Tucker Carlson – faced the tiger, got bored

The interview of the century between right-wing commentator Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin turned out to be a very long damp squib as the Russian leader excavated Russian history back to the 8th Century to legitimize his invasion of Ukraine. Even Carlson wilted as his noble attempt as he saw it to better inform clueless English-speaking audiences who had been misled by their corrupt media outlets, fell in its face.

  ‘It marked a new level of infamy for Carlson, who has frequently criticized US support for Ukraine, has referred to Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the president of Ukraine, as a “Ukrainian pimp” and “rat-like”.

  The interview was aired on Tucker Carlson Tonight, a streaming service which Carlson launched in December 2023 after he was  fired by Fox News for getting “too big for his boots”, a book later claimed. Hillary Clinton said Carlson was a “useful idiot” for Putin.

  Born 16 May 1969 10.07 am San Francisco, Carlson is a New Moon in Taurus opposition a creative, evasive Neptune and trine a super-confident Jupiter Pluto in Virgo in his journalistic 3rd house which makes him a communicator on steroids. His Pluto is also in an ultra-determined, ruthless square to Mars in outspoken Sagittarius in his performing 5th house – not a shrinking violet.

 He is having an uncomfortable, jarring year with tr Uranus conjunct his Sun and opposition Neptune from mid June onwards into 2025 at which point tr Uranus picks up the conjunction to his Moon. He also has a confidence-sapping tr Neptune opposition his Jupiter exactly now till early March. Plus a disruptive tr Pluto trine his Uranus now and on and off till late 2024; and a discouraging tr Pluto square his 10th house Saturn in 2024/25. Not his best of times.

  Moscow may be a possibility for him since relocating his chart there puts his pushily-confident Jupiter Pluto on the Midheaven with his evasive Neptune in his 1st and his New Moon in his 7th making him yearn for support and a strong partner.

  If Putin’s October 1952 birth date is accurate then Carlson’s Taurus New Moon will warm to Putin’s Jupiter in Taurus. Carlson shares Mars in Sagittarius with Putin so there may be a resonance of a dominating childhood father drawing him to the Russian strongman.  But the relationship chart also has a uncommitted and slippery composite Sun Mercury square Neptune and a stressed Mars.  

  Carlson’s astrocartography is the only interesting aspect of this non event.

11 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson – faced the tiger, got bored

  1. We non-MAGA Americans would love to see Carlson go to Russia – and stay there.
    However, given the mockery Putin subjected him to (such as reminding him of his failure to join the CIA), he might be having second thoughts about how well he’d be treated once he has outworn his role as a useful idiot. In Russia Tucker won’t be able to rant and say anything he wants – unless of course it parrots Putin’s talking points.

  2. It’s easy to see political advantage to Putin to take a couple of hours for this. Since all his talking points go back years, he didn’t need any preparation.
    It’s hard to see what Carlson hopes to get from this. I don’t follow him, but isn’t the point of his interview style that he lets guests talk on and on? It would only be impressive journalism if he brought challenging questions, gave an initial review of the documents, and then did a thorough follow up analysis point by point.
    I’ve not seen any evidence that he’s denounced the U.S. system, rather than individuals and policies, or that he’s expressed any interest in moving to Russia. Is there evidence like this I’ve missed? Or just some astro-musing guesses about his intentions?

  3. The obvious conclusion is that Carlson did this in an attempt to re-boot his flagging ‘career’ and bank balance; perhaps egged on by the likes of Trump. The alternative thought is that the CIA were able to exert pressure on Carlson and wanted some up-close contact and film for analysis of Putin!

  4. If only the bar was this high for Western politicians. I have no love for Putin but this interview was a delight to listen to, the sheer intelligence and considered responses of a leader. Makes our politicians look like game show hosts. I’d never be able to sit through a 2 hour interview of Rishi or Biden (if they ever would give such a long discourse). I was impressed

  5. A sleezy piece of street theatre for both creatures. Alas so much air time is bad for the air – and the planet in total. I wonder what curren news was on the day he was born – seems interesting to me. May he be unable to leave Moscow for whatever reason

    • Linda, yes he was granted Russian citizenship in 2016 by Putin himself. He moved to Russia in 2015. I believe Seagal has Russian ancestry.

  6. I simply don’t understand why he did this. It was always going to be a disastrous facepalm and he has now made himself look like Poot’s poodle and even more of a laughing stock.

  7. American born and bred here, I am 60 yrs. old and I vehemently hate (PH)ucker Carlson.
    I hate Putin just as much. I hate Carlson because he uses his platform to spread hate and disinformation.
    I wish they would have kept Carlson for good in Russia, so sad that they tossed his stinky rotten
    satanic flesh back to the U.S.
    Carlson has done zero good with his journalistic career. He is a vapid, pasty faced coward who chooses
    the most disgusting so called guests and topics to peddle his own brand of hatred. Satan is proud of him.
    The devil controls his servants, Putin and Carlson. May they all burn in hell together for eternity.

  8. Thank you Marjorie. A damp squib indeed. I wonder what on earth Carlson hoped to gain with the interview, other than giving this tyrant free rein. Russian citizenship perhaps, a free dacha so that Tucker can join his fellow defector Russophile, Steven Segal.

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