Oscars – Di Caprio, Larson, Stallone

The Oscars are back round again on February 28th.

Leo di Caprio, who has already won the BAFTA leading man award for Revenant is hotly tipped. Born 11 Nov 1974 2.47am Los Angeles, his chart is oddly short of clues even for the BAFTA win. He’s a secretive Sun Venus Mars in Scorpio; with Pluto Moon conjunct in Libra in his 1st house. His recent UK win came with tr Neptune conjunct Jupiter which is often not that good – high hopes, disappointment.

What he has over the Oscars is tr Jupiter sextile his Venus = minorly sociable; and tr Uranus square his 10th house Saturn which can be jolting and tension-inducing.   He certainly looks cheerful later in the year as tr Jupiter crosses his Ascendant. It may be he doesn’t put much store on the Oscars and he certainly seems to dislike being too much on the celebrity trail.

Brie Larson, 1 Oct 1989, up for leading actress for Room, is a Sun Mars in Libra square Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn opposition Jupiter in Cancer – so quite a high-wire personality, and overflowing with initiative, restlessness and luck. Again there’s not much showing apart from tr Uranus trine her Solar Arc Venus; and a mildly positive tr Jupiter sextile Mars/Uranus.

Sylvester Stallone, 6 July 1946 7.20pm New York, is up for best supporting actor for reprising his role as boxer Rocky in Creed. He has tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter at the Oscars which is definitely a lucky break; but he’s also got tr Neptune opposition his Mars which is usually not good news. His Jupiter may triumph since his Pluto is moving by Solar Arc to conjunct his natal Jupiter, exact in 8 months but in effect before then.  What’s certainly true is that his career and confidence are getting a considerable lift this year with his Solar Arc MC conjunct his Ascendant and tr Jupiter aiming to cross his midheaven in 2017.

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