Kim Jong Un – reign of terror

Another head rolls – or is blown up – as North Korea’s unpleasant leader Kim Yong Un summarily gets rid of his most recent Chief of General Army Staff. To date he has had killed over a 100 senior figures in what is being described as an ‘extreme reign of terror’. The wisdom from outside is that at some point the military will turn against him.

His took over his role on 29 December 2011 at 11.57am, when there was a 10th house dominating Sun Pluto in Capricorn; but that squares Uranus, wherein could lie his downfall.  Uranus will have moved by Solar Arc to close that square to exact in early 2018, though in effect late 2017.  Through 2017/18 as well there is a high-risk, enraged tr Pluto trine Mars. In 2018 as well tr Uranus moves to oppose the regime Saturn which will bring a massive jolt.

One thought on “Kim Jong Un – reign of terror

  1. Now that Kim Jong Un appears to have missile-capable submarines, he’ll be naturally trigger-happy to prove a point with “someone”. When does the sun begin to shine for the NKorean people? Will he fall to his own machine of death – using anti-aircraft cannons or some similar ending? Thanks.

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