Martin Scorsese – walking New York’s mean streets again


Martin Scorsese’s mob epic, The Irishman, his most expensive movie so far, about the crossover between organized crime and American politics, is due out late September. It’s the 9th feature on which Scorsese and Robert De Niro have worked together – Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull Goodfellas, Cape Fear, Casino etc; and also stars Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. Financed by Netflix, it is caught up in the streaming wars, since cinema chains are insisting on a three-month theatrical run while Netflix want it over exclusively onto their channel sooner.

Scorsese, 17 November 1942 12.24 am New York, has a charming and private 4th house Sun Venus in Scorpio trine a 7th house Pisces Moon trine Jupiter in Cancer – a healing, creative Water Grand Trine. He’s also got a much darker Mars in Scorpio square Pluto where his fascination for crime and violence will come from. He has a well-organized and innovative Uranus Saturn in Gemini in his 10th trine a filmic Neptune.

Regarded as one of the most influential film makers of the 20th century he does have a strongly aspected leaving-a-legacy 17th Harmonic and a superstar 22H; as well as creative 5 and 7th harmonics.

Robert De Niro 17 August 1943 3 am New York, has his entertaining Leo Sun conjunct Scorsese’s Ascendant and both have Pisces Moons, with De Niro’s ambitious Mars in Taurus falling in Scorsese’s 10th opposition his Sun Venus – it’s a high-octane partnership.

De Niro looks energised over the premiere and at the moment with Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Jupiter; though also unsettled with a disruptive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Sun. Like Scorsese his chart shows early 2020 as more upbeat and successful so the movie may gain traction once it has streamed for a few weeks.

Al Pacino, 25 April 1940 11.02 am New York, a heavyweight Sun Saturn in Taurus with a Sagittarius Moon looks jangled and jolted before, during and after the premiere with tr Uranus conjunct his Sun and Saturn; and will be in much better fettle from late January 2020 onwards as tr Pluto is square his Jupiter.

Joe Pesci, 9 February 1943 11.45 am New Jersey, an Aquarius with an Aries Moon and a gung-ho Mars in Capricorn opposition Jupiter, was hauled out of semi-retirement after much pleading to do the movie. With a late Capricorn Midheaven about to collect tr Saturn and Jupiter, it doesn’t look like he’ll be bowing out again too soon.

4 thoughts on “Martin Scorsese – walking New York’s mean streets again

  1. 1st reviews from New York Film Festival this evening, is a fantastic experience!
    Di Niro, Pesci fine but muted but Pacino steals the show.

  2. I do note Harvey Keitel is in it also.
    Know enough to know he has some chart!
    Was born May 13 1939 in Brooklyn, NY.
    Thank you if you look into him Marjorie.

  3. What more is there to say? Scorsese/De Niro/Pesci is a much-revered trio of talents.

    Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Casino still remain classic films after all these years.

    I look forward to watching it.

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