Dominic Cummings – ends justify means


Dominic Cummings has become the transatlantic equivalent of Steve Bannon – the scary and unelected puppet-master who stands behind the political throne. There are various mysteries about him and his speedy elevation to the centre of power, not the least of which is his disjointed and fractious relationship with Boris, who appears to give him free rein.

Cummings’ Saturn in Gemini is conjunct Boris’s focal point Mars with DC’s Sun Neptune opposition Boris’s Mars; and square his Uranus with Cummings Pluto trine Boris’s Mars. Cummings’ Mars in Pisces is conjunct Boris’s Saturn and opposition his Uranus Pluto – and that is some heap of aggravation and potential for resentment.

The relationship chart does little to clear up the puzzle – there is admittedly a controlling composite Sun Pluto; but there’s also a highly stressed and over-heated Yod of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars Saturn. It looks an exceptionally masochistic connection.

Tr Neptune is wending its way in opposition to the composite Sun (2019) and this year opposition the Sun/Pluto midpoint and then Pluto in 2021 – which would normally put the skids under a co-operative partnership. But then tr Pluto was bearing down heavily on the focal point Mars Saturn in 2018/19 and that didn’t blow them apart.

Cummings’ Mutable T Square of Sun Neptune opposition Saturn square Mars (Moon) has moved by Solar Arc to last decan Cardinal signs and is picking up the pressured tr Pluto hard aspects through this year but that was also true last year – so again plus ca change.

Cummings will have some setbacks and some successes this year with a mega-nervy few weeks in June and again in October and early 2021. But it’s 2021 when he faces his greatest jeopardy as tr Neptune starts to oppose his catastrophe-prone Mars/Pluto midpoint from March onwards.

Cummings does have a North Node in Aquarius tied into an Air Grand Trine of Saturn to Pluto. An Aquarius Node can be wedded to a cause; Saturn Pluto is unyielding, and a surfeit of Air can lead to a rigid ideology. If Uranus is his vocational indicator, since it rises before his Sun, then he will have a tendency to tear down established structures. Though with no Earth in his chart and an afflicted Saturn he’s unlikely to build a solid replacement.

Similarities have been drawn between Cummings and Thomas Cromwell and Cardinal Wolsey, political advisers to the king of historic note, neither of whom have definite birthday dates – but all three do have Jupiter in Sagittarius. As does Robespierre of the French Revolution. One of Cummings’ University tutors said of Cummings that he was “something like a Robespierre – someone determined to bring down things that don’t work”. That wouldn’t come from Jupiter in Sagittarius though it does give a self-righteous certainty about beliefs.

Evidently Machiavelli is one of his heroes who encouraged politicians to engage in evil when it would be necessary for political expediency. Machiavelli doesn’t have Jupiter in Sagittarius but he does have a Mutable T Square of Pluto opposition Mars in Pisces square Mercury and a Saturn opposition Neptune. So there are echoes of similarity. Though there’s more ruthlessness in Machiavelli.

One slight thought I have is Cummings’ Saturn Neptune – it’s usually thought of with a variety of meanings – hope for a better society, supporter of the underdog, as well as creative, neurotic and paranoid.

It is the central plank also of one of his other heroes, management guru, Andrew Grove, 2 September 1936, author of amongst other books ‘Only the Paranoid survive’. He had Sun Neptune opposition Saturn square Jupiter in Sagittarius – so a close parallel to Cummings. Saturn Neptune also appears in Peter Mandelson’s chart and Putin’s (birthdate being accurate). There is a deviousness about it.

Cummings’ harmonics are interesting. His get-it-together 5th which can be dominating and try to impose the individual world-plan on others, pulls together Jupiter and Pluto into a pushily-confident conjunction; though it also recurs in his self-defeating, highs-and-lows 10H. Push too hard and it backfires.

One person he doesn’t get on well with is Carrie Symmonds, Boris’s present squeeze, whose six earth planets – four in Capricorn, two in Taurus – will be perplexed by all the hot air and dogmatism. That relationship chart is sliding downhill this year with tr Neptune conjunct the composite Saturn and tr Saturn square the Sun Mercury.

Cummings’ relationship with the UK is also sagging more than somewhat with tr Neptune square the control-freak composite Sun, Pluto, Mercury in 2020/21.

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11 thoughts on “Dominic Cummings – ends justify means

  1. I think Cummings’ chart looks like one of a crusader. So much Sagittarius, Mars square Jupiter in the signs ruled by Jupiter further reinforcing that crusader feel. Religion can be important to people with strongly Sagittarius charts but not here. However, DC appears pursing his beliefs with a rather religious fervour. I think he may have Moon in Aquarius – he sees himself as a maverick, an outsider with a rather detached, peculiar, fixed ideology. What is extremely worrying for the UK is that he has NO earth in his chart, yet this is the person who is in charge of the economic future for the UK, especially as No11 has been swallowed up by No10 in recent days. What will happen if Cummings’ ideological, astrologically earth-less, crusade goes awry when confronted with reality?

  2. Hey, hope everyone is doing well. The weather is a bit loopy at the moment. Please excuse me for gatecrashing the comments section here now but, Marjorie, could you please take a look at the astrology of the now-sadly deceased TV presenter, Caroline Flack? I seem to recall you analysing her chart in December of last year, but it would be illuminating to see what astrological influences, in part, may have prompted her to tragically take her own life.

    Best wishes,

  3. Thanks Marjorie, very interesting especially about the Saturn/Neptune.

    Jupiter looks very strong in his chart, not just for being in domicile, but the way it’s positioned there between those two conjunctions it rules. The Venus/Mercury is a very powerful conjunction, being also parallel at an extreme declination. It makes the condition of the Sun interesting; ruled by Jupiter, deliquesced by the tight Neptune conjunction and lacking influence over the Mercury/Venus, doing their own thing beyond the ecliptic. The Sun seems to have less power, but perhaps his identity, political or otherwise, is divorced from all this and something stronger is driving him. The Sun is also a regulating factor, so his ideas can run a bit wild.

  4. Thank you, Marjorie. One of the so-called ‘weirdos’ that Cummings has hired is 27-year-old Andrew Sabisky, a man who advocates enforced contraception on girls who have reached puberty, has disturbing views on eugenics, has proposed the enforced drugging of children to boost their IQ and a host of other somewhat out-there views. A shame we don’t have Sabisky’s date of birth.

    • There is weird and there is weirder. Methinks he won’t last the week. Sabisky I mean. Someone didn’t do their due diligence before hiring him. And that is charitably assuming they didn’t know.

      • I hope you are right. Sabisky appears to possess a bottomless pit of swivel-eyed notions. I’m becoming increasingly concerned that there are no actual grown-ups in this administration.

        • Richard Dawkins also spoke in favor eugenics, *because dogs, cows and roses* this weekend, so these may not be as “out there” ideas as they seem. Sweden famously had a Compulsorary Sterilisation Program that only ended in 1976. These kind of ideas were mainstream for much longer period than people maybe realize.

    • Andrew Sabisky is involved with a group called The Young Tractarians. It’s a High Anglican group, verging on (or maybe is) Anglo Catholic. He seems very serious about it. I suppose this might be seen as subversive in some way. Who knows how DC’s mind works? Is this a manifestation of all that Jupiter and Neptune?

      • Oh goodness, Jane you couldn’t make it up. Throw a pinch of weird Anglo-Catholic sect into the mix and you have Crazy pudding! Jupiter/Neptune can be away with the fairies if there’s nothing to ground it.

        • Yes indeed, a boundaryless fog…..Steve Bannon could be compared with Dominic Cummings in some ways. He’s 27th November 1953, but has a more intense chart I think. However, he does have Jupiter in Gemini trine Neptune in Libra, sextiling onto Pluto in Leo. Robespierre (6 May 1758) had Jupiter in Sagittarius conjunct Pluto, trine Mars and Neptune in Leo. His Jupiter/Pluto also squared Uranus in Pisces. And Rasputin (9 January 1869), if that date is right, had Jupiter conjunct Neptune, square Uranus. All these charismatic and somewhat fanatical individuals rise like hot air balloons, and then at some point the balloon bursts. They play their part in the unfolding drama of change, but don’t know when to step back. Or perhaps they’re not supposed to step back? I don’t know!

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