Trump’s harem – showing varous degrees of strain


Trump’s female acolytes – Melania, Ivanka and Hope Hicks – are in a year of fluctuating fortunes and events. Melania’s five degree Taurus Sun and Ivanka’s seven degree Scorpio Sun will both be elbowed into sudden changes by tr Uranus hard aspects in April and May respectively, with Ivanka having a rerun from mid November into December this year and early 2021.

Hope Hicks, a late Libra, has a downbeat tr Saturn square her Sun on and off all year, with a series of jolts from tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Pluto midpoint in April; and as that influence finishes in late April she picks up an emotionally disappointing and unhappy tr Neptune opposition her Venus in Virgo, running till late August and repeating on and off into and through 2021.

Melania has a very Fixed chart with Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio plus a controlling Pluto so she doesn’t find change easy but with tr Uranus battering away at her Sun, then Sun/Saturn midpoint in May/June this year and again into early 2020 by which time it is conjunct her Saturn through into 2022, there’ll be no way of avoiding major disruptions and upheavals.

Her relationship with Trump will have a sense of panic, uncertainty and loss this month with tr Neptune square the composite Saturn alongside nervous strain into March, with some Saturnine downers through the year; and a disaster-prone tr Uranus square the composite Mars/Pluto in June, October and early 2021.

Her relationship with Ivanka, never easy at the best of times. will be at super-stress level from late this month to July with tr Pluto opposing their composite Mars/Saturn midpoint, tr Saturn square the Sun/Mars midpoint, tr Uranus square the composite Sun and two undermining Neptune transits to composite midpoints. The ‘car-crash’ Pluto on Mars/Saturn repeats on and off till late 2021. Expect to see the ripples of a few outbursts between them as tr Uranus squares the composite Mercury and then the Sun in March and April.

Ivanka’s relationship with her father is already a major mystery being overloaded with anger issues which never appear to chip her elegant smile, and that twosome will continue to rattle along uneasily from March onwards. She’s also not on the same page as Hope Hicks with an obvious gulf from late March as tr Neptune starts to square the composite Mars. Ivanka does have tr Pluto square the Jupiter Pluto in Libra on her birth chart from later this month on and off till late 2021 which will tend to make her wildly over-confident. It can be lucky and successful but it can also backfire when the individual thinks rules don’t apply to them and runs them into resistance from authority figures.

Hope’s relationship chart with Trump is sagging badly from late this month through March and again October this year to January 2021 with tr Neptune opposition the composite Sun/Saturn; with a blow-up disaster in March and heavy stress in August to late November 2020.

Not for all the money in the universe would any sane person want to be in that goldfish bowl.

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  1. “Her (Melania’s) relationship with Trump will have a sense of panic, uncertainty and loss this month with tr Neptune square the composite Saturn alongside nervous strain into March,”

    I think that this has to do with Hope Hicks’ return to the White House and Hope’s attempt to resume her relationship with Trump but as you point out in your analysis of Hicks she won’t be able to rekindle her fling with Trump because like the typical Gemini he is Trump’s lost interest in the White House trampoline aka Hope Hicks.

    There’s a picture from several years ago of Trump and Hope obviously flirting outside the White House but I can’t upload it here.

    • This would require Melania actually “caring” for DJT and/or being The First Lady. She obviously doesn’t, and is only staying because of what ever monetary return she has negociated. I think DJT being inflatuated enough with someone else to leave her would be a relief. Other ex Mrs Trumps do not seem to be having half bad lives, and it’s rumored Melania is in a longterm relationship with Head of Security for Tiffany (as in jewelry store, not DJT’s daughter with Marla Maples).

      Also, all WH commentators seem to agree Hope Hicks isn’t DJT’s “squeeze” (Michael Wolff suggested Nicki Haley was), but that their relationship is more like the one between Trump and Ivanka. Let’s call it a “widely inappropriate father-daughter relationship”. I tend to agree with this assessment. It’s also worth to notice that HH was recruited to Trump Campaign by Ivanka from a PR firm where she was working with her handbag line. Ivanka definitely knew what she was doing introducing HH to his father. She was there to keep an eye on “daddy” when she couldn’t be there.

      So, I think the main conflict will be between Melania and Ivanka, with Hope Hicks in “Team Jarvanka” (she is nominally working for Jared). Their goal is to ensure DJT stays at WH as long as possible. And yes, they need President Trump, because President Pence might not save them from their legal troubles.

    • This would require Melania actually “caring” for DJT and/or being The First Lady.

      Melania cares about the financial security that being married to Trump affords her and at first she thinks that Hicks is going to become the fourth Mrs Trump, but I think that the panic doesn’t last long because Melanie realizes that Trump isn’t interested in Hicks any more.

      Trump is only interested in being re-elected so he can stay out of jail.

      I don’t understand why Melania would be in conflict with Ivanka. Melania knew about the ‘special’ relationship that Ivanka has with her father before Melania married Trump.

      Yes, we saw how Ivanka stepped in as First Lady before Melania belatedly moved to Washington after Barron completed his school year so I don’t think Melania cares what Ivanka does as long as Trump continues to deposit those checks into her account.


  2. I note that Trump issued many pardons yesterday of high profile individuals (maybe with upcoming Election in mind!),
    thought the most interesting was Michael Milken of junk bond fame born 4 July 1946 at 7.31a.m., in Encino, Los Angeles, CA.
    Have you any thoughts re him and timing Marjorie? Thank you if you do.

      • Rod Blagojevich was indicted by Illinois House and removed in an unanimous vote by Illinois State Senate for quid pro quo, among other things for trying to sell Senatoral Seat left open by Obama when he was elected President. Between his removal and sentence in the court case he had time to appear in “Celebrity Apprentice”, where he was beaten, among other people, by rocker Bret Michaels.

        DOB is Dec 10th, 1956, so there’s the obvious Sun/Moon connection to DJT in synastry. I also see why Trump may have seen it “convenient” to commute his sentence. Still, it may not have been the wisest move Trump has made politically, since Blagojevich was a Democrat, and was habitually used as an example of their corruption by Republicans, especially Teaparty.

  3. Regarding Hope Hicks, I didn’t remember she is such a late degree Libra Sun and will be hit with a transiting Saturn square first and Pluto square to her Sun after. She was going through her Saturn Return during Trump’s 2016 Campaign and also had a transiting Saturn square Venus first and Mars then while there (possibly related to her horrible choice of “boyfriends”, reported even by usually tame Woodward). But while transiting Saturn square Mars can drain energy, Saturn square Sun drains vitality.

    She will, undoubtably, find her coming stint at WH more difficult than the past one, and I think it has to do with what’s expected from her on her role as Trump’s “campaign daughter”. There are several accounts on how Hope Hicks was “soothing” Trump during his campaign and early presidency. I’m certain she was brought back to do that again. Problem is, this kind of “soothing” may not be enough anymore.

  4. Melania’s Sun in Taurus aligns with a fixed star, Caph, in the constellation Cassiopeia. Considering the blinging decor at Trump Towers, I think its quite apt. Uranus transit to the Sun is likely to upset the golden apple-cart.

    This is what Manilius said about Cassiopeia:

    “From Cassiope come the enhancement of beauty and devices for adorning the body: from gold has been sought the means to give grace to the appearance; precious stones have been spread over head, neck, and hands and golden chains have shone on snow-white feet. What products would a grand lady like Cassiope prefer her sons to handle rather than those she could turn to her own employments? And that material for such employment should not be lacking, she bids men look for gold beneath the ground, uproot all which nature stealthily conceals, and turn earth upside down in search of gain; she bids them detect the treasure in lumps of ore and finally, for all its reluctance, expose it to a sky it has never seen. The son of Cassiope will also count greedily the yellow sands, and drench a dripping beach with a new flood; he will make small weights to measure the tiny grains, or else will collect the wealth of gold-foaming Pactolus [Pactolus]; or he will smelt lumps of silver, separating the hidden metal and causing the mineral to flow forth in a running stream; otherwise he will become a trader of the metals produced by these two craftsmen, ever ready to change coinage of the one metal into wares of the other. Such are the inclinations which Cassiope will fashion in those born under her” [Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, p.343.]

  5. Thank you for this! As I mentioned in Questions & Comments part, Melania was looking uncharacteristically disturbed at the Daytona 500 Event on Sunday. She truly was holding back tears in one clip in particularAccording to reports, she would not take Air Force 1 with DJT, neither appear at Steven Miller’s Wedding where Trump made passive aggressive comments on getting married on Presidents Day Weekend.

    It’s absolutely clear Melania’s relationship with DJT has been a business transaction to begin with, but that what ever complicity people might feel in these situations has also vanished long ago. I think there are even astrological indications of an imminent divorce. Melania’s Uranus passage is a tell, and so is that not entirely Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn trining Taurus Venus. Moreover, on DJT’s incredibly busy Solar Return 2019/2020, there’s a very prominent Mercury/Node/Mars in the 4th house to 10th house Saturn basicly on all East Coast locations (I set this to Washington DC, but it works with New York Palm Beach, where he changed his residence to, too). 4th /10th house tension hasn’t been particularly visible to the public, but this is definitely something that would be felt in his private sphere. I expect there has been more arguments (possibly narcissistic rage worsened by dementia) going on behind closed doors we realize. And, DJT’s 2020/2021 Solar Return is mostly about 12th house and 7th house, with a 12th house Sun inconjunct Pluto/Jupiter on Descendant and squaring Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune (this is also highest point of this chart).

  6. Thanks Marjorie. I sometimes feel as if all of this is a movie, rather than real life. I noticed that the eclipse of 14th December will be conjunct Ivanka’s Venus and Neptune in Sagittarius. It also activates Donald Trump’s Sun/Moon/nodes natal eclipse planets, and squares the US Neptune at 22 Virgo, opposing US Mars at 21 Gemini. Perhaps the eclipse will only have “personal” effects for DT and Ivanka, but the connections to the US chart are intriguing. Not least the Neptune factors – scandal, oil and gas, drugs and medicine…..or glamour. In the old meaning of the word, glamour meant a bewitchment, a temporary illusion of some kind.

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