Trump picks – top brass and more brass




More Trump nominations (or hot rumours thereof). Most controversial is Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier with commercial links to the fossil fuel industries for environmental secretary. He has fought against transgender rights and overtime pay for workers.

Born 9 May 1968, he’s a Sun Taurus opposition Neptune and trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo – so hugely ambitious, stubborn, innovative in some ways from Uranus Pluto. But since that is quincunx his self-reliant Saturn in Aries he’ll be pulled between innovative side and his harder, everyman-for-himself Saturn. He’s also got a high-finance Neptune square Jupiter.

His relationship with Trump is business-like and bleak with a composite Sun Saturn square Pluto. There’s a few disappointments in store for Pruitt and his relationship with Trump in the near future.

General John Kelly, 11 May 1950, is thought to be in line for Homeland Security. He’s the third top level military to be chosen, along with Flynn and Mattis; he has extensive experience in South America and lost a soldier son in Iraq.

He’s another Taurus, in his case square Pluto and trine Mars in Virgo, so definitely tough. His relationship with Trump would be feisty though friendly; with an element of risk-taking. He looks stressed ahead through this month and into 2017.

Linda McMahon, co-founder of WWE, and reputedly worth $1.6 billion with her ex-wrestler husband, is down for Small Business Admin. Born 4 Oct 1948, she’s a Sun Neptune in Libra sextile Pluto, with Pluto square a hyper-determined Mars in Scorpio. Her relationship with Trump isn’t exactly warm with a composite Sun Pluto Saturn Venus and an un-mutually supportive Mars Neptune; and a Sun Pluto square Jupiter – could be some ego-clashes or envy at work.

She’s bullish ahead through 2017/18 but also muddled and not winning everything she sets out to do.

The Secretary of State is the one everyone is waiting for and Trump has said Romney is still in the running despite his pre-election reservations about Trump.

Born 12 March 1947 9.51am Detroit, Michigan, he’s a Sun Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio. He’s got tr Pluto conjunct his Mars/Jupiter this month which looks more than hopeful for him. And if his birth time is sound then his Solar Arc Moon Jupiter are poised to move over his midheaven which is also a great success. Plus he’s got tr Pluto about to move into his 9th from January 2017 which for a job of constant travel and serious discussions does fit.

His relationship chart with Trump is, oddly enough despite his earlier criticisms, reasonably friendly with a composite Sun Venus Mercury opposition Jupiter square Pluto – though also with an edge of both playing for the upper hand.

Romney’s Sun falls in Trump’s 7th and his Moon Jupiter in Trump’s 4th – so could work as a partnership.

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