Bob Iger + Disney – Neptune’s vision made real

Bob Iger, one of Hollywood’s most powerful and stratospherically successful men is stepping down as CEO of Disney. In his fifteen-year tenure he has built up a powerhouse of franchises, acquiring Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and the marquee assets of Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox; and recently set up the streaming platform WaltDisney+ to counter Netflix and others.

Born 10 February 1951 in New York, he’s an enduring, controlling and super-ambitious Aquarius Sun opposition Pluto, trine Neptune. With his Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct North Node Mars, Jupiter, Venus in Pisces – so the other face of creative, visionary Neptune. Not always riddled with sentimentality – viz Harvey Weinstein and Rupert Murdoch, both with Pisces Suns – but undoubtedly imaginative and can make productive businessmen.  Neptune rules photography and the movie business since it’s favoured vehicle is the image not the word.

Iger’s Neptune was conjunct the Disney film’s Sun Saturn in Libra (16 October 1923); with his Pisces planets including Jupiter trine the Disney Pluto and its Uranus, forming a creative Water Grand Trine. His Sun opposition Pluto hooked into the Disney Jupiter in Scorpio square Neptune – another positive link.

Disney is ploughing through thick mud this year with tr Pluto square the Sun Saturn; but it’s 2023 when they’ll face their biggest challenge with a discouraging and blocked Solar Arc conjunct Sun Saturn.

2 thoughts on “Bob Iger + Disney – Neptune’s vision made real

  1. Disney owns theme parks, cruise lines, and movie theaters, all properties that will be impacted by a pandemic and the resulting economic slowdown. Tourism and discretionary consumer spending are bound to take a hit; companies like Disney tend to struggle in such environments. Given Iger’s and Disney’s transits, I agree that 2023 will probably be a very difficult time for both of them, with tr. Saturn conjuncting Iger’s Pisces placements and tr. Uranus in Taurus squaring his Sun. tr. Saturn will conjunct his Sun in Aquarius a year or so earlier. Given that Disney is one of the largest companies in the US, this might suggest that broader economic problems might be with us for the next couple of years.

    • Aaah, insightful, thanks. Looking at the stock market index charts (have added to the Coronavirus post) there could be a fair downward drag economically with another deeper trough come 2022/23.

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