could break a naval blockade of Taiwan by china with 340 chinese ships vs usa’s 300 given geographic proximity/ supply lines.

  8. Thank you marjorie. It was to be expected. The troubles with the dollar are going to impact also all western currencies i think. It is also foreplay for introducing digital currencies which, if i understand rightly what bankers have published , is the planned next step.

    the BRICS and associates don t have ONE BRICS’ currency. They trade between themselves in their own local currencies. So russia delivers raw oil to india and is paid in rupees etc. There seems to be plans to have/make a mix of local currencies. But untill now they use only their own currencies.
    It is smart and does not cost much. Ideal for poor countries as with their own clearing houses, the costs will be low.
    I dont think the usa will have the power to stop this process unless they want to go to war with the whole world

    As for china showing its ” muscle” with taiwan, i think it is at the moment not only intimidation towards taiwan.
    It might also become a blocus to stop all together exportations of micro chips to the rest of the world.
    Very recently ( a few weeks) the netherlands were forbidden( by the usa) to export a tool to China to make ” advanced” microchips.

    So there is something brewing there also, taiwan being of utmost importance for providing those most ” advanced” microchips used worldwide in industries. Also the war industrie.
    So Taiwan has a not enviable key position .
    Blokking a country necessitate less effort than a war but in terms of objectives might just do the job

    • Hi Aline yes I meant in the event of a new currency. That’s one thing America wants to avoid, among other geo strategies, and potential economic developments. More and more nations are perceiving the future to be in the East I think.

  9. My sense is that the creation of a separate currency by the BRICS nations would be an economic war, which would if successful for them be the end of the dollar as the world reserve currency. America cannot allow that to happen imo. China’s diplomacy in reaching a rapprochement between oil abundant Iran and KSA, both now seriously looking east, and facilitating the end of the Yemen war, has been hugely significant. As someone said recently America spent trillions destroying other peoples countries in the last twenty years, China has spent the same in building them up. They announced they are building hundreds of new schools in Iraq for example. Diplomacy over war.

  10. If, as seems likely, China tries to invade Taiwan in the not too distant future, that would take a toll on World markets; both stock and currency. As the US would be at the forefront (along with Taiwan) in such a war, the impact on the dollar might be similar to that which the UK experienced with £sterling as a result of being at the forefront of both World Wars; well before the US joined in. The war with China would be a ‘big war’ from day 1 for the US; unlike, say, Iraq or Afghanistan.

  11. The UK pound sterling has declined over the last few decades as a reserve currency, in line with the end of empire.

    Are there any astrological similarities with that of the US dollar, i.e. will the decline of the US dollar be the end of it as a reserve currency or will it be a temporary blimp?

    Looking forward to the reply while I head out to the gold markets before it is too late (crypto is too intangible for me).

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