Iran versus Israel, Russia and USA

The what-comes-next question looms large over the Syrian conflict and not just in Syria. Iran is now claiming to be the dominant power in the Middle East and Russia may well find despite its ‘triumph’ in Syria, that it is rapidly pushed to one side. One real possibility is that Hezbollah whose fighters have been under the wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria continue to set up bases in Golan and southern Syria. Intelligence commentators says that if Assad manages to stay in power, he will likely have to surrender con­trol of the Golan to Iran and Hezbol­lah. “Indeed… Hezbollah and Iran plan to connect the Golan Heights to the terror group’s South Lebanon stronghold — to make it one contig­uous front against Israel.”

The relationship charts between Israel and Iran 7 October 1906 and 1 Feb 1979 – and between the Iran charts and Russia/ USA – would point to 2018/19 being the flash point where tensions escalate.

There’ll be rumblings and posturing through 2017, but 2018 is when there’s a major turnaround in relations. The same goes for the Hezbollah/Israel relationship chart.

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  1. Israel already illegally colonises the Golan and has “licenced” a company, which features R Murdoch and one of the Rotschilds among its shareholders, to drill for the abundant gas and oil which is evidently there. The Sunni war against Shia Islam is another complicating and worrying front in the region. So the usual suspect factors are also in the mix, lies, oil/gas, religious tyranny, regional hegemony, military-industrial complex, and 1% ers who don’t really seem to give a damn for the well being of the many innocent people who live there. Pretty grim stuff.

  2. 3AM tweet: Israel owns Jerusalem and that big red sea with the path through it. Everybody knows that they should let the Muslims build a few mosques in Jerusalem and close that gap in the sea so the illegals can’t get in. Sad.

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