Trump – no ethics when it comes to losing


Concern about Trump interfering with November election results are mounting after he went on a twitter rampage against Californian Democrats push for mail-in ballots. “They are trying to steal another election. It’s all rigged out there. These votes must not count. SCAM!”

A former White House ethics director Walter Shaub responded “… and right on cue, here he is laying the groundwork for a refusal to leave office.” Previous tweets from Shaub showed other examples that he believed proved Trump was working to discredit the upcoming election in case he lost, including consistently tweeting about the “rigged” system.

Most Americans, including a majority of Republicans, are in favour of a mail-in voting system for the general election to avoid gathering in public places, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll published in April. About 72 per cent of Americans wanted mail-in ballots. Researchers have not found proof election security would be impacted.

Shaub, born 20 February 1971, trained as a lawyer, worked as an attorney for various federal agencies and was appointed by Obama to head Government Ethics in 2013. He resigned in 2017, having complained about Trump not divesting his assets and saying later that under Trump the government had become a kleptocracy.

He’s a Sun Pisces square an idealistic Neptune Jupiter in Sagittarius with Mars (maybe Moon) also in the legalistic sign of Sagittarius. An Aquarius Node will suit him to pursue a humanitarian cause.

He is deeply frustrated through this year and next with tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Mars midpoint, which is angry and blocked. And he looks particularly setback on his heels over the November election with a catastrophic tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint. He does have a couple of rays of sunshine but there are more minuees than pluses ahead in his immediate future.

His relationship with Trump will be at its most vehement over the election with tr Pluto Jupiter square the composite Mars and tr Saturn square the composite Sun – and that rolls through into 2021.

Given the fraught nature of the Inauguration chart it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that there’s an unholy punch up and Shaub’s worst fears are realised. The state of his chart could be due to other factors in his life but they may also be a pointer.

Another recent Shaub tweet: “After Barr issued a deceitful summary of Mueller’s report, dropped Flynn’s charges despite a guilty plea & reduced the sentencing for Stone, I’m concerned he could try to influence the election with similarly bogus arrests, accusations or the announcement of new investigations.”

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  1. Mail-in ballots have been used in many areas of the country as well as for military personnel for a long time. Ivanka has trademarks on voting machines, which should raise alarm bells immediately. Trump will do anything he can to stay in office.

  2. Thank you for this article. Mail-in ballots don’t favor one party over another, contrary to what Trump is putting out there. So what’s he on about? Russians can disrupt voting machines and software programs, but they can’t hack mailed ballots, which leave a paper trail that can be reviewed. Very worried that he’s already collaborating with the Russians to upend the real election results.

    • I don’t understand the problem with mail-in-ballots which are simply absentee ballots without the restrictions of having to give a reason as to why you can’t vote on election day.

    • “Mail-in ballots don’t favor one party over another, contrary to what Trump is putting out there. So what’s he on about?”

      They could, in that The US “in day” voting is often organized in a way to suppress voting from certain groups. Simply having elections over one day, in the middle of the week is incredibly inconvenient for certain groups of workers.

  3. He’s acting as other dictators and despots control their countries. Americans sits idle, in fear of losing all that was acquired. A good book to read while in lock-down is “It Can’t Happen Here.”


    I thought to ask you about his pre-election denials…but you’ve already posted the astro-assessment. What did we ever do to deserve this?

  4. Hi Marjorie…in past readings on Trump, I believe I’ve read some comments/hints about his physical condition and that he has reason to be concerned. Considering that the virus is now ensconced in the WH and his carelessness regarding such, is it possible that this or some other illness could be the solution to our (him) problem. I’ve been told astrologers don’t like to forecast things such as this, but am I wrong in thinking that you’ve hinted at it?

  5. Thanks Marjorie. Astonishing how one person can generate quite so much chaos, and appear to be quite so angry and self-righteous all the time. I wonder how descriptive you think inauguration charts are? This one here looks pretty intense and disruptive. It seems unlikely that the election could be delayed, or that Trump could refuse to leave office, but somehow that thought is out there. And it is a very concerning idea to contemplate.

  6. He has an interesting week ahead in the U.S. Supreme Court over his tax returns!
    Thank you for the Article Marjorie.

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