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The Cancer Solar Eclipse has come and gone without too much out of the ordinary in terms of dramatic events. Trepidation and excitement precede eclipses which often turn out to be damp squibs on the day or even week itself.

But there can be a curious delayed effect. The 11 August 1999 total solar eclipse was starkly aspected with the Leo New Moon opposition Uranus square Saturn in Taurus opposition Mars in Scorpio and caused much alarm amongst astrologers in advance. The path rose in the Eastern seaboard of the USA, crossed the UK, down across Afghanistan, Pakistan to southern India. There was a Turkish earthquake on the path of the eclipse which killed 17.000, but nothing in the other locations on the path.

Almost two years later in January 2001 tr Mars returned for the first time to the 1999 eclipse position in Scorpio and tr Uranus was just one degree passed the opposition to the 1999 Eclipse New Moon when the devastating Gujarat India earthquake occurred, killing many tens of thousands. Gujarat was directly on the path of the 1999 eclipse. In the UK the catastrophic national foot & mouth epidemic in the UK, also started around this time. And the 9/11 terrorists were arriving in the USA at this point to train and plan.

The Tangshan Earthquake in China on 28 July 1976 in which a quarter of a million people died occurred with tr Saturn in Leo at exactly the degree of the Mars in the Solar Eclipse two years before in June 1974, arguably triggering the eclipse chart.

The Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, which killed around 250,000 people, occurred when tr Mars had moved to conjunct the New Moon of the November 2003 Solar Eclipse. Which sounds minor enough.  But just in these few examples Mars turns up as a trigger.  It’s not (I think) much researched and you drown in charts if you’re continually tracking each eclipse on for several years. But it’s intriguing enough for anyone with time to follow up.

So worth keeping an eye on this Eclipse chart ahead. My recollection from doing an eclipse survey at one point was that the New Moon following was often a trigger as well as much further ahead  On individual charts it’s generally reckoned the eclipse effect runs until the next one – so six months.

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  1. whats your thoughts Marjorie about the uncovering of more archaeological discoveries at the site of an ancient village near Stonehenge ? Is this linked to the eclipse?

  2. Approximately 9 years ago, when there was a 29 gemini lunar eclipse on the 21st December 2010, a couple of weeks before it I had an epileptic seizure (the last of about 6 seizures over the space of seven years). I can’t remember the exact date I had it, but I know it was the first week or two of December which is when mars was transiting opposite the eclipse degree at 29 Sagittarius. I’d had those health problems for a few years, but then came to my senses around that time and started taking better care of myself. I haven’t had a seizure since thankfully.
    The recent solar eclipse was a degree away from my moon in the 12th house so I’m hoping nothing too bad happens. When mars passes over that degree next April, my progressed moon will be conjuncting my natal pluto and progressed IC at 5 Scorpio so I’m a little anxious!

    • So it may be family related?

      Or home related – maybe moving to a different house/flat? (Moon, Pluto, IC – transformation of home and/or family.)

      • Hi Dunyazade, thanks for your input. Although I don’t have any plans to move out of my rented accommodation anytime soon, it’s entirely impossible that I could have to move for whatever reason next year. I suppose I just get a bit nervous when it comes to eclipses and pluto as they often suggest a crisis first which results in decisions being forced upon you. I shall keep you posted anyway if there are any developments 🙂

        Good luck with your saturn in the 8th. Presuming it rules your 3rd house? If so, writing about the occult should certainly help!

  3. Thanks Marjorie. I’d include the terrible Izmit earthquake in Turkey on 17th August, 1999 though. The path of the August 11th solar eclipse passed over that region, where approximately 17,000 people were killed.

    And thanks Dunyazade for those “trigger” dates. It’s intriguing that the Mars in Aries, and the 4th July Moon at 0 Capricorn are close in time to the lunar eclipse on 5th July. There’s also the second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at the end of June, although at 24 degrees. Looks like quite a potent mixture…..and all around the USA “birthday” too.

  4. Hmmm, surprising that it is Mars which triggers the patterns….I have never connected Mars with quakes (being obsessed, growing up in the shaky islands) – a lot of the ones I’ve seen retrospectively have had Jupiter strong or exact, and like dunyazade, I agree the progressed Moon seems accurate mostly for timing. It is true that 0 deg of the cardinal signs (as well as 13 and 26) are critical….did anyone learn what the latter two had characteristically? I think the beginnings/ends of signs are often crises, but especially the cardinals perhaps because they signify action, or change.

  5. There was, of course, an earthquake in the Istanbul region of Turkey on 17th. August 1999 which killed more than 17,000 people.

  6. This is the first solar eclipse after the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020. It at the first degree of a Cardinal sign which lends significance. Interestingly the previous solar eclipse occurred at 4 Capricorn On 26 December 2019 which was conjunct the same degree as the 1518 Pluto Saturn synod in Capricorn. Subsequent events seem to indicate that the final eclipse of 2019 marked the closing of a cycle in world events that began early in the 16th century. I think the current eclipse is part of the opening of a new cycle. The process probably began sometime ago with the 1891-92 Pluto Neptune conjunction in Gemini and began to make its impact felt at the time of the three Pluto Saturn conjunctions in Cancer at the outbreak of the First World War. Perhaps significantly the last of these conjunctions in 1915 was also at 0 Cancer. The Great War started the process by which the dominance of European empires in world affairs began to unravel. That process has continued over the subsequent century and is now reaching its end point. The new world has yet to form.

    • Fascinating observations.

      OK, so I rise to the bait (humor intended)…are we looking at another series of global confrontations…of the nuclear kind? I don’t see an agrarian resolution. The current ‘new world’ formation doesn’t look pretty. Or an external intervention from …outside ?

      • If only I could foretell the future.

        History suggests that when the hegemonic power weakens the risk of conflict increases and there are lots of hot spots around the globe now. In some ways the last great ‘European’ empires were the Soviet Union and rather perversely as it is a different Continent, the USA. The Soviets have gone and US domination of world affairs is looking a bit frayed at the moment. Trump has been a weak and ineffective US President (though probably not the monster some think) but has run a relatively nonaggressive foreign policy. If he loses in November – which now looks likely – then that may change with a new administration. It really depends on who fills the various key roles in government. The US progressed Mars is now retrograde so as a country it does not support a militarily assertive foreign policy. The country also faces a Pluto return. America is still the big kid on the block but there are other major powers like China and India running up against each other together with regional players such as Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia jockeying for influence. I tend to agree with your view that there is not a lot of sweetness and light about at the moment. Economic and environmental problems are probably going to exacerbate the situation. The last Saturn Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn kicked off over a century of religious wars in Europe which ended in the catastrophic Thirty Years War. Let’s hope we are not in for a repeat.

        • Succint summary. I always enjoy reading your posts. Marjorie did post some mid/late decade assessments – which don;t look pretty esp for the US. Numerous conflicts which could lead to hot wars.

          I, for one, don;t want to glow in the dark.

        • Hugh, speaking of the ending of epochs, I have been thinking about the 1345 Black Death and how it transformed Medieval Europe. Do you think that it was a calamity which saw the beginning of the end of the Medieval period and the eventual coming of the Renaissance? I don’t necessarily see change as wholly negative or that we are compelled to repeat history. I remember, a long time ago reading Barbara Tuchman’s ‘A Distant Mirror’ and thinking what a truly terrible century it was.

  7. It’s conjunct my natal Saturn at 0º – in the 8th house.

    Oh joy :((((

    Kind of scares me actually.

    The Saturn is now transiting my 3rd house – so I’m writing right now (about subjects one might consider ‘occult’ – so 8th house matters). Hopefully this is a good way to channel this energy. Hopefully…

    Mars is going to trigger the 0º Cancer eclipse on these dates:
    – 29th June 2020 (Mars at 0º Aries – squaring the eclipse)
    – 24tf of APRIL 2021 – 0º CANCER (the T. Moon enters 0º Libra at the same date – Moon squares the eclipse point).
    – 16th September 2021 – Mars at 0º Libra.
    – 25th of January 2022 – Mars at 0º Capricorn.

    (Sometimes I also follow the Moon – as a trigger. Below are some dates.)
    – Transiting Moon at 0º Capricorn (opposing the eclipse) – 4th of July 2020
    – T. Moon at 0º Cancer (conj. the eclipse) – 18 or 19th of July
    – T. Moon at 0º Capricorn (opp. the eclipse) – 31st of July
    – T. Moon at 0º Cancer (conj. the eclipse) – 15th of August

    Mercury dates:
    – T. Mercury at 0º Libra (squares the 0º Cancer eclipse) – 6th of September 2020
    – T. Mercury at 0º Capricorn (opp. 0º Cancer eclipse) – 21st of December 2020 // Sun at 0º Capr. at 22nd of december as well

    – Also – 24th of June 2021 – Full Moon at 3º Capricorn – opposing the eclipse point. The sun is going to be trinning a retograde Jupiter at 2º Pisces (I would expect some sort of religious fanatical attack – sorry to say).

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