Trumps in the White House – an entertaining sitcom

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The Kardashians in the White House are, in a blackly comic way, providing some light relief from the horrors of the world.

Wife X3 Melania is not going to Washington purportedly to not disturb 10 year-old Barron’s NY schooling, which I don’t buy for a moment as an excuse.  And Ivanka seems to be lining up as stand-in First Lady. Melania is a Sun Taurus and daughter Ivanka is a Sun Scorpio – both of which square Trump’s Pluto. I imagine they do precisely as they are told. Especially Melania who evidently did not see much of the Donald prior to the campaign anyway, tucking herself out of sight in Florida, and any time she was present at his interviews in days gone by, sat demurely and uttered not a word.

Melania’s Pluto squares onto Trump’s Sun opposition Moon so I’d imagine he feels she’s a drag on him; while Ivanka’s upbeat Jupiter Pluto in Libra is trine/sextile his Full Moon and square his Saturn Venus in Cancer, so she’ll be a cheerleader for him.

The Melania/Trump relationship chart always was going to be deadlocked through 2016/17 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars; and is a totally controlled relationship anyway with composite Sun square Pluto.

There are no birth times sadly for Ivanka or Melania. But Ivanka, while stressed at times, also has tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter Pluto from April 2017 till early 2018 which looks upbeat.

Melania will have some ups and moments of great insecurity as well.

Barron Trump, 20 March 2006 5.30am New York, does have Pluto conjunct his MC in the 10th which does suggest a controlling, smothering mother; and a hidden 12th house Venus, and Moon trine Saturn so his childhood will not exactly be awash with affection. He’s certainly wary of his father, though also fond of him. His relationship with his mother is strained and erratic.

Ivanka and Melania have a sticky interface with M’s Mars in Gemini opposition I’s Sagittarius Moon; and M’s Saturn in Taurus opposition I’s Scorpio Sun. Their relationship chart has an aggravated composite Mars Saturn square Jupiter Uranus – so very up and down; with a cool Saturn opposition composite Sun; and a needs-space Sun square Uranus; and an evasive/disappointing Venus square Neptune. It does look a touch rattled at the moment into January; with worsening aggro in 2018/19.

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  1. Grace is probably spot on and she’s right that Melania is protecting her son. She is correct to be doing it, and
    Barron doesn’t need any public shaming or scrutiny. Trump has been speaking out about the vaccines for about
    8 years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if changing the way we do vaccines (too many, some unnecessary, and covering reports)
    is going to be a mission of Trump’s. Melania should not be criticized for protecting her son.

  2. Losing interest in the site, sadly. Marjorie I truly believe you are a gifted astrologer. But this nonstop harping on Trump is demeaning your reputation. Please stop.

    • Sally
      The page is about current affairs and anything trending that she raising questions and comments. And believe it or not Donald Trump is a very current affair. Why not also blame the people who are asking the questions.

      You are not compelled to read it. Take it or leave it and the rest of us who are interested in what she has to say from an astrological perspective.

      one love

    • Sorry …. should read …………. current affairs and anything trending that is raising questions and comments ……….

      one love

    • Sally–Marjorie does not demean her reputation by having an erudite astrological opinion. To have the nerve to tell her to stop practicing her profession is just astounding. Please stop commenting here, if that is all you have to offer.

  3. Marjorie, through your posts about the Trumps, I have learned more facts about them than I ever did during the election year. I never heard that Melania lived in Florida, away from Trump; I never heard Ivanka was Jewish, about Kushner’s father, etc. These are not trivial facts.

    I’m sure this was all out there somewhere, but not “out there” for the average, busy, voting American to read about in the local paper. Meanwhile, I knew what Clinton liked on TV, thanks to her emails that the Republicans insisted be released. That and many more items were given extensive coverage.

    (I never understood why the Republicans said foreign governments could have hacked her servers and got sensitive information, and then the Republicans released hundreds of thousands of her emails to be read by anybody in the whole world. They committed the biggest hack, and then exposed the material to seven billion eyes.)

    A friend pf mine whose job takes him all over the world told me years ago that we didn’t get the whole truth from our media. Who would think an astrological site would finally open my eyes to this!

    • I started my working life as a journalist – for about 20 years – and the day always began by speed-reading through a huge pile of daily newspapers. Old habits die hard and I still read most dailies/weekly news magazines online – leftwing, rightwing, middling, but not the absolute trash (mainly fiction). Plus internet archives are invaluable – what did we ever do for research before it got invented? Old Vanity Fairs, Washington Post, NY Times etc fill in a good many gaps. Not to say they don’t make mistakes since all journalists read other journalists and repeat errors. But if you read widely enough you get the salient facts.
      I had a friend years ago who was a UN Health Policy Director, travelled widely in the developing world, and she said she’d come back and read even the decent papers and wondered if they’d been to the same countries. So you do have to watch. Plus all governments are into smear and disinformation campaigns now which can skew the media agenda badly. But the UK press oddly enough are bolshie enough to usually hammer back at some point, and Der Spiegel etc are decent sources. ”News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; everything else is advertising.” (Northclifffe)
      I just find it scary how badly people are informed about their voting choices and what mud sticks and doesn’t. That Trump slid through with a cv that would have sunk a candidate without trace a decade ago is just beyond my understanding.

      • Trump’s CV would sink any candidate, with the exception of someone running for President of the Hellfire Club.

        Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. With your extensive and valuable experience as a journalist, you must have a sixth sense about “spin”. I’m going to bookmark Der Spiegel.

        Going to be strange days ahead, so I will always come here to see what you have to say!

  4. P.S. In the context of the previous comment, it’s also interesting to consider that Melania has chosen the bullying of children on social media to be an issue she addresses as First (or Second, lol) Lady.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    Do you think part of Melania’s reluctance to move to DC in January could actually be out of genuine concern for Barron’s welfare?

    There has been a lot of speculation as to whether Barron is autistic. This video strongly suggests it’s possible.

    Also, Trump has said he’s “seen” “beautiful” children become autistic after being “pumped” with massive doses of vaccines in a short period of time.

    Perhaps Melania believes the transition for Barron — who at a minimum does not appear to be an outgoing child — would be smoother in the fall because the Inauguration frenzy may have died down some, and he’d start the school year in sync with his class?

    Any astrological significators for autism?

    Thank you.

  6. No matter how precious little one thinks of Donald Trump and his politics it is hard not to feel for Barron.2017 would appear to be a devastating year for him what with T saturn going over and back and over his MC and natal P.And only 10 years old.

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