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The noise around the Brexit-will-it-bankrupt-the-UK debate has an irritatingly low sense-to-sound ratio. I wondered whether Solar Returns for the UK might give any pointers. The 1993 Solar Return when the UK crashed out of the ERM certainly showed up strongly with Uranus Neptune in the financial 8th opposition Mars; with Sun also in the 8th, and Saturn in the 10th square a 6th house Pluto.

Looking back over the recessions of the 20th Century, the Solar Returns do seem to point up a financial crisis with most often Mars in the 8th, sometimes Uranus; though there were a couple which didn’t show up much.

This year the UK 2016 SR (from January 1) has a successful (or confident) Jupiter in the 10th, plus a pressured Sun Pluto in the 2nd. The 2017 SR looks upbeat where international and business finances are concerned with Jupiter in the 8th; though there’s an erratic, insecure Mars Uranus in the 2nd; plus a get-serious Saturn in the 10th. 2018 looks enthusiastic on the speculation front with Mars Jupiter in the 5th; hostile relations with neighbours from Sun Pluto in the 7th which figures; a directionless Neptune conjunct MC and unpredictable Uranus also in the 10th. 2019 looks marginally more ominous with Uranus in the 8th and a worrisome Moon in the 2nd; with a depressed population Saturn in the 4th. 2020 looks challenging but basically OK, as does 2021.

So not much of an indication of a total nosedive there. Where financial unpredictability kicks in will be as tr Uranus moves into the UK 8th in 2019 to stay until 2026/7. That’s not necessarily disastrous, just roller coaster. Especially when tr Uranus meets the conjunction to the UK 8th house Mars in 2021/2 and then continues to rattle round the other UK Fixed planets for several years. That will certainly start with a financial shock of sorts (as well as other effects). The EU is also in serious shtook at the same time as tr Uranus hits their 8th house Taurus Moon and squares their Uranus.

With major aftershocks in 2023/2024 with Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the UK Mars; and Solar Arc Sun square the 2nd house Neptune.

Previous times of tr Uranus in Taurus are not much help since the previous one was conjunct Uranus and square Pluto during WW11; and the one before that in the mid 19th Century was part of a triple conjunction with Pluto and then Saturn.

Before Uranus moves into Taurus in 2018, the UK chart does have some questionable Solar Arcs hitting on the 8th house UK Mars with tr Neptune square the Solar Arc Mars; plus the Bank of England looks to be in some disarray in 2017.

The state of mind of the population is either 4th house or Moon aspects. Tr Pluto now in the 4th until the end of the next decade and tr Saturn moves through the 4th from 2019 to mid 2021 – both of which suggest a fairly tough time then, especially during Saturn’s stay. And even before then tr Pluto opposing the Moon in 2017/18, followed by tr Saturn opposition the Moon in 2019 also points to a challenged and discouraged electorate.

But all in all it doesn’t look like a terminal meltdown. And these influences would still have been in place with or without Brexit, though perhaps taking a different form.

Theresa May’s Government chart will have some wobbles in February 2017 with tr Uranus square the Sun; and a fair amount of confusion and uncertainty through 2017 with tr Neptune square the focal point Saturn; but it’ll also be bullishly confident and probably successful to a large degree with tr Pluto trine Jupiter in 2017/18. The challenges will start to mount with tr Pluto opposition the Govt Sun in 2018/19; and the most likely fall-off-perch-time will be mid 2019 when the Sun moves by Solar Arc to square Uranus exactly.

As if life is not beset by enough horrors, the dreaded Tony Blair’s itchy-fingered megalomania is turning a focus on returning to UK politics, swooping in like batman to save the day. He’s dropping his money-earning work for third world dictators, partly because they’ve stopped piling cash his way, so will have a few hours to spare to save UK Inc. His chart certainly indicates a major change of direction in 2017 with tr Uranus square his Capricorn MC. Regrettably he’s not finished completely, with his peak starting in 2020 for a few years. Though he’s got some devastatingly stuck Solar Arcs across 2017/18 and 2021/22. But he might try.

His relationship chart with the UK is control-freaky to start with – a composite Mercury opposition Uranus squaring onto Mars Pluto; with Saturn trine Mars Pluto – that’s fathoms of hostility. It looks very limp and lacklustre until late 2018 with tr Neptune conjunct the composite Sun Venus, so he won’t make any headway instantly. But it’s just possible his narcissism is such that he throws caution to the winds and arouses a great deal of angst by pushing on in 2019 for a few years.

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