Antonin Scalia – a Supreme Court conundrum

Antonin Scalia, one of the Supreme Court’s most conservative members has died. With what was a five-four conservative/liberal split, his successor will be of vital importance to both major parties. Obama’s nominee is likely to be filibustered in an attempt to shunt the decision off till after the election in the hope of a Republican victory.

Scalia, 11 March 1936 8.55pm Trenton, New Jersey, was a vocal opponent of abortion, gay rights and gun control; pro-death penalty and supportive of business interests.

He had a grandstanding 5th house Sun in Pisces trine a controlling Pluto in the legal 9th conjunct the MC – so influential and attention-grabbing. His Sun was conjunct Saturn; and opposition Neptune square Jupiter in crusading and lawyerly Sagittarius. His Scorpio Moon opposed Uranus in his 7th so both stubborn and contradictory.

Tr Pluto square tr Uranus had been in hard aspect to his 6th house Mars in Aries recently, putting pressure on his health. His Solar Arc Pluto was also moving to oppose Mars over the coming year, bringing further challenges.

The Supreme Court was founded on 2 Feb 1790, making it a determined Sun Pluto in Aquarius; with Pluto opposition Jupiter Mars in Leo giving it supreme confidence though not always common sense.

Apart from tr Uranus sextile Pluto from late this month for three weeks which could cause an upheaval, there’s not much showing on the chart until 2017.

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