Ukraine – pawn in a bigger power game

Russian troops massing on Ukraine’s border, reportedly 83,000, the greatest show of force since Putin’s annexation of the Crimea in 2014, has provoked NATO, the EU and the USA into issuing warnings indicating their support for Ukraine.  Two US warships are due in the region this week. There have been hostilities recently between Russia-backed separatists and government troops in eastern Ukraine, breaking a months-long cease-fire. But it’s also thought likely that Putin is testing how Joe Biden, who has already indicated his hostility to the Russian president, responds to military threats. It will be the first major foreign policy test of Biden’s presidency.

 Biden has his Mars conjunct his Descendant on his astrocartography for Moscow and that relocation chart has tr Uranus opposition the Descendant exactly now as trouble flares, with tr Saturn exactly square Biden’s Mars now as well.  Tr Uranus moves to oppose his Mars from late May onwards, on and off into 2022. Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State, 16 April 1962 2.56am New York, has his Mars conjunct the Midheaven located to Moscow (birth time being accurate). For both it’s a high-aggression, argumentative, competitive region.

  When the Crimea invasion occurred in late February 2014 the tr Uranus in Aries square tr Pluto in Capricorn was impacting directly on the Ukraine 24 August 1991 2.31pm Kiev chart with its natal Uranus Neptune and Ascendant in Capricorn. It also showed up clearly on the Ukraine 28 June 988 AD JC chart with its Sun Venus in Cancer opposition Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus in Capricorn.

  There is nothing similar at present though both charts do indicate mounting concern this year, with worse next. The 1991 chart has tr Uranus opposition the Midheaven, moving into the 4th from this June onwards which could bring upheavals and disruptions at a domestic level, continuing on for years ahead. With more upsets, panics, failed plans, possible collapse of the old order of things and more in 2022/23 with tr Neptune opposition the Ukraine Mars, tr Uranus opposition the 10th house Pluto, tr Saturn opposition Jupiter and conjunct Moon.

  Putin’s 4th Term chart always did look violent, ruthless and crises-ridden with Mars Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus. Mars Pluto is a bullying, dictatorial, control-freaky energy though it can also lead into dead-end obstacles and result in acute frustrations so the do-or-die determined side of it doesn’t always lead to success. He certainly looks desperate enough at the moment in terms of his administration’s progress and stability with tr Pluto just picking up the conjunction to the Mars as Biden takes over and that stays for two years. Plus the Solar Arc Mars is moving over coming months to square the Uranus for explosive and reckless acts which can backfire.  2022 looks wobbly for him, 2023 even more so. Though as ever there’s a lucky Jupiter around to cushion a few blows.

  The relationship charts between Russia 1917 and 1991 and the EU, USA and NATO looks highly stressed this year and more so next and on so the tensions are not going to subside whether over the Ukraine or elsewhere.   

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  1. I worry about Biden as he doesn’t seem to be all there. This sort of thing will have the vice-president and the secretary of state jockeying for power. Just the sort of thing will have Putin rubbing his hands with glee!

  2. Agree with Andre – Russia and China are likely to time their actions so as to maximize pressure and force the US military into dividing its resources – unless it chooses to give up either Ukraine or Taiwan, or allies in both theaters can join the US – which will be in their own interest. Which will bring all of us closer to a WWIII … let’s hope Putin and Xi can somehow be dissuaded

  3. Germany acted aggressively and invaded France in World War I. I think under Mars retrograde that is ill-advised. If the US played a supporting role to help the Europeans defend the Ukraine, or helped India, Japan and Australia to defend Taiwan, and its engagement were limited to logistics, satellites and naval defense, perhaps Mars retrograde would provide a return to stability and an inconclusive conflict, or even victory for its allies. I wouldn’t try it myself unless it were unavoidable.

  4. It seems to me progressed Mars retrograde would be a warning against a war of choice or aggression, but would not necessarily be a negative for a defensive war in support of allies.

    • Technically Germany went to war in 1914 in defence of its ally Austro-Hungary. I think Mars retrograde would only help if the country’s own homeland was directly attacked.

    • Nice point, Andre…does Mars retrograde signify reluctant armies? or the urge to DO or Die…..the world at the moment can’t afford such throws of the dice…..distance (which always lends enchantment (or perhaps restraint/reality to the view) – Mars retrograde is signalling at least NOT to go down the trigger happy trail.. we are in the Aquarian age truly now, surely it signals aversion to going down the combative route, as the consequences are …. entirely known in all their hideousness from previous wars, by every sacrificed soldier, mourned eternally. Pray.

  5. Well if you want to start a world war the Ukraine is one of the places on the planet to do it. For the US there are big risks here and limited rewards. If conflict breaks out in the Ukraine and they do nothing as they did with Georgia in 2008 then the US will look weak. If they intervene then the Coronavirus pandemic will look like a minor inconvenience by comparison as any conflict could easily escalate to a nuclear war. For the Russians NATO pushing towards their eastern border lights up lots of historical warning lights. Putin also knows that if he does not respond resolutely there are plenty of people in Russia only too eager to replace him to do the job. Astrologically the danger sign for the US is that its 1776 Declaration of Independence progressed Mars went retrograde in 2006 in Libra and will continue in that direction until 2086. It is worth noting that the 1871 German national progressed Mars was retrograde in Libra throughout both the First and Second World wars both of which conflicts Germany lost.

    • “For the Russians NATO pushing towards their eastern border lights up lots of historical warning lights.”

      *Western* boarder. But I don’t think the current escalation is NATO driven on Western Boarder. Norway and Denmark are founding members, Poland has been a member since 1999, Baltic States since 2004, Sweden will apply as soon as they have a center right government and Finland will likely follow (although our populists are more attuned to Russia than Swedish SD, who pro-NATO). Western boarder is lost, I think what they are truly aiming at are Black Sea and Arctic Regions. And they absolutely want to keep NATO from further expanding to Black Sea, thus attempts to deny Ukraine an access through Odessa.

      • Also, incidentally I was just reading a study on Finnish involvement in what I’d call “mini-Wars” in Russia after Revolution. Husband had great uncles who escaped to Germany during WWI to receive military training. One of them fought with German Army near Riga, and apparently returned for fighting in 1919 and 1920. No mention of him in this book, so I have to research elsewhere. But what comes out is how absolutely chaotic the situation was, and how everybody tried to get hold of ports.

      • My bad. It is NATOs East and Russia’s Western border.

        NATO was founded on 4 April 1949 by the North Atlantic Treaty signed in Washington DC. Its natal chart has the Sun in Aries opposition retrograde Neptune in Libra. The NATO Pluto retrograde in Leo is about to be opposed by Saturn in Aquarius which will also activate the current square to transiting Uranus in Taurus. Transiting Mars is also about to conjunct NATOs Uranus in Gemini. Worth noting that the US retrograde Mars in Libra is now within less than 4 degrees of the NATO Neptune. Mars Neptune can lead to paranoia and delusion. The Saturn transit opposition Pluto suggests limitations on power, struggle and potential losses. Transiting Uranus square natal Pluto indicates upheavals and disruption The Mars transit conjunct Uranus indicates possible risk taking.

        NATO was founded to deal with a world where Soviet troops were on the Elbe. In the past 30 years it’s membership has extended and there has been a steady creep of its scope to include operations in areas as diverse as the Balkans and Afghanistan. Like many post 1945 institutions growth in size and extension of roles has caused the structure to start to creak.

        Conflict over the Ukraine and access to the Black Sea can be traced back to competition between the Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and Czarist Empires in the 19th century. Here in the U.K. the only historical precedent for involvement in the region is the Crimean War from 1853-56 which started out with public support but afterwards became unpopular and was seen as pointless.

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