UK politics – Tory scandal

Both of the two main UK political parties are in a to-do. Labour is tying itself in knots over Corbyn and the Syria vote, of which more anon next week.
The Conservatives have a nasty scandal on their plate with the suicide of a young Tory party worker with allegations of bullying, with claims centring on Mark Clarke, who organised bussing volunteers round the country pre-election. He has rejected allegations of bullying, sexual assault and intimidation; and has since been expelled from the party.

Mark Clarke was born 29 June 1977 (net sources) and if accurate that makes him a Sun Mercury in Cancer square Pluto in Libra and trine Uranus in Scorpio – controlling and innovative. He also has Neptune (Moon) in Sagittarius trine Saturn in Leo, sextile Pluto on the midpoint. So a double dose of Pluto.
His Uranus opposes Mars in Taurus (Venus) square Saturn in Leo – that’s heavy – ultra-determined, not overly sensitive and wants to be grand. He also has Jupiter in Gemini opposition Neptune so dreams beyond common sense.
Solar Arc Sun is conjunct his Saturn and Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Neptune – both now which makes the birth date sound likely – discouraging, major obstacle, nervy.

The Conservative Party, 12 Nov 1867, has a Scorpio Sun Saturn opposition Pluto – so controlling, intense, stubborn, secretive and built to last. Clarke’s Fixed T Square rather fits some of the feel of the Party chart, though it also clashes with his Mars conjunct the Tory Pluto and opposition the Sun.

Oddly enough David Cameron’s 2nd term chart has a 10th house Taurus Sun exactly conjunct Clarke’s Mars and it has Mars in Taurus as well at a later degree. So symbolically quite a pointer.

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