UK election – yes, no, maybe, go away ** add ons

Befuddled, bothered and bewildered, the UK electorate is regarding the present of a festive Brexit election with a jaundiced eye and a weary sigh. ‘Doing my head in’, ‘don’t care anymore’, ‘take it away’ being the typical responses.

With a lacklustre Sun square Neptune on the 8th and a Full Moon running through polling day square Neptune, it’s not a chart that inspires hopes of a decisive result. The restrictive, repressive Saturn Pluto is closing fast to exact and sandwiching Venus on the day itself for gloom and discouragement. With the only bright spark coming from a lively Jupiter trine Uranus.

The UK 1801 chart itself has tr Saturn exactly opposition the 10th house Moon suggesting disenchantment with the country’s leadership, perhaps also mourning a loss. Tr Neptune is hovering around the square to the Solar Arc Mars and the UK Mercury in the run up and in early 2020 for confusion and unclear thinking – as well as transport and communication problems perhaps. In the final days of this year tr Uranus will sextile the UK Pluto till early February which could indicate an upheaval of sorts.

Political party charts can be of questionable value. But for what it’s worth:- The Conservative 10 May 1912 chart which works better than the earlier one, is logjammed, suffering setbacks and in meltdown with tr Saturn opposition the Mars on election day and Neptune soon after; with tr Pluto in a confused and devastating opposition to the Neptune; and into 2020 square the Mercury.

The Labour 1900 chart is similarly dismayed and set back on its heels at the election and just beyond though bouncing with more enthusiasm from late March 2020. The 1906 Labour chart is downhearted in 2020 and on an upswing from 2022 onwards.

Boris is not a happy camper at the election and in the days following with disappointments from tr Neptune square his Sun/Mars and Venus/Mars midpoints; setbacks from tr Saturn opposing his Mars/Uranus and tr Pluto in a trapped opposition to his Mars/Pluto till December 20th. He’ll perk up marginally from late January 2020 but is running into two tricky Solar Arcs of MC conjunct his Uranus for sudden radical career change and Uranus conjunct his natal Moon for an emotional shock.

Dominic Cummings appears to be in a worse state in November/December, but that may be due to health worries since his long overdue surgical intervention may be happening. But even so he isn’t looking upbeat about the news.

Carrie Symonds will find the campaign puts a major strain on her relationship with Boris with tr Uranus opposing the composite Uranus and square Saturn from mid-November through till election day, suggesting clashing agendas. On December 12th she’s got a blocked tr Saturn conjunct her Sun/Pluto midpoint and only a slight uplift from tr Jupiter conjunct her Saturn in Capricorn with tr Uranus trine.

Jeremy Corbyn’s chart is the usual blank sheet of information though with some upheaval from tr Pluto opposition the Uranus/Pluto midpoint.

The SNP could be decisive since they at present are the third largest party and hold 35 out of the 59 Scottish seats at Westminster. Nicola Sturgeon is in good form with tr Jupiter moving into her 3rd as December piles on the election pressure. But hasn’t anything too illuminating showing on her chart apart from a mildly upbeat tr Jupiter sextile and tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter/Ascendant midpoint. The SNP 1934 chart looks downbeat on the run up to December 12th but in jubilant form over the New Year into 2020.

Jo Swinson, the LibDem leader with 20 seats in Westminster, should in theory be doing well but there’s nothing much of cheer on her personal chart. Though the LibDems have a minor boost from tr Jupiter trine tr Uranus sextile/trine their Mars/Jupiter midpoint but that’s v mild. They look more upbeat from the spring.

Wild guess – Corbyn loses and is heaved overboard; maybe Boris too and Michael Gove could, just maybe, have a chance of promotion with tr Jupiter trine tr Uranus trine his Virgo Sun. But I kind of reckon another election (sag) could be on the cards in 2020.

NB. Usual caveats about many charts lacking birth times and others not verified so there will be information missing.

Nigel Farage is gung-ho with exuberance till mid November then calms down a touch, with not much visible over the election itself – and is on a real downer in 2020 from late January onwards.

Philip Hammond is looking especially chipper over the result – the only one with an upbeat, successful influence, in his case tr Pluto square his Sun/Jupiter midpoint. Though without a birth time its difficult to say when a peculiarly unpleasant, road-blocked Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Mars will hit – perhaps it happened at the fall of May and rise of Bojo, so he’s over the hurdle. He also looks in buoyant form from late February 2020 for several months with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Node midpoint. Though it’s always possible that he bales from Westminster into a cushy City job (or several).

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  1. I would have thought that the upcoming Triple Stellium in Capricorn would be good for conservative/far-right parties
    Worldwide but we’ll have to wait and see!

  2. There is a Jupiter/Venus midpoint in the Election Chart, with falls within a degree on the UK’s 1801 Chart Sun. surely this will be a good omen?

  3. The add odds interesting thanks. I do get the feeling Boris and Corbyn are going to be no further forward from where they are now with the Lib Dems making less gains than they expected so Boris hanging on as a minority government on less seats than before. This should surely make a second referendum all but certain which might explain Farage and Hammond’s charts. Wasn’t Starmer on a real high in summer 2020 too? wonder if that is when the second referendum happens and this Brexit nightmare is over? unless of course its a Labour election win with him as leader…

  4. Oh well, apologies for the ”rant, rave and screech”, Marjorie.

    The point of the posts is to highlight what’s been going on in the UK and the background to what will surely lead to the end of this Union. Which in turn may be accounted for by …. ”The UK 1801 chart itself has tr Saturn exactly opposition the 10th house Moon suggesting disenchantment with the country’s leadership, perhaps also mourning a loss.”

  5. Well there it is. Can be seen in that last video. Propaganda, propaganda. The woman in the red dress is panicking. Someone shouting into her ear piece? Scotland the only country in the world to find oil and be poor? Other than Iraq of course that’s being robbed blind like the Scots.

    And it’s all a big laugh to Cameron and Osborne. Scotland has the same population as Norway, 5 million, but is supporting over 50 million people in England. Yeah Scotland is subsidised by England … my backside.

    • Shirley, Give it a rest. Your posts sound like an angle grinder on metal – rant, rave and screech. I’m not sure who you’re jousting against in these particular posts. You set up Aunt Sallys and then go charging in with high pitched whines of unfairness.
      This isn’t a political website – I don’t mind some context comments which can be helpful. But not a constant grind and groan. It also makes me reluctant to even comment on Scotland because of the avalanche of vituperation that comes hurtling in. You can prove anything with statistics. And there are others who would argue the exact opposite for an independent Scotland.

  6. And in reference to what I said latterly Scotland constituting 1% of the EU population (8% of the UK population) contributes 60% of EU oil, is the EU’s second biggest gas provider, provides 25% of their wave energy and is forecast to provide 80% of their tidal energy (massive). And that’s just Scotlands energy and there’s more, much more, (including the more recent oil field finds never mentioned by the UK media) all done down by Westminster. Scotland poor? Forget it. I’m totally scunnered by the MSM propaganda, in particular from the BBC. The States mouthpiece. Taking everything into account it’s no wonder this Union is coming to an end.

  7. John Curtice has got it right, IMO. Over 100 seats will be taken by non Tory / Labour politicians. The grand monopoly of the two party state is over and out thank goodness following over 100 years of this totally, undemocratic bl**dy fiasco. The you said, we said, you left us with nought in the coffers, ding-dong is well and truly over now. The absolute disregard by England towards Scotland, Wales and Ireland has been noted. Pluto in Capricorn.

    Jo Swinson, Libdem come hard right Tory, who lives in England now and doesn’t give a you know what about her Scottish constituents, and never sees them, is on the road out. Well maybe. Last time around she castigated, and lied about, in the most vicious of ways, one of the most decent SNP candidates (gay) to win that seat. Add to that the Libdems using tactical voting with the Tories and Labour parties in Scotland …. plus the use of dark money to flood the area with leaflets packed with lies.

    Farage has a hard choice to make now. Plunge into this GE and his party will get nowhere re. seats, but maybe through the popular vote. If he does so he could oust Johnston or worse still, for the so-called Union (and English people), end up forming a Farage / Johnston coalition.

    The DUP are facing extinction in NIreland. Hey-Ho their sheer greed got them nowhere and their chickens are coming home to roost setting up a solid foundation for Irish reunification. Meanwhile of course they are in talks with NIrish paramilitaries.

    Labour have destroyed Wales and the cry now is for independence.

    Corbyn’s days are numbered (Starmer may take over but too late in the day). He’s sat on the fence like a hippy twit for three years. He and his party could have brought this to an end long before now. It took the SNP to force him to make a GE move. He may go on to form, not a coalition, but support from the SNP to rule the UK roost, but that won’t last for too long because the SNP are focused on getting Scotland out of this hellhole.

    Nicola Sturgeon, Scotlands First Minister, will lead her country out of this DIRE mess. She and we will dissolve the Union. The UK, a construct of two Unions only Scotland and England (with Wales and provinces of Ireland), is now in its death throws. Brexit will cause havoc in England and with the loss of Scotlands oil (98% of UK), gas, electricity and renewable energy England sad to say, and I mean it sincerely (for the ordinary folks), won’t know what’s hit them.

    And as far as UK pensions are concerned, mentioned on here, they are the worst in the developed world. In fact the worst in the world in general as per level of wage. Meanwhile UK citizens are being duped by this lot.

  8. I think it is one of those elections which nobody will be able to call adequately like tossing a coin in the air. Tories might be the largest party (just) but more independents then ever before (I think John Curtice the polling guru has suggested this), the Libs and SNP picking up seats, although Jo S might lose hers. Perhaps women choose different parties to fight against all this abuse games playing and aggression in parliament? BJ devastated by the blow to his ego not winning would be. Perhaps after December 13th all three major parties will be seeking new leaders? All in all it seems as if this car crash continues in very slow motion…

  9. Inclined to agree that it sounds like a well-hung Parliament, with a new government only forming in March next year. And from Marjorie’s prediction, I would read it as a Labour-LibDem-SNP coalition, which will likely mean not one but two referendums next year; People’s Vote/second referendum and IndyRef2.

    Marjorie, if you were advising the government, what would be the most fortuitous time in next summer/autumn for a People’s Vote/second referendum?

    • I can’t see the Lib Dems under Swinson entering a coalition with Corbyn’s Labour, unless Swinson loses her seat on the 12th which is possible, Ed Davey would then I imagine take over so is anything showing on his chart? My guess is Labour will elect a new Leader in March and we will have another election in June/July.

  10. UK General Election Dec 12th 2019. There is a great deal of astrological change to occur before this date. The astrological situation is much different to right now. Mercury will have completed his retrograde phase. Jupiter will have moved into Capricorn. Venus, will be tightly sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. A very Earthy astrological atmosphere will prevail. Dec 12th is the day of the Full Moon in Gemini, vibrant, square Neptune, misleading, which peaks a couple of hours before the polls open. For the whole of the time the polls are open the Moon will be void of course, suggesting an uncertain, inconclusive election and outcome. The Moon enters Cancer as the first results are revealed, emotional outcomes and responses. Certainly there is no shortage of moonshine with the highest Full Moon of the year in progress. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct Boris Johnson’s south lunar node, a snake in the grass, (M. Gove on a roll, as is Farage), transiting Saturn opposes Boris’ Mars/Uranus midpoint, quite shocking and oppressive, transiting Pluto opposes his Mars/Pluto, very forceful, seen it before, transiting Mars conjuncts his Neptune opposite his Jupiter, literary hooking into this dominant opposition in his chart, quite extraordinary.
    Transiting Saturn is opposite the UK Moon indicative of a ‘downbeat population’.

    • Great analogy. Narcissistic lunatics abound. Sociopaths one and all. 3 and a half years of hiding their skullduggery under the guise of getting Brexit not done.!

  11. I’m from outside, but don’t British Elections always have these outlandish, independent joke candidates? I expect them taking many Constituencies. So maybe Johnston and Rees-Mogg will finally lose their seats to other Monty Python / Fast Show characters.

  12. If the moon is void of course we may not get a result this side of new year. There are no easy coalitions Tory-LibD is a no go due to the cost of referendum – Tory base will not go for that. SNP and Labour is highly unlikely again for similar issues. Public will then start to get angry at the cost and suspect the MPs could have predicted a stalemate and wonder why they didn’t move forward with negotiating the deal. I share my natal moon and Neptune sign and close degree with the uk. I’m going through a stuck phase nothing resolving and in need of new creative ideas/opps to break the foundations apart a bit. Both moon and Neptune aspect the upcoming cap stellium. Boris is definitely exposing shakes foundations which I suspect is his greatest contribution. Strain shows where to change. It’s all much bigger than Brexit and so the mindset has to be broader and deeper to look at unconscious attitudes to UK FUNDAMENTAL FOUNDATIONS.

    • Nodes north of moon in Cancer. The sign of our mother, feeding, women, children, your family and of course the safety of your home. All being destroyed by Pluto on the south node in Capricorn and of course opposite the sign of Cancer since 2008. Job security, Pensions, savings and your investments in Cancerian themes being brutally wrecked.

  13. Marjorie thanks this cheers me (slightly).
    Another wild guess is that neither Conservatives nor Labour do much better as any gains are offset by losses to the Libdems and the Scots nats. These gains are enough to unseat Boris but not enough to enthrone Corbyn so we get someone else in power. I can then see a way forward as we seek a new deal supported by a referendum ( possibly as a cost of entering a coalition) in the Spring which will narrowly go remain. Jo Swinson could lose her seat or be involved in bad tempered coalition negotiations.
    There is a tendency to put one’s wishful thinking into looking into these charts. One thing I notice is that the campaign starts with mercury going retrograde for three weeks or so. This will cause some mischief and reveal lost, hidden and absurd things.

    • In Nodal Astrology, it’s the other way around, really. North Node carries aspiration, South Node weight of the past. Pluto on the South Node is weight of the past. This configuration truly could have Patriarchy Wrecking implications, to be honest.

      • Can you clarify this statement:”This configuration truly could have Patriarchy Wrecking implications”? Do you mean that patriarchy will get wrecked or that it will wreck other things/concepts?

        • It can wreck patriarchy. Prominently placed Vesta would be another indicator, since Vesta clearly indicates female political activity. And sure enough, Vesta will be on UK 1801 Mars on Dec 12th. It’s retrograde, though.

  14. Thank you Marjorie. Hard to believe this will happen when there’s been so much chaos. But I suppose it will. The full Moon is at 19 Gemini on the morning of election day. It aligns with fixed star Bellatrix, also known as the Amazon Star or Female Warrior. Fixed star expert Bernadette Brady writes:

    ” Bellatrix gives success but with a shadow, for the achievement that Bellatrix promises has a price…This star suggests that personal weaknesses are exposed….needing to face one’s own demons and shadows is the price paid for success”

    Boris Johnson’s Mercury is also at 19 Gemini. Jeremy Corbyn’s Mercury is at 16. And his Uranus is at 29 Gemini, which is the position of the Moon in this close of polls chart. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t look very comfortable for either of them really does it?

  15. Venus(money) trapped with the Sat/Pluto heavyweight bullies. In Capricorn, the sign of old age pension. 1950s women pension stolen by the state, Saturn and Pluto. If we cannot get reparation no one else will get a state pension before they die. So, there is no point in paying in if the State won’t pay out. The people are rising up against Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn is supposed to knock Pluto down in Saturns own sign. Its Uranus in the the sign of women (Taurus) trining Jupiter in the sign of government (Capricorn) the rise of algorithms in Dwp and facing off robots to get what you are owed that must be watched. Do not get sick. Do not have an accident. Do not become disabled or have children that do. Do not get old. It’s almost 2020 and this country has gone backwards 100 years in terms of humanity, with the fat pigs in the troughs at Westminster throwing millions and billions away and subverting the will of the people. The people will rise. I hope.

      • Got to speak up every time you can. Everyone will lose their state pension if we don’t. I will spoil deliberately my ballot paper and write on it re my stolen pension. Its the nearest to anarchy I can do at the moment. Summarily dismissed on October 3rd after waiting over 4 months. Cruel Pluto moved forwards that day. Got to fight for everyones rights. My epitaph will say summarily dismissed.

  16. Thanks Marjorie
    The moon ( the people) is anaretic and void of course for the close of poll chart. Is there a significance to that? Also what’s the role of Venus in mundane astrology? Is it younger women among other things? It’s getting a real hard time between Saturn and Pluto, I wonder if that demographic will be an Achilles heel for BJ., it wouldn’t surprise me given the type of loathsome wideboy he is.

    • By transit the VOC Moon moves across the 2016 EU Referendum Mercury at 17 Gemini.

      When it enters Cancer it will be conjunct the 2016 EU Referendum Sun at 2 Cancer.

      In Horary Astrology I believe a VoC Moon generally means “nothing will come of the question”. I have seen it suggested that in wider astrological usage it suggests the end of one story the moon is telling and the beginning of a new one. Perhaps significantly the progressed Moon for the 10.00 pm close of poll chart for 23 June 2016 Referendum has been in Pisces for the past two and a half years but will have just moved to 0 Aries on the date of 12 December 2019 General Election. That means both the Moon by Transit and the EU Referendum Progressed Moon will be in a square at 0 degrees of Cardinal signs a couple of hours after the polls close as the results are announced.

      Worth noting too is the fact that on 12 December 2019 Mars by transit will be at 19 Scorpio approaching a conjunction with the 2016 EU Referendum Mars at 23 Scorpio which will be exact between the Winter Solstice on 22 December 2019 and 26 December 2019.

  17. Whatever, I hope for a complete change in M.P.s, with different refreshing approach, and with honourable moral conscience for the people, 2016 referendum, democracy.

  18. Thank you, very interesting. All hinting at a hung parliament mess. Interesting about the Labour chart. If Corbyn loses in December when March would sound about right in terms of a new leader being crowned..

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