Trump well and truly eclipsed

A passing pat on the back for the Eclipses which were spot on when it came to Trump and the USA. Especially since today is the next New Moon which can sometimes be a trigger for more of the same. Today’s Capricorn New Moon falls exactly on Trump’s Saturn in Cancer, leaning heavily on his emotional wounds – as the Republican Party finally comes to its senses and stops enabling him. Ditto business, banks and the Golfing Open decision-makers.

  But it was the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the December 14th which had an effect far and away more critical than even I expected. Falling on the day of the Electoral College vote, the Eclipsed New Moon was conjunct Trump’s Moon and opposition his Sun.  It was also opposition the USA Mars in Gemini, stoking up an inflammatory mood with arguments flaring – which may take a few months to defuse  

  Where Trump is concerned, an Eclipse conjunct his Moon was always guaranteed to test the foundations on which his life had been built with his public image coming under scrutiny. If he is not standing on solid ground and hanging on to old habit patterns it can all crumble to dust. An Eclipse opposition his Sun indicated a major turning point and crisis, which will force him to face that he is not always right. If he fights the need for change it will leave him kicking and screaming.   

  Trump’s chart: Tr Pluto from November 20th till December 26th opposed his Mars/Node for trapped and enraging setbacks, with the discouraging uphill-slog of tr Pluto opposing his Saturn at the same time. Then 26 December to 27 January he has more tantrum-inducing aggravations from tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint; his poisonous-rhetoric and lying Mercury/Pluto; and his wounded Venus/Saturn midpoint. He’ll be like a cornered cobra.  His Solar Arc Saturn will also within weeks be on the degree of the conjunction to his 2nd house Neptune, a harbinger of the financial meltdown to come later in 2021.

  Into 2021 he’s got swampy Neptune hard aspects to his Moon and Sun from late March onwards till late 2022. Followed in 2022/23 with two disastrous and trapped Solar Arcs his SA Pluto square his Saturn and Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto.

  He’s a busted flush.

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  1. Sad that there is so much hate washing about. Think that astrologers should be talking about creating a kinder world and not just voicing personal opinions however justified or unjustified they might be. Some are and they are edifying to read . Things are changing and it’s time we moved on from all this.

    • @Warren, this isn’t about “voicing personal opinions”. This is about knowing that when an issue isn’t dealt with properly, it will resurface when Saturn or Pluto hits. This is true in for personal consultations – from following work of some astrologers more concentrated on that side about 80 per cent of their work is brought in by one of these two bodies -, but especially true for Mundane astrology. There were Confederate Flags, dating from a Civil War fought over 150 years ago flown at The US Capital and Capitol a week ago. How do you think that happened?

    • ‘…….. talking about creating a kinder world and not just voicing personal opinions ……’

      I think to understand how to create a kinder world you need to understand the world we are currently living and of course on this site it is from an astrological perspective. How the energies of the planets can manifest and influence, and how we see that play out in current affairs, any hot political focus, celebrity personalities, basically whoever and whatever is in the collective arena past and present that generates astrological debate. And yes some personal opinions and questions from others not so well versed in astrology but find it all very interesting like myself.

      That’s what Marjorie’s blog and all the comments is about for me, putting all that into perspective with real life examples showing the energies at work in the chart of the individual and the collective. This is what makes this site much more interesting to me than many others. This site is neither formal or new age I am here to save you. Its a place for astrological conversation mixed with a sharing of opinion and that’s just fine with me.

      I am sure you can find a site that suits your needs too. Good luck and a happy new year. Keep safe and well.

      One love

  2. ‘……. “I unequivocally condemn the violence that we saw last week. Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country and no place in our movement.”

    In the video message, recorded in the Oval Office, he spoke directly to his loyal followers, saying … “No true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence. ……”‘ TMZ

    Soooo, suddenly after making history as being the only President to be impeached two times, and now finally feeling the pressure as doors close and backs are turning, Trump condemns the violence!! Will this save him??

    • @Jennifer E, I have been highly critical of some WH press, especially NYTs Maggie Haberman, for not offering context for Trump’s insanity. But they’ve definitely redeemed themselves in the past couple of days bringing up the whole story. This is another canned statement. In reality, Trump wanted to go and “defend” himself at Impeachment vote – something he was talked out of the first time around. I don’t think anyone will buy it – including “demonstrators” heading for Washington. It will likely be a smaller crowd, but Proud Boys, Bugaloo Bois and Oathkeepers have a mission beyond “Stop The Steel”, and will not hesitate to turn against Trump.

      • @Solaia … The big question of course is will the GOP senators find him guilty as a result of what’s presented in the trail. Either way the GOP will risk condemnation of voters on both sides. Right now it sounds like McConnell is trying to have it both ways. He’ll “listen closely to the evidence” but in the end will probably suggest convicting an ex-president is going to divide the country even more and the “healing and unity” must start. Your post on the 2022 midterms was really interesting. Is it possible to chart and interpret the trial based on the moment of impeachment or does have to based on the time the senate trial starts?

  3. I know that this isn’t exactly germane to what Marjorie wrote, but I think Trump is superb example of Regulus at work. As far I recall it is on his Mars and his Ascendant. Regulus can lift you to great heights, but if you do not act nobly, and act as a king should, you will be cast down and your empire will crash around you – as happened to Margaret Thatcher, whose moon was on Regulus.

    • Yes, Nicholas, I’ve been thinking the same thing about Regulus. Bernadette Brady (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.263) writes:

      ‘Robson links the star to violence and destructiveness, saying that the star may give honor but that is short lived. Ebertin links the star to royal properties and a noble mind, frankness and courage. Rigor agrees with Robson, saying that the star gives the ability to command and to be successful but that any greatness suffers an “eclipse”.’

      And the title of this post chimes perfectly with that! Brady also notes that “the higher this star takes a person, the more they must guard against revenge”…..the desire for revenge is the nemesis side of Regulus. Succumb to it, and lose everything.

  4. If trump had read the myth of Icarus in his youth,he might have saved himself the downfall he now endures,also had some of his family gone along with Mary they could’ve intervened, they could put a stop to the trump train well before it carried him,and other’s down to ruin,but I gather when money runs your life at some point you wish you hadn’t sold your soul for a fast buck,to bad so many people followed trump,since many maybe at federal prisons like Leavenworth in Kansas for the next 30years,or worse,and had they been more cautious before trump they might still have a future ,maybe this is what seasonal pluto in capricorn is meant to show us,since Pluto’s mentor in seasonal capricorn,as well as old style seasonal aquarius is saturn,and saturn sometimes has to give certain of us humans the grade we deserve however our lives go through these phases,and spatial points,hopefully biden can put our nation on better road foward,and maybe saturn guiding pluto through our earth,and air will realize that us Americans like other nations deserve more time to readjust to a better future,and maybe at some point hopefully alot that divides us humans can be let go,meaning wouldn’t it be nice if indepth knowledge systems like science,and astrology reunite to truly help us as humans,so we can truly see what our species can really do,sorta how star trek has done it for future humanity through science fiction,hope this helps you guys ponder a much better future whatever phase,or spatial point you all go through.

    • Uranus now turns direct (Jan 14 in Taurus) after being retrograde for the last 4 months. I understand from reading up on what that means … this often brings a turning point in situations involving spontaneity, freedom, breaking free of old patterns. For up to a week before and after it can feel chaotic or erratic—or perhaps just spontaneous and exciting. However, Uranus’ ultimate agenda is to clear the way true spirit to manifesteer itself.

    • @Delia, isn’t it amazing what being deplatformed completely from Twitter and suspended from other popular social media outlets, and not having traditional press amplifying messages there does? Suddenly there’s a real sense of “Trump Era” finishing. Not to say it’ll solve all issues, the downfall is horrific and we’ll have to deal with it for a long time. But now, so nice and quiet.

      • @Anita, my issue with this is that Uranus in Taurus is a little bit of a drag in itself. It does not necessarily bring disaster, but it stalls things. I’m seeing that in technology. For instance, if you read reports predictive reports from consulting firms from 2015, self driving cars were supposed to be on mass market by 2020. But we’re not even close. Instead, we’re discussing if it’s ok to kick a politician out of a social media platform.

        I think there are sides in having Uranus in Taurus, too. We’re stopping to think here. That said, I don’t expect “sweeping change” before Uranus hits Gemini. Maybe a freer expression in The US once it hits Ascendent. But real “fun and games” start with Gemini Uranus.

  5. The eclipses + nodal return + tr. Neptune squaring his Sun/Moon + tr. Uranus square Pluto + tr. Pluto square Saturn probably did him in. He’s going through a heavy series of transits. Not surprising to see that the bottom has fallen out from under this runaway train. It had to happen eventually.

  6. Happy New Year Marjorie! The impeachment vote threshold of 217 passed @ 16.22p.m., Washington DC time. It was announced officially by Speaker Pelosi of the House of Representatives @ 16.36p.m.

  7. At this point, I know DJT will go down. I also know there won’t be carrier vessels or very much anything Federal named after him in The US. So, right now, I’m more interested in who will he bring down with him in The US politics. I’d guess all of his family. But who on Republican side? Lindsay Graham got elected to a term running up until 2026, after which I’m certain he thinks he can retire. Mitch McDonnell isn’t likely to get a full term. But I think there are still questions on what will happen to Senator Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and dozens of congressmen and congresswomen after Trump will retire to golfing. Several serious Democratic operatives have even alluded to there having been coordination between Capitol rioters and GOP elected officials.

    The situation is, honestly, crazy, and I would not rule out weird developments here.

  8. Well yes … but according to the NY Times 2dats ago, there is a lot of nasty stuff through executive orders going on in these last days going on tariffs, trade, environment and some are not easily undone by incoming Biden and are clearly aimed at making it harder, at least for a time, for the next administration to pursue its goals. One of the big things includes taking the tech giants to court. The Federal Trade Commission filed an antitrust suit against Facebook in December, two months after the Justice Department sued Google. So, Biden’s appointees will have to decide how best to move forward with these cases.

  9. For giggles. I heard a woman state that every time she hears Jim Jordan speak she gets dry downstairs(she used more colorful language).
    I was in tears…..from laughter.

    • @Troy, a non-American gay friend who is somewhat interested in The US politics, but not as obsessed about it as I am messaged me when Jim Jordan was talking asking who the strange type sucking up to Trump was and I had an immense pleasure to tell him all about “Gym”.

      We also did a little virtual shout out for Cori Bush.

  10. It’s a fascinating bit of astrology watching his Pluto crumble his Saturn-Venus in Cancer – all particularly triggered by the new moon.

    At 70+ years of age, he’s not going to change – he’ll just spend the rest of his life telling anybody who’ll listening that it was a witch hunt, that they were jealous of his success and any other BS that keeps his ego in tact. That Saturn in Cancer makes him one of the biggest babies around, lacking the self-awareness to realise it.

    I’m left to wonder how much of the backlash is because he’s now a lame duck President who can do no genuine harm to anyone. And how much it’s a genuine waking up by the GOP and others about how they’ve been enabling him. Unfortunately I believe it’s more about the former than latter. Ethics and principles are sadly still low on the list in politicians and business.

    Give it another week and I presume Melania will be filing for divorce. Will be interesting to see whether she does it as soon as the Presidency is over or waits a while. Assuming of course that she does file!

    • Actually he could still do harm given what he did on Jan 6th. He still has all the presidential powers including the nuclear button and when President-Elect Joe Biden was putting on record that he was not getting cooperation from the Defence Department for the transition, he was putting it mildly. Additionally he is still egging on his followers to disavow the election results so they’ll storm state houses etc. Which is in fact happening.

      • Yes, of course he can do those big things.

        But I mean he can’t so easily ruin individual careers or reputations, or legislate against Big Tech or the banks as revenge for them doing ‘mean things’ to him.

        • Well yes, but there is still plenty of nasty stuff going on through executive orders etc, & not everything is easily undone. The Federal Trade Commission filed an antitrust suit against Facebook in December, two months after the Justice Department sued Google. Biden’s appointees will have to decide how best to move forward with these cases.
          See link from NY Times

          • @Anita, he could, but I very much doubt he will. I, like Mary J. Trump, am a niece to a Narcissistic Personality Disorder sufferer (“my” NPD is female, but a “classic” case), and have been subject to their rage in an inheritance case. I know how all consuming the idea of having been “wronged” is to NPDs. Right now, he would be too occupied with petty, personal vendettas to think big. Most of his anyhow competent staff is gone, too. So, his actions are on scale of refusing to pay Rudy Giuliani’s legal fees – I know he is said to have worked pro bono, but he has mounted travel expenses he at least would have hoped Trump’s campaign to pay.

            I wish people still terrified of him understood this. His is really not a smart person, and his enablers/enforcers who are – referred as “flying monkeys” – are now moving on.

          • @Solaia it interesting what Marjorie wrote “ If he is not standing on solid ground and hanging on to old habit patterns it can all crumble to dust” etc —“If he fights the need for change it will leave him kicking and screaming” CNN is reporting that he is blaming Giuliani for his 2nd impeachment and refusing to paid his legal bills. A large part of the NPD is the self destruction in order to save their ego. Witnessed it in my NPD ex in-law (a horrendous person) going down that same destructive road throwing everything & everyone under the bus when the entire family plus spouse finally cut ties. Sun & moon in Scorpio with Sagittarius rising, Saturn conjunct Mars in 7th, opposite ascendant & square Venus, Pluto square Sun & mercury, moon square Jupiter ….quite astonishing.

    • Given what has been noted in the coming years in the Donald’s chart, he seems to have a rough go coming up. Good for him. As for Melania, she and Donald J have a prenuptial agreement/marital contract where the terms almost certainly will control how she approaches the coming years, especially the next say six months time. She will want to be financially secure, but more importantly she will want to protect their son, Baron. Meaning protect him physically, emotionally and financially from his father’s folly. HER relationship could be put on hold with Donald by remaining married but crossing her legs to spite him, if she wants to do that! She doesn’t necessarily need to file for divorce quickly to make a point.
      Marjorie, have you ever done a three way comparison of charts? As in Donald/Melania/Baron. Or even Donald/Melania/Ivanka. That seems like it might be complicated to interpret, but it might also be illuminating. Just asking.

  11. Wonderful post. By the way, articles of impeachment are being presented in the U.S. House of Representatives as I’m writing this. So far, only a few Republican House members are in favor of impeachment – Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming’s at-large congressional district being one of them.

    I hope the impeachment succeeds in the Senate. I don’t want Trump to be allowed to run for public office EVER again.

    • Did I read that successful Impeachment means he won’t get a Presidential pension and all of the other trimmings that go with leaving office?

      • @GnarlyDude, this will require removal, too. Impeached but not removed or stepping down would mean he can keep a lot of this. What I really think is that someone should tell Trump that removal would mean he does not need to come up with a Presidential Library, and he would be all in.

  12. Hi Marjorie
    Thank you for all your teachings. Eclipses are things I have found hard to understand but following you especially around Trump has helped me. Please can I ask, if you’ve not done so before, have a look at Josh Hawley. Very young and very dangerous next big thing in the GOP? 31 December 1979, Springdale , Arkansas. Much appreciated!

    • Josh Hawley has actually his natal Moon sitting exactly on Trump’s Moon’s North Node (not far from his Sun as well) , while his natal Neptune sits on Trump’s South Node as well as his Moon. What a karmic bond!

    • @Anita F, Hawley will go down with this ship. He simply does not have enough “political capital” to survive this. He has already been dropped by his “sponsors”. Astrologically, I think he rose to prominence mostly because transitin Pluto trined Mars/Jupiter(conjunction around 10’degrees of the sign) and then Saturn (26′) in Virgo. But as Saturn enters Aquarius, he will face several inconjuncts in the next 2 years or so, and much less serendipitous period.

  13. Marjorie, thank you for this excellent piece and for shepherding your horrified and gobsmacked U.S. followers through the last four years. Some commentators are saying that he will try to pardon not only himself, his children, and Rudy Giuliani, but also all of the insurrectionists who stormed the capitol, including those who were responsible for injuries and deaths. When the timing of those pardons becomes apparent, it would be interesting to know what your take on them is, regarding whether they’ll stick. And of course, there is lingering curiosity about the ambitious Ivanka, who now insists she will attend the inauguration–an appalling idea on the face of it. Your apt phrase “his repellent children” was much appreciated and has made its way into our family language.

    • According to the Washington Post, No, Trump can’t pardon himself, or anyone else like other insurrectionists. The Constitution makes clear that the president has the power to grant pardons, “except in cases of impeachment”, Impeachment would strip him of that power.

    • I second that… huge thanks to Majorie for keeping us sane & I learned a tremendous amount from her posts. That said … Marjorie has warned us in her post of Jan 7th that we have a a ways to go as we experience the Pluto return.

      • @Jo, this is a separate vote in case he will be convicted and removed by Senate. But my understanding is that if removed, he will lose pension and other presidential perks.

    • Never say never and nothing is set in concrete but I’d reckon with what he has coming up astrologically it’s almost a racing certainty he’s done for in the public arena.

      • @Marjorie, right now, he can’t get PGA to play on his properties, and it seems Republican donors now view him as toxic too, which has led to McConnell growing very cold on him.

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