USA Congress 2017 – a fight to put reforms in place



The USA Congress by tradition meets for the first time for the new term on 3 January at 12 noon. The chart for 2017 has a Sun Pluto conjunction beside the MC squaring onto Uranus Ascendant opposition Jupiter Descendant. This looks over-controlling and rebellious – certainly indications of a radical change. But whether that means a Democrat majority intent on pushing through a new agenda, or horror/resistance at a Trump win isn’t clear.

The 2013 Congress chart also had Sun Pluto MC square a 12th house Uranus; and the 2009 Congress had Mars Pluto conjunct the MC from the 9th and conjunct a 10th house Sun; with a bad tempered Saturn square Mars.

So to some extent the 2017 Congress looks an extension of the same but this chart is much more tied together and focussed on rail-roading through its agenda, with some charm, confidence and people-pleasing skills – but it will aim for change no matter what the resistance.

The Inauguration chart for Jan 20 still has the adventurous Uranus opposition Jupiter square Pluto but not in the 10th. There’s an economic-drag 8th house Saturn square Mars which suggests more economic woes and possibly more military interventions, especially with Pluto in the 9th, though that could also be legal wrangles.

The USA Supreme Court, 24 Sept 1789, for which the Senate has refused President Obama’s nomination for one vacancy, will probably face at least one more vacancy in 2017. Its fortunes look mixed in 2017 with a dreary tr Pluto sextile Saturn, extending into 2018; plus a tense, insecure tr Uranus opposition Mercury Neptune in Feb/March and a further jolt with significant arguments in April from tr Uranus square Mars. So there’ll certainly be wrangles about appointments.

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