Trump – spinning off into shrinkland

Batshit crazy was one description of Trump after his latest series of unhinged ramblings. The Guardian remarked that his impromptu speech on the White House driveway had “swept away all previous Trumpian benchmarks for incoherence, self-aggrandizement, prevarication and rancor in a presidency that has seemed before to veer loosely along the rails of reason but may never have come quite so close to spectacularly jumping the tracks.”

His Messiah complex reached new heights with the ‘I am the Chosen One’ as he referred to himself as the King of Israel; he insulted the Danish PM, denied starting a trade war with China, praised Putin, blamed everyone in sight for anything that was going wrong and generally flew in the face of rational facts and reality. In a subsequent speech he was also slurring words badly even relatively simple ones.

The 25th Amendment hashtag went viral – Presidents unfit for office. Andrew Johnson, POTUS 1865 to 1869, was cited, whose impeachment related his “intemperate, inflammatory and scandalous harangues.” Though his chart, 29 December 1808, is not remotely similar to Trump’s with a pushily confident Jupiter Pluto in Pisces and a Capricorn Sun in an aggressive square to Mars.

Trump’s Solar Return for this year from June onwards does have Saturn Pluto in the 10th which does point to a complete career roadblock and damage to reputation, especially since it is in an infuriated and trapped opposition to a 4th house Mars and Mercury; plus a head-in-the-clouds Sun opposition Jupiter square a 12th house Neptune. So completely boxed in and retreating off into fantasyland would be one reasonable interpretation.

His Term chart is now swimming around in a sea of unpopularity and confusion with tr Neptune conjunct the Venus until late September, which can have financial implications as well in a mundane chart. From August 25th tr Pluto returns to square the Uranus which will make for more instability until mid November. And the Solar Arc Pluto will square the Uranus exactly in six months’ time. So it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that he topples off his perch.

His relationship chart with the USA is back at teeth-gritting stage from late January 2020, on and off till late year. But even before then from mid November there’ll be a fair few hiccups running into mid December; and again in February 2020.

The Republican Party who appear incapable of facing up to the problem they foisted on the country will be more exercised about their huge headache in 2020 from early on, their concerns mounting as campaigning goes on. They are pretty locked into him and a separation would not be easy, bar inescapable health issues.

Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, is looking more than somewhat agitated about him late December into January 2020; and at breaking point come May 2020 onwards.

The next six months will clearly be critical and could be the make or break phase.

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  1. Thank you Marjorie. A couple of years ago I saw some footage of the much younger Donald Trump on an American news show, on Youtube. The difference between then and now is startling. Yes of course our voices and delivery change a little with age, but as we can see from footage of endless politicians and actors, our younger selves usually remain visible and audible as time passes. Back then, he was sharp, responded to the interviewer, and although arrogant and unpleasant, seemed coherent and observant. It has been clear for quite a while that he is now suffering from some kind of serious mental condition. Probably dementia. Trump’s father apparently had dementia, and there may be a genetic link or predisposition.

  2. As always Marjorie, well done!

    My late father suffered from Alzheimers and Parkinsons for many years. (A long rough road) Trump’s behavior is very much like what we experienced with our dad before his diagnosis, lies, flip – flopping back and forth confabulations etc…


  3. Marjorie
    Given his global status and the importance of his office, is it reasonable to give an astrological perspective on Trumps mental health, and his general health too? I understand ethically you might not do so in more general circumstances , but he is a major and important public figure, whatever we think of him. Personally I suspect it’s fair comment, as well as significant for us devotees of astrology.

    • Astrology isn’t well-designed as a diagnostic tool especially for psychiatric conditions. Physical illness can – sometimes – be more clearly seen. I did once have a look across some Alzheimer charts to see if Neptune was around when it kicked in. Not sure there was anything too conclusive.

  4. He may have set the bar a wee bit too high for his fans this time. Gonna be hard to get around the fact that he can’t be King of another country and President of the United States at the same time.

    Can’t wait to see Trump ride an ass into Jerusalem while his MAGA fans wave palm fronds and sing Hosanna for the new King.

  5. Let’s not foret the statement that Jews who vote for the Dems …or anything left-minded…are demonstrating “great disloyalty.”

    Whence march out the Brown Shirts…? Followed by another Krystalnacht?

    Not pretty at all.

  6. I just saw a post where he claimed that surgeons in El Paso left their operating rooms to greet him when he was there. I had to laugh at that one. Although it’s all pretty horrible, given the power he has. Hopefully his staff is still trying to prevent him from getting his crazier impulses put into action. There has been talk lately of Republican challengers, aside from Bill Weld, who hasn’t gotten much traction, not surprisingly as he’s a moderate and liberal on social issues. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone else steps up.

  7. Having worked in a care home for patients with dementia in recent months, it is clear that DT is showing signs of the disease. That illness burnt out the minds of Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher. The GOP doesn’t recognize the major
    disaster on their hands.

    • The GOP has prior experience electing an Alzheimer/dementia president—Ronald Reagan—so they know full well what’s going on with Trump. You are so right in your conclusions, Mr. Jones, it will lead to a disaster. This time it’s not Reagan saying “I don’t recall” 179 times in an Iran Contra hearing, this time it’s an uncontrollable mega-maga-maniac on the loose.

  8. I have my Sun at 23 Cap 23 cap trines my pluto in Leo on the Asc. Transform or die, I guess. Certainly feeling the internal collapse. If I didn’t know better, I’d be seeing the doc.

  9. I have my natal MC at 23 Capricorn, so I hope this configuration doesn’t manifest as a blocked career, or a career-ender! I am, however, in the process of transitioning into a new career space, and have been for the last several months.

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