Twitter – into its swan song phase?




Could you survive without Twitter? Despite a $15 billion capitalization from its 2013 IPO, it is struggling to find ways of making money on the 300 million who use it. Advertisers are lured away by the 1.7 billion users of Facebook and 500,000 on Instagram, with new competition coming up fast from Snapchat and others. Shares are today down by a fifth amid worries about a lack of takeover interest.

The 7 Nov 2013 10.52am New York IPO chart is certainly in trouble now and through 2017 with tr Saturn square Mars after mid this month; and tr Neptune opposing Mars through 2017/18. There’ll be some lift in Dec/Jan 2017 from tr Uranus square the IPO Jupiter, perhaps if they find an unconventional buyer, but it won’t help thereafter.

The original Twitter chart, 21 March 2006 1.02pm San Francisco, CA, is in no better shape with tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on Uranus Mercury square Mars, through 2016/17 with a worse dip in 2018.

Jack Dorsey, the founder, 19 Nov 1976 1.30 am St Louis, Missouri (Sly Schofield), who recently returned as CEO, hasn’t been making much headway with his ambition to monetize and retain control of the company. He’s very up and down through the next eighteen months, panicking at setbacks, but staying bullish throughout. But his relationship chart with Twitter 2006 looks mired in confusion at the moment and there’s a parting of the ways in 2017/2018.

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