USA Constitution – under strain & facing severe tests ahead * update


The USA Constitution has been shaken by in recent times by a president who clearly dislikes restrictions on his personal power. Which was why it was written 231 years ago by the founding fathers to put balances and checks in place.

Signed on 17 September 1787, the chart is showing the stress of life since late 2016; with worse to come into the 2020s.

Not surprisingly for a political framework guided by a definite ideology it has an Air Grand Trine of Jupiter in Gemini in an idealistic trine to Neptune which trines onto a formidably enduring Saturn Pluto in Aquarius. The Virgo Sun is in an expansive square to Jupiter. And there’s a Yod of Sun sextile Uranus inconjunct Saturn suggesting inner strength, social responsibility, steadiness of purpose. Such a Yod demands a great deal of self-discipline for it to operate well.

That central Pluto Saturn in the Constitution chart opposes Trump’s 12th house Pluto and Mars, so will arouse his anger and run slap bang up against his need for control.

The relationship chart between the two has a chained-together-and-resenting-it composite Sun Mercury square Saturn Pluto. There will be upsets this November and next February as tr Uranus squares the composite Mars. But it will be 2020 when it is put to its severest test with tr Uranus square the Sun and conjunct Saturn – so there will be an almighty set to.

The Constitution chart itself was showing signs of concern and devastation over the 2016 election with tr Pluto square the Neptune; with Solar Arc Sun in a blocked square to the Constitution Pluto; and six months ago Solar Arc Mars conjunct the Saturn.  Where it shows even more strain will be during the next presidency, kicking off with Solar Arc Moon conjunct Uranus mid 2021, and Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Neptune late 2021. Followed by Solar Arc Uranus opposition Sun in 2022; tr Neptune opposition Sun and square Jupiter in 2022/23; and tr Pluto square the Uranus in 2023/24.


Looking back to similar planetary occurrences:

Pluto in hard aspect to the Constitution’s Neptune: during Jimmy Carter’s presidency in 1978/79. And in 1927/28 for Calvin Coolidge, small government conservative. Both are thought of as below-average presidents.

Neptune in hard aspect to the Constitution Sun: 1981/2 – exact over the first three months of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, exact over his attempted assassination. Iran-Contra scandal kicks off in secret.

1940 – WW11 running in Europe. Pearl Harbour in the aftermath, a year later.

1898/99: William McKinley president – shot 1901.

The USA Civil War in 1861 was just after tr Neptune had opposed the Constitution Sun (1858/59) and tr Pluto squared the Constitution Pluto and, following that, Saturn in the bitter aftermath.


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      • Speech announcing it: “Jingjong has said I’m the best president, everybody says it, Putin says it. Best economy, stable genius, the whole package. I mean, look at me, at Ivanka, even Melonia…Meleena…she’s gorgeous. So I’m going to stop the elections, the great expense, huge, billions of dollars from my friends, save America trillions of dollars, and accept the Presidency. And the future Presidencies of the Presidency. I pledge at least 2 days a week when I’m not at Mar Lago to be at the White Castle drive through…the White House. Why doesn’t it have a drive through? Wouldn’t that be better than having to sit at a desk, have my covrfefe and papers to sign delivered at a drive through, KFC, cheeseburgers and a large Diet Coke, extra napkins. MAGA”

  1. One benefit of going back over previous events occurring alongside what appear to be horrific influences is that it stops you getting apocalyptic. Been there, done that, survived to live another day.
    There is never quite the same confluence or mix of transits/progressions so it’s never exactly the same. And it’s often the critical mass of several influences jostling for effect which creates – in some instances – a tipping point. For this reason astrological prediction is immensely complex and uncertain, never mind being hugely under-researched.
    I’m less concerned about making sweeping dogmatic predictions than in seeing how the astrology works – what’s useful and informative, what isn’t. And the range of possible outcomes that come out of the same influences.
    One other stray thought vis a vis the next election and whither the USA mindset in general. Like most countries, maybe more than most, the US has huge internal splits which can be kept under control to a degree by promoting an enemy outside. Commies, Muslims etc – hating them creates an internal cohesion and the domestic hatreds move into the background.
    If Trump and his isolationist cohorts do pull America back from the rest of the world, the internal fault lines will move back into the foreground. Which could make sense of what’s coming being relatively similar to the influences that preceded and followed the 1861-1865 Civil War. Not that I think a civil war will break out – different times, different outcomes, but some of the dynamics may be the same.

  2. Good thread. Putting my 2 cents worth in about how the astrological chaos could be triggered.
    Nowhere in the constitution does it say citizens have the right to vote for President. It does state that the President is elected by the votes of the Electoral College, and leaves it to the states to oversee this. The Electoral College could go rogue and elect a President without even considering the votes of the public.

    Even in the states that have laws that the Electoral vote must be cast for the candidate who wins the state’s popular vote, a faithless Electoral delegate could vote for the other candidate and it would stand. Once an electoral vote is cast, it is permanent. A faithless electoral voter can be fined, but the vote will still stand, no matter what the state law.

    Wonder if Electoral College delegates are being replaced with delegates who will go faithless if the opposition wins key states? Just speculation, but I’m going to go over the charts of early November see if there are any significant aspects of treason on the day of the Presidential election.

    • Edit: the date and time the Electoral College meets is a better fit
      (Tried posting this and it didn’t post. Just in case two of these pop up)

      Won’t be posting what I find because it is pure speculation.

    • Fascinating point. You are of course absolutely correct. It is not the people, but the states, that elect the President (thence the Electoral College). The framers wanted to keep public fervour and passion out of the election of the Chief Magistrate of the Republic (forgot who called the President that first). That is why the original system of the Constitution was not very democratic. The only organ that was directly elected at federal level was the House. It was the states (initially via the state legislature) that elected both the Senate and the Electoral College. And the original plan was that the Electors of each state actually deliberate and discuss who would be the best person for the job and vote individually. Of course, that ideal went by the wayside as soon as political parties started getting formed.

      You are quite correct that it would be possible, legal and constitutional for a state legislature to appoint a slate of Electors that may be at odds with how the state voted, particularly if the situation in Florida 2000 repeats (with a very narrow difference in votes between two candidates). Given how the Republicans have gerrymandered state legislature seats, this is not entirely outside the realms of possibility that a state legislature may upend the electoral process and appoint a slate of Electors for Trump, nonwithstanding the popular vote.

      As an aside, I object to it being called “Treason”. It is not only not treason, it is in fact the system working as designed. You may not like the design, but that does not make it treason.

      Which brings me to my next point. The Democrats have not focussed on state-level elections with the fervour they have for national elections. Yet, in the United STATES of America, states have a lot of power to influence and even shape national politics. It is the state legislatures that design the constituencies for the House of Representatives (which is where we have seen so much gerrymandering), the state machinery that supervises the elections and the state that appoints the Electors for the President. The Democrats need to start winning at state and local level to again have the hope of winning (and staying in power) nationally.

      • IMO it is treason to ignore the votes of the people. If a good portion of the population feels the same, 2020-21 might be a time of extreme measures by both sides of the issue.

        Whoever uses this tactic (probably Republicans if they stay true to form) might wave the flag for extreme adherence to the Constitution, and make every Presidential election a convo of their appointed Electoral College delegates. The Dems would counter with efforts to pass an amendment similar to the 17th, which gave people the right to vote for Senators. Either way, it would be tumultuous, if not violent, times for the US.

        Whatever happens in 2019 to 2021, count yourself lucky to have a view of it from somewhere else, Unmystic Mom.

  3. The range of potential outcomes given here is hilarious. The Carter presidency? So, the stars say we could have a civil war or a President who asks us to wear sweaters? Why then the stars can’t be wrong.

  4. “There will be upsets this November and next February as tr Uranus squares the composite Mars. But it will be 2020 when it is put to its severest test with tr Uranus square the Sun and conjunct Saturn – so there will be an almighty set to.”

    November… What was happening again, in November? Democrats taking House is now very likely, and it’s not out of question they’ll take Senate too. Latest polls show a Democratic Candidate leading by 5-7 points over the Republican one both in Arizona race for the seat that Jeff Flake is leaving and Tennessee race for the seat that Bob Corker is leaving. And, although Ted Cruz is still favored in Texas race, it’s so tight now it could come down to enthusiasm gap – Cruz being very unlikeable and his opponent Beto O’Rourke being smart enough to not go all Trump on him making him look more sympathetic.

    And Republicans know this too, which is why they haven’t forced WHs hand on SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh even after the very credible (because if something like this hasn’t happened to us, it has happened to a close friend) attempted rape accusations emerged. The obvious and reasonable thing here, of course, would be making Kavanaugh withdraw before Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on this, but the time is running out. They know that if Democrats take The Senate, they can’t get the said Senate to confirm their first, or second or even sixth choice for SCOTUS.

    • I would not get so euphoric or triumphalist just yet.

      The Republicans still have odds of about a third to keep the House. Donald Trump had a lesser chance of winning the presidency, but look at where we are now.

      As for the Senate, this year’s Senate elections are strongly biased against Democrats. While the Republicans are defending 9 seats, the Democrats are defending 24. Of those 24, at least three are in states that Trump won by huge margins in 2016. So, it is actually more likely that the Republicans will increase their Senate majority than lose control.

      Even if they lose control of the Senate, the lame duck Senate continues in session till 3rd Jan next year, by which time they can ram through the Kavanaugh appointment. Which is why I suspect that the Republicans will most likely wait for the Senate results before confirming Kavanaugh.

      And Kavanaugh is not the only thing to worry about. The Senate will be sitting through most of October to confirm more lower court Trump-appointed judges (thus also giving the 24 Democrats up for election less time to campaign) and Mitch McConnell. the Senate Majority Leader has said that he will keep the Senate sitting till New Year’s Eve to clear as many conservative judges as possible. Thus it is not just Kavanaugh that we need to worry about.

      Reverting to the article, Marjorie, you have mentioned that there are significant stresses in the charts of both the US first President and the US constitution. Can you see if there are any parallels with the US Civil War? It is a very imprecise analogy, but I fear that it is likely that there will be two Presidents elected in 2020. That is to say that both sides will declare victory and neither will back down, leading to civil war.

      It is worth remembering that even during the US Civil War, Lincoln fought an election (in 1864). The talk of Trump declaring an emergency to extend his rule really has no parallel in US history.

  5. It is interesting to compare the US Constitution chart with the US Declaration of Independence chart (a.k.a the Sibly US chart that is commonly used). Uranus at 29 Cancer in the Constitution chart is in direct opposition to Pluto at 27 Capricorn in the US chart. Transiting Uranus will activate this opposition when it stations at 28 Aries next January, as transiting Uranus does for every generation by provoking a constitutional crisis. It was in the same position during Watergate. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020 and the US Pluto return in 2023 will also oppose Constitution Uranus, which will continue to make constitutional sparks fly.

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