USA and UK – whistling up a political storm


“Events, dear boy, events” is what PM Harold MacMillan is supposed to have responded in answer to the question of what’s most likely to knock a government off course. A black swan scenario of  unpredictability with extreme consequences. Who’d have thunk it would be a surprise epidemic which blew holes in Trump and Boris’s blustering braggadocio?

Trump’s First Administration chart, 20 January 2017 12 noon has Solar Arc Pluto exactly square the Uranus now, to within the minute of a degree, which was always going to be a point of instability; with an undermining-popularity tr Neptune conjunct Venus – and tr Saturn moving towards a downbeat, face-reality conjunction to the Admin Aquarius Sun in the final week of March onwards. Transits to midpoints thereafter are pressured, emotionally upsetting, inducing feelings of being unloved running into disaster territory from late May into June. Which may, of course, be other events as well as coronavirus.

However much Trump may blow smoke rings over the virus, the US Federal Reserve clearly isn’t swallowing his obfuscations. Their chart, 16 November 1914 9am Washington, has been in catastrophe-mode through February with tr Neptune opposing both their Mars/Saturn and Mars/Pluto midpoints; plus a loss-making tr Pluto square Jupiter/Saturn. Panic of a different order will bite in the final week of March with tr Saturn opposition their 8th house Neptune. And from mid April tr Uranus starts a nerve-stretched jangling phase running into 2021.

The chairman Jerome Powell, famously at odds with Trump over policy before this turned up, will be feeling a chill with POTUS from now till late March; and can look forward to career dents through March, uphill struggles until late 2021 and sagging will power and influence.

Just as a side note. The Chiron on the Trump Admin chart is conjunct the Mars and square Saturn which may be an oblique pointer to political setbacks coming via health issues.

Trump’s own chart shows the trapped, frustrated and enraged tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint now till June with nerve-stretching Neptune transits which picked up his Uranus in February moving towards the square to his Uranus/Node in late March, returning late year; with a car-crash disaster (metaphorically speaking) in July, August and September as tr Uranus squares his Mars/Saturn midpoint.

That 10 degree Uranus in Taurus across the summer shows up on several charts as a critical or high-crisis point.

Boris Johnson, already swamped by floods except he appears to be ignoring them may find Coronavirus more difficult to skitter across. His Second PM chart, 13 December 2019 11am, has been sagging badly in the face of crisis in February with tr Neptune square the Mars/Saturn midpoint and that worsens from now onwards as Neptune moves to square the Mars/Pluto midpoint over coming weeks – both of which indicate an inability to get a grip. His own chart shows panics and low popularity in March and onwards; with a lessening of confidence in sidekick Dominic Cummings. Though 2021 looks to be the year of a final reckoning both for his term chart and his bond with his Rasputin.

The Bank of England is confused, panicked and nerve-stretched this year but will be in a much worse state come 2024/25 with logjammed Solar Arcs and a majorly uncertain tr Neptune square their Saturn.

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  1. ““Events, dear boy, events” is what PM Harold MacMillan is supposed to have responded in answer to the question of what’s most likely to knock a government off course. A black swan scenario of unpredictability with extreme consequences?”

    It occured to me that this is the constant theme in much of the “Star Trek” Universe. In the first series, the solution is usually found through combining Mr. Spock’s pure logic and more intuitive approach by Captain Kirk and Scotty. In the later series, there’s a more nuanced approach to this. There’s somehow a very “Trekky” feeling to the times we live, and right now, it feels like these approaches do not meet. I think it might be due to lack of Air? There’s a very short respite in this for the next couple of days with Moon in Aquarius, and then next week, when retrograde Mercury passes to Aquarius for a moment.

  2. It’s making me smile to read what Marjorie writes about Boris and his inability to “get a grip” at work. The new baby and it’s interesting karma is apparently arriving in early summer. He or she will surely undermine his focus, not to mention coping with the reactions of his other older children. He has painted himself into a corner now, both as PM and as a new and, um, quite mature Dad. Not a great place to be for a multiple Gemini.

    • Also, remember those “horrible” passages Boris had around Elections that puzzled us? As Marjorie pointed out at the time, they could have been about private life. Carrie and him had that fight that made neighbors call the police. I think this isn’t a happy occasion for him.

      It makes you wonder about reading too much on electoral outcome or other events from personal charts without knowing the whole context. Politicians are humans, too.

      • Yes, Solaia I agree. Success or “winning” can make people feel quite low or even apprehensive. I certainly think that Saturn transits can point to success when it involves responsibilities and commitment – marriage or promotion for instance.

        Also agree this is a complex situation for Boris. I watched him on tv talking about contingency plans for the coronavirus outbreak, and wondered what was wrong with him. He seemed oddly vulnerable and hesitant. Possibly the reality of actually being PM is not what he imagined, plus being a father again and getting married. A great deal of responsibility, and no open doors – a challenge for a multiple mutable person, and he knows he’s created this situation himself.

        • The nodal axis is currently at 5 degrees of Cancer and is about to join Boris’s natal north node at 2 degrees of Cancer. From then on it will cross all his Gemini planets, Sun 28 degrees, Venus 28 degrees, Mercury 19 degrees through to the end of 2020. I’m not clued up about nodal transits, but can’t help but see some sort of synchronicity, given his circumstances. The Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter transit of the 4th house certainly makes more sense now. I agree that the weight of responsibility appears not to agree with Boris’s true nature and wonder if he will stay the course.

          • That’s interesting about the nodal axis. Boris became an MP in 2001, when the nodes were last in Gemini/Sagittarius, setting him on the path that led to being PM. I don’t know whether this means that the past, or individuals from that part of his past, may return to the foreground. And I agree, I wonder if he will stay the course, although he managed to do it as Mayor of London. But that was a role on a smaller stage, with much behind the scenes support.

            That other Gemini, Donald Trump, will also have the Gemini nodes crossing his planets. In 2001 he allied himself with the Democrats, changing this affiliation in 2009. One of the many shifts he has made through the years.

  3. Thanks Marjorie
    Do you think the health issues alluded to for the Orange Buffoon’s term chart may reflect the comments of Tom Joseph @tomjchicago? The suggestions that Trump is suffering from dementia are powerfully attested by Joesph and many of his well qualified contributors.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. Yes, the Black Swan – reminding us that we’re not always in control. I noticed that the June 2020 eclipse at 0 Cancer is close to the Bank of England’s Venus, and square its Mars in Libra. It’s also close to the Federal Reserve’s Pluto and Saturn in Cancer. Do you think it’s effects are beginning to kick in now, adding to everything else that’s going on?

  5. I see Sir Philip Rutnam (19/6/1965, another Gemini) has resigned, alleging a “vicious and orchestrated” campaign against him by Home Secretary Priti Patel, which anyone familiar with Patel’s behaviour would hardly find surprising, though for the top civil servant to resign in this way is unusual according to Laura Kuenssberg. I can’t help but sense this cabinet will prove to be utterly shambolic, falling-apart mutable.

    • Have added a para or two to Patel below. Two egos clashing. I’d think its water off a ducks back as far as Boris and Cummings are concerned. They don’t like civil servants and have managed to ignore the Jennifer Ancuri inquiry so they’ll shrug and let this one drift.

  6. To add to Boris’s woes Sir Philip Rutnam has just resigned with an excoriating attack on Priti Patel! Not going well, just hope the astrology is right and this government fails to run full term!

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