Richard Dawkins – tough astrology

Richard Dawkins, the scientist, pro-atheist and anti-astrology pontificator, has suffered a minor stroke, causing cancellation of a speaking tour.

Born 25 March 1941, he’s a Sun Aries trine Pluto; with a heavyweight Jupiter Saturn in Taurus. His Uranus also in Taurus is in an Earth Grand Trine to Neptune and Mars in Capricorn, formed into a wide Kite by an angry, bulldozer Mars opposition Pluto.

An Earth Grand Trine will ground him in the material realm and a reality he can connect via his five senses; but will limit his imagination.

His Neptune in Virgo trines his Uranus for eureka scientific discoveries; and opposes a surprisingly sensitive Venus and maybe Moon in Pisces.

At the moment his Solar Arc Saturn is opposing his Mars which will bring a major-road-block.  Though I’d imagine he’s had a few warning signal in recent years with his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Sun two years back; and Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Pluto just before that.

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