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More than 200,000 signatures have been garnered calling for a vote of no confidence in UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt after he said he would impose  new junior doctor contracts in the light of failure of negotiations. The NHS certainly needs reforming and being made more cost-effective but whether patients will benefit from exhausted, de-moralised doctors is questionable. And many hospitals say they will refuse to implement the new contracts. So a screw-up all round.

My recollection was there was an avalanche of criticism when Jeremy Hunt was Culture Secretary over the Murdoch bid to retake BskyB. Trouble seems to follow him around.

Born 1 Nov 1966 he’s a charming, determined Sun Venus in Scorpio in an over-hopeful square to Jupiter in flashy Leo. He also has the Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn; with Mars also in Virgo conjunct Pluto – so quite chaotic and inclined to attract hostility with Mars Pluto.

His Saturn in Pisces opposes the NHS’s Mars in Virgo (5 July 1948) and squares the NHS Uranus Venus Mercury and Moon – so an aggravated chemistry between them. His Neptune squares the NHS Saturn and his Sun Venus squares the NHS Pluto – all in all a disastrous mix.

However bad it is at the moment, it’s going to get worse with tr Neptune opposing Hunt’s Mars from early April till early June which is panicky failure; and tr Neptune also opposing the composite Sun in the NHS/Hunt relationship chart. With a bad-tempered tr Pluto trine composite Mars from early March on the latter as well.

David Cameron has shown no sign in the past of being worried by Hunt’s mishaps, perhaps because they are relatively alike. Both have Jupiter in Leo and similar outer planet placings. Hunt’s Sun Venus are conjunct DC’s Mercury in Scorpio; and Hunt’s Gemini Moon trines DC’s Libra Sun Venus.

Though their relationship chart does show signs of an upheaval from early May with a tr Uranus opposition the composite Venus.

Cameron’s administration is sagging on several fronts at the moment with the EU negotiations going badly as well.

Tr Neptune will move off the Mutable T Square in his Govt chart after mid this month which will help.  But on his personal chart, he’s got the insecure tr Uranus opposition his Solar Arc Mars now; followed by a trapped tr Pluto square SArc Mars from March onwards till late 2018, and some tr Neptune sinkers all year as well as tr Pluto square his Libra Sun.

What will save his bacon or perhaps release him from purgatory is his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus, exact in 7 months’ time, though in effect before then.

Where his greatest pressures come is in 2017 onwards with tr Pluto moving to trine Pluto Uranus and ultimately sextile his Saturn – that will bring forced changes and perhaps bring out a side of him which doesn’t equate with the normal bland charm. It’s more than possible he could go before the end of his term since the Govt chart hits a major period of instability in 2018.

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