Tweeting howls of rage

A hate mob of incontinent diatribers has seen Stephen Fry flounce off Twitter (again) saying the ‘fun is over’ after a stray comment of his at the BAFTAs evoked an avalanche of hyped-up outrage.

Twitter is also in deep trouble over revenues, lack of popularity and falling share prices. It has only 300 million users in contrast to Facebook’s 1.6 billion and even Instagram has overtaken it now.

When it sent its first tweet on 21 March 2006 at 9.50pm PST the Aries Sun was in the entertaining 5th. But what is really eye catching is Mars in Gemini in the 8th opposition Moon Pluto in Sagittarius – Mars Pluto all too easily falls into black rage. It’s often seen in the charts of shock-jocks who mouth off at the blink of an eye.

I was pondering on quite what general influences have stoked up the outpourings of often misdirected anger that have been obvious over the past few years. Several newspapers have now rowed back on having comment boxes below columns because of immoderate, insulting and slanderous posts left anonymously. The net was supposed to bring greater access to the public but it seems to have degenerated into mob rule by the screamers. Ditto the brainless student protests against anyone who doesn’t toe their very PC line.

Maybe it is the ugly side of Uranus Pluto leading to anarchy and chaos; platformed on the IT era’s Aquarius underpinnings. Uranus brings the underdogs to the surface, those who have felt powerless in the past, tramped underfoot by the Plutonic forces of power and the status quo. If it tips too far then Uranus can be a wrecker and the revolution ends up causing its own destruction. Indeed Uranus/Aquarius can have quite a fascist streak which is what some of this feels like.

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