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  1. As USA is going through it’s Pluto return maybe all the old ways of voting may be overturned? It certainly is no suprise its having such upheavals. Marjorie, have you read Rodney Collins Theory of Celestial Activity? It’s an amazing book. i read it years ago but felt drawn to re read it snd understand it so much more eith age and a spot more wisdom! It gives a sense of how and why the planets have such a profound effect upon the earth and lives of all creatures and plants.

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    What’s the US Electoral College vote going to look like on December 19th? It happens on the day Mercury goes retrograde (is there a time?!?). In almost every election this is just a formality, but there’s talk about a rebellion this year amongst more than a few voters. Understandably. Any significant transits for the US, Trump, et al?

  3. How do synastry house overlays affect the house person and the planet person? Are the effects the same or different? I’m wondering since I have my Moon, Venus, and Pluto in someone else’s 8th house (all of this in Scorpio).

    • Michelle, The 8th house person will feel it is a deep connection, emotionally intense but they may also be slightly resistant since your Pluto may make them feel they are being manipulated or controlled at some underlying level. You can help them understand deeper levels of reality, how to handle their finances, and you could foster their interest in life after death and other 8th house matters.
      And they’ll bring 8th house understanding to your handling of your Moon Venus Pluto energies which may be financial. For example they could help you monetise your creative talents (Venus) or assist in your domestic finances (Moon).
      It’s quite a subtle difference and will depend on which house your Moon Venus Pluto fall natally. 8th house can be quite unconscious so both sides need to be quite aware to make the most of the potential – and avoid the pitfalls.

  4. Now that it’s reported that Ivanka Trump will serve as her father’s First Lady, could you please look at the relationships between Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Baron Trump, and Ivanka Trump. I’m feeling that Melania is being pushed out of the picture.

  5. Jamie, Princess Charlene has twins, Jacques and Gabriella, with Pronce Albert. I think they’re coming up for their second birthday. But it would be interesting, Marjorie, if you looked at Princess Charlene, because in photos of her last two engagements, she looked as if she had won a great battle and had the demeanour of a Queen. Princess Caroline, however, looked as if she might have been sidelined. She did the ‘Diana’ thing of making sure she was noticed, by playing with the children. Wonderful. ‘Dynasty’ in action!

    Thanks for your piece on Viola Desmond. I hadn’t heard of her before. Shall now look her up to find out more.
    Thanks, as always, for your work. Adds a sane footnote to this batty world.

  6. Hi Marjorie
    Could you look into Princess Charlene of Monaco, will she have any children with Prince Albert? Will Charlene & Albert have children with other people? How the relationship with Caroline & Stephane?

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