Tulsa – a weekend of celebration, mourning and outrage


Tone deaf or deliberate provocation? Trump’s deluded insistence on holding his first campaign rally in the midst of rising CV-19 figures in Tulsa, Oklahoma has drawn outrage from black Tulsans, who say it will stoke tensions never mind act as a super-spreader of infection. In late May 1921 the city was the site of one of the worst massacres on the black community; and this is the weekend that celebrates freedom for enslaved black people, never mind the nationwide protests over racism in policing.

Juneteenth celebrates the Texas emancipation of slaves on 19th June 1865 and was followed in December 1865 by a nationwide abolition. The Texas Liberation Day fell on a reforming, all-systems-change Sun Uranus conjunction in Gemini opposition Jupiter and trine Saturn in Libra; with an emotionally intense Venus Pluto Moon in Taurus square Mars in Leo – so it would not meet with universal approval.

It took till 1964 to enact a landmark civil rights and labour law that outlaws discrimination based on race, colour, religion, sex, or national origin. It prohibits unequal application of voter registration requirements, and racial segregation in schools, employment, and public accommodations.

The US Civil Rights Act 2 July 1964 chart has a Sun Mercury and North Node in Cancer and is on a Nodal Return this year with this weekend’s Solar Eclipse being conjunct the Node and the July Lunar Eclipse being opposition the Sun Mercury – very much in the centre of the zeitgeist now.  It was passed in the febrile 1960s after JFK’s assassination when the turbulent and reforming Uranus Pluto in Virgo was in place and squaring the USA 1776 Uranus. The 1964 Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn was square Mars in Gemini when the act was passed – again a hard struggle and arousing bitter opposition.

The Tulsa Massacre, 31 May 1921, called “the single worst incident of racial violence in American history,” involved mobs of white residents attacking black residents and businesses on the ground and from private aircraft. It destroyed a district, then the wealthiest black community in the USA, known as “Black Wall Street”. A 2001 state commission estimated deaths well into the three figures. It happened when there was a high-tension, autocratic and opportunistic Uranus in Pisces opposition Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo square an angry Sun Mars in Gemini – all of which triggered the Uranus and Mars in Gemini of the USA 1776 chart – I’ve always though that US Mars Uranus in Gemini had a lot to answer for and was very key to American attitudes and behaviour.

The city of Tulsa itself, incorporated on 18 January 1898, was seriously rattled as well with its Pluto Neptune in Gemini opposition Saturn Moon (Uranus) in Sagittarius catching the violent whirlwind of influences in 1921.

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  1. Tone deaf or deliberate provocation?
    The Tulsa rally was a deliberate provocation by none other than Stephen Miller. He’s the only one in the White House who has enough knowledge of history to have know the importance of the day and significance of Tulsa, OK to African Americans.

    But it backfired because many people who had never heard of Juneteeth or the Tulsa Massacre know about both events.

  2. The sorry descent of the King Of Ruin continues to be played out in the public domain.
    The shadows are gathering around him at a rapid rate.

    With the financial and social fabric unraveling at an alarming rate in the USA, Trump has been
    dealt another body blow from John Bolton’s new book.

    He will lose the forthcoming election in November.

  3. What if a presidential candidate gave a rally for his presidential re-election and…nobody showed up?

    There was also planed an outside rally for…100,000 people (“the overflow “) which was cancelled due to…low attendence. Could this have been caused by the press and radical left, as Trump claimed…or that Merc retrograde affected communications to this degree?

      • “A campaign source said the campaign had been leaning toward canceling the outdoor portion, for fear of angering the President if there aren’t as many people there as he expected when he lands.

        There are currently only a couple dozen people standing near the outdoor stage where Trump had been scheduled to speak.”

        Mr. President, you have no clothes.

        You know, Virgoflake, these results really do surprise me. Has he really lost it?

          • I think Tik Tok campaign isn’t the reason for people simply not showing up – everybody who really wanted a ticket got in.

            That said, what they absolutely did here was to mess with Trump2020 Campaign mailing list and this is brilliant! You know how people were baffled about Brad Parscale bragging about having 1 million people “signing in” for the event when it seemed counter productive? Well, I saw a data analyst commenting on how this type of ticket sale method – show interest first, only buy later – is essentially aimed to creating a mailing list that can be sold forward. And, as someone with some background in digital marketing, I realized this makes so much sense! Apparently, due to non-existant data protection laws on Federal Level in The US (there are very enlightened States) Trump mailing lists have been a hot comodity among other Republican Candidates and probably companies. Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, has gotten a cut. Now the troll has been trolled. This will, no doubt, weaken the campaign on long run, too, because of the monetary implications, but also because it now appears there’s a way to cancel “digital dominance” of this campaign. It was a myth anyway, but it now seems there’s an effective way to bust it among less “tech savvy” crowd

  4. The legacy of LBJ needs to be included in this mix. If not for his legislative acumen, the Civil Rights Act
    would not have made it out of Congress. The same could be said of the Voting Rights Act the following
    year. According to Wikipedia, he told an aide “I think we just delivered the South to the Republican party for a long time to come.”

    His congressional speech of the Voting Rights Act which he signed 8/6/65: “rarely at anytime does an issue lay bare the secret heart of America itself…rarely are we met with the challenge…to the values and
    the purposes and the meaning of our beloved nation. The issue of equal rights for American Negroes is such an issue. And should we defeat every enemy, should we double our wealth and conquer the stars, and still be unequal to the issue, then we have failed as a people and as a nation.”

  5. Thanks so much Marjorie

    Interesting common denominator appearsto be Gemini in all charts.

    What’s also very interesting is that not a lot of black Americans know about their ‘Black Wall Street ‘ history. I’m not black American but learnt about it while watching a documentary on Marcus Garvey’s life which included some time he spent in the US and his contribution to that era which aired in Jamaica some years ago.

    It occurred to me that the burning of Black Wall Street destroyed the black American spirit or thought of autonomy as a community and more when that happened, but I believe that was the plan.

  6. Tomorrow’s eclipse conjuncts the Tulsa Massacre chart’s Mercury. Chiron in Aries at the moment is conjunct the TM’s Neptune and Neptune is currently conjunct the TM chart’s Chiron. The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is squaring the Tulsa Massacre chart’s nodal axis.

    Following the news on this deeply disturbing gathering, I see that groups of Trump supporters have already arrived in Tulsa and are making their presence known. I saw one man waving a bull whip about, shirtless with the Schutzstaffel emblazoned on his torso. In Trump’s own words, ‘very fine people’.

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