Tunisia – hoping for a better future



Tunisia is the only Arab country to have moved from authoritarian rule to democracy since the Arab Spring. They now have a freely elected head of state (88 years old and an anti-Islamist) since late 2014, their first since independence in 1956. Though there have been demonstrations recently over economic problems especially in the rural areas.

The country chart, 15 June 1956 5pm Tunis, is a strong one with an 8th house Gemini Sun trine Neptune, sextiling onto Jupiter Pluto in Leo conjunct the MC from the 9th; with Jupiter Pluto square Saturn on a Scorpio Ascendant; with Saturn trine Uranus, sextile a Virgo Moon. There are downbeat Saturn transits to Sun and Moon for a few months; but there’s also tr Uranus trine Jupiter Pluto from May, on and off into 2018 which should bring some welcome cheer. 2018 could be unsettled and rebellious with tr Uranus square Uranus; and economic problems will take time to shift with tr Saturn in the 2nd till late 2019. There’s an uncertain, over-hopeful Solar Arc Jupiter Pluto conjunct the Tunisia Neptune in 2020. But that will be followed by resounding success in 2021 when the Solar Arc Sun is conjunct Jupiter Pluto.

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