Nicola Sturgeon throws the PM a googly

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The two leaderenes are at war (if that’s not too sexist). UK PM Theresa May is spitting that Nicola Sturgeon should get on with governing properly (hear, hear) and stop playing games by insisting on an independence referendum re-run. While the Scottish First Minister spat back that at least she’d been elected which is more than she can say for the PM.

As far as I understand it the UK government would have to agree to another referendum and the suggestion is that post the 2021 Holyrood (Scottish government) election would be a more sensible time. Holding it in the middle of the Brexit fallout would be too confusing and would not allow Scots to make a sensible choice about the economic argument. [See previous post Feb 27: Try, Try Again.]

Spain for one is making mutinous noises and insisting Scotland would be way down the EU membership-joining list, since they have their own separatist problem which they don’t wish fed with hope. With oil unlikely to recover in price and Scots public expenditure being high, there’s a real possibility they’d be refused EU membership anyway without swingeing cuts to public services and tax rises.

Theresa May is certainly not doing her popularity much good up north by coming across as schoolmarmy and rigid, even if she’s right about the SNP government needing to sort out major problems under their control – NHS, education and police. TM’s Pluto falls in NS’s 10th conjunct her MC, so she will come across as controlling and contemptuous. TM’s Sun is conjunct NS’s Uranus, so she’ll regard the Scottish leader as rebellious and unco-operative; and TM’s Uranus is conjunct NS’s Mars and opposition NS’s Moon – so a flare-up combo. TM’s unbending Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct NS’s Neptune, so pragmatism meets evasion.

Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Uranus Pluto, so will be an unpredictable, erratic relationship that’s destined to live through major changes and upheavals and none too co-operative. There’s also a bad-tempered, overt-dislike composite Mars square Saturn which may be tied into the composite Moon. Where it starts to hot up and get bitter is 2019/2020 with tr Pluto trine the composite Mars.

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    Marjorie, This was discussed I remember many years ago in Edinburgh by Isobel and her colleague Mary Chalmers, at various lectures on astrology they used to chair at the Scottish Astrology Centre. the Aries sun, mars and MC I always regarded as close to the pioneering, cerebral, martial, but no nonsense nature of the Scots. A late Cancer ascendant is probably more likely, given the clan system? The Aries stuff squaring Neptune is Scotland’s booze issues perhaps? I speak as a Scot. Id be interested in your thoughts on any and all Scotlands charts. If you have posted on that previously my apologies

  2. I studied Nicola Sturgeon’s chart myself and what stood out was how many disappointments it shows. Her delusions often get the better of her. For 2019 I noticed she will be under severe mental strain and I see huge sadness in 2020. My prediction going off this is that she will either lose the referendum or the ability to call one will be lost and she will be forced out as First Minster. The chart for the Union of the UK itself does look dramatic for 2019 and 2020 but after that it seems stable so my view on this is that the UK will survive.

  3. That’s a fair take on things. So there were a sufficient number of non SNP Scottish voters who will not vote to leave the Union come Indyref2? Interesting times. I suspect May wants to provoke ructions north of the border, at least her not involving Scots parliament is having that very effect, conscious or otherwise. Still unclear what NS should do, persevere with the Union which is effectively England ploughing its own furrow? That surely is against the instincts of the majority of SNP voters. Interesting times. I’m a Scot too btw. Marjorie what chart do you use for Scotland? The sun mars Mc in Aries with Leo rising seems solid

  4. I am convinced this will be Sturgeon’s ‘Iraq War’ moment. There is a petition on the Government website with over 100,000 signatures already asking for there to be no Referendum. I believe Sturgeon has misjudged the mood of Scotland, its crazy to believe they would choose the EU over the UK. I think her popularity will nose drive from here on in and I think the SNP vote will start to decline as well.

    • A clear majority of Scots voted in the EU referendum to stay in Europe, which I think is an accurate reflection of the mood of the Scottish people. This is a very unsettling time for the entire Union for sure, and I personally have no appetite for the EU as it is currently constituted, but the question remains as to how NS reflects the demonstrated will of those large numbers of Scots who voted in overwhelming numbers for her? May can and should have averted this development by entering into meaningful dialogue with the devolved parliaments. I wonder what her motives were for not doing so?

      • Well it all depends how to read the EU result for Scotland. None of the political parties up here supporting leaving so Dugdale and Davidson both led campaigns urging their Labour and Conservative voters to back Remain. Now had these people known their votes would have been hijacked like this for a second referendum I think they would have voted differently. Conservative and Labour supporters who are part of that 60% will not vote to leave the UK in another referendum. Jim Sillars said it best, Sturgeon should have listened to what he said. My prediction is that the % to stay with the UK will be higher this time around killing the SNPs dream of independence dead for decades.

  5. The Scots voted overwhelmingly for Sturgeon and the SNP. She has a strong mandate from the electorate unlike like Theresa May. Scotland voted in great numbers at the general election not want to be governed by a third rate Conservative government and their UKIP fellow travellers, shackled to an unwanted departure from our biggest trading block, the EU. I agree Sturgeon should pay attention to her day job, that of running Scotland, but under the circumstances what else could she do but defer to the wishes of the Scottish electorate? If May had entered into meaningful dialogue with SNP it’s probable Indyref2 could have been averted.

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