China’s economy – serious trouble ahead with ripples spreading globally



The Chinese economy is in serious trouble with bad bank debts ten times higher than officially admitted. According to the Telegraph: ‘The damage eclipses losses during the global financial crisis in UK and US – it would be closer to the trauma suffered by Ireland, Greece, and Cyprus when their banking systems collapsed, but on a vastly greater scale.’

Fitch (one of the big three rating agencies) doubts that there will be a Lehman-style meltdown since the four big lenders are instruments of the Communist Party. But lost decade may lie in store. The fear is for an economic slowdown in early to mid 2017, which could be the trigger point for China, with knock-on effects for the rest of the world. See:

The China country chart does have tr Pluto square the 8th house Neptune this month for the final time, so there will be panic about the country’s financial state. In some ways worse will be tr Neptune opposition the 8th house Saturn from April 2017 till late 2018, which will produce a sinking feeling of confusion and insecurity. With a massive jolt from Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the China Saturn, exact this time next year, but in effect before that.

The Bank of China chart, 1 Dec 1948, looks very shaken at the moment with Solar Arc Uranus square Sun; and in worse trouble as it moves through a swampy, disappointing, confidence-eroding 2017; coming to a dead halt in 2018 with Solar Arc Saturn square Pluto.

Xi Jinping’s Presidency chart, 14 March 2013 11.51am Beijing, has a strained Yod of Jupiter inconjunct Pluto sextile Saturn – that Jupiter is being afflicted at the moment by tr Saturn just over the opposition and tr Neptune staying on the square to Jupiter till January 2017 – which suggests over-grandiose plans being undercut with an unpleasant reality creeping in. Even more damaging, by 2018 the Solar Arc Neptune will be square the Presidency Jupiter, which is associated with financial bubbles bursting.

2018 sees tr Saturn moving into Capricorn for two/three years and crossing the conjunction to Pluto in 2019, which is always a sign of deprivation and hardship. The likelihood is that it will coincide with the third leg of the recession which kicked off in 2008 with tr Pluto moving into Capricorn, since lessons have not been learned. Economic forecasters are always catastropherians, but it fits the astrology. Pluto will grind on slowly till it rams its message home.

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