Pope John Paul – surprising insights

Pope John Paul had a close friendship with a married woman for 30 years. Letter detailing his feelings have been hidden away in the National Library of Poland since his death but will be the subject of a BBC TV Panorama programme tonight.

Anne-Teresa Tymieniecka, 28 Feb 1923, was a Polish-born American philosopher and academic who helped him at times with his books and seems to have been in love with him, testing his faith. There is no suggestion that he broke his vows of celibacy.

Born 18 May 1920 5.30pm Wadowice, Poland, he had a charming and tactile 7th house Venus Mercury in Taurus; with an 8th house Taurus Sun so celibacy wouldn’t come easy to him. He also had an 8th house Gemini Moon on the focal point of a Mutable T square to Uranus opposition Saturn so fairly erratic emotional impulses.

Her Sun Uranus in Pisces fell in his 5th close to his Uranus and opposition his Saturn – so she’d cheer him up though he’d also block her out with his dutiful Saturn.  Her Jupiter opposed his Venus which is also friendly and light hearted; though her Saturn was conjunct his Mars which would put her own blocks on his enthusiasm.

Their relationship chart did have a possessive composite Moon Pluto conjunction; a passionate Venus trine Mars; but also a defensive Venus opposition Saturn – so a complicated, blow hot blow cold relationship with simmering undercurrents.

Her husband, economist Hendrik Houthakker, 31 Dec 1924, whom she married 17 years before she met John Paul, was determined and controlling Sun Jupiter in Capricorn opposition Pluto square Mars in Aries.

The conventional wisdom is that he was friendly with John Paul through his wife, but the HH/John Paul relationship chart has a hostile composite Pluto opposition Mars square Saturn – so again undercurrents, this time of unspoken dislike at the situation.

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