Twitter’s Jack Dorsey under attack


‘Vulture capitalist’, ‘rogue creditor’, ‘uniquely adversarial’, ‘thuggish’, ‘uses distasteful tactics’ are all epithets ascribed to hedge-funder Paul Singer who appears to have Twitter’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey firmly in his sights. A billionaire, Singer’s Elliott Management has bought a chunk of Twitter and seemingly objects to Dorsey sharing his attention with the mobile payments company Square, of which he is also co-founder.

Singer is immensely profitable and impervious to public disapproval, infamous for buying sovereign debt from countries nearing default like Argentina, Peru and the Republic of Congo and pursuing full payment through the courts. Critics says such tactics interfere with a country’s ability to return to the financial markets, exacerbating the poverty and suffering of its citizens. When he takes on a battle he usually (always, they say) wins. Last year he bought into ebay and eight months later the CEO resigned, having refused to accede to Singer’s demands.

Jack Dorsey 19 November 1976 1.43 am St Louis, will be a formidable and unbudgeable adversary with his Sun Mars in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus; and Uranus also in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo. Not an easy man to push out of the way. Except that he does have his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Sun at the moment and conjunct his Mars by next year; as well as Solar Arc Sun Mars square his Pluto over the next two years, all of which look frustratingly trapped. So it’ll be a mighty tussle which he may not win. Though he will get a confidence and success lift from tr Pluto trine his Jupiter in 2021/22.

Singer, 22 August 1944 New York has a late Leo Sun which squares Dorsey’s Sun Mars and Jupiter so quite a clash; and Singer’s Pluto in Leo is square Dorsey’s Uranus North Node and conjunct D’s Saturn. They are both strong-minded in the extreme so will be a battle royal.

Their relationship chart has an outright-dislike Saturn square Mars Mercury which tr Saturn is elbowing this year; and worse in 2022/23 when tr Pluto hits those planets.

Dorsey does look up and down over the next few months with a catastrophic tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint in April and on and off into 2021.

The two twitter charts – 21 March 2006 1.02 pm San Francisco, and the IPO 7 November 2013 10.52am New York both indicate 2021 is the more problematic year; with the foundation chart indicating surging confidence and major hiccups this year as well.

Singer and his cohorts sound like the kind of guys who could give money men a bad reputation. Greed is gecko.

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