Trump in meltdown

Chris Wallace, senior television anchor and journalist with Fox News, had the unenviable task of attempting to moderate the Trump-Biden first debate. By all accounts he lost control but in fairness there would be little chance of reining Trump in when he went off on one of his semi-psychotic rants. A hefty dose of opioids was about the only lever that might have done the trick and avoided what was described as a national embarrassment, an epic moment of shame for the ages – as well as a dumpster fire, a car-crash etc etc.

  Wallace, 12 October 1947, has his Sun, Neptune and Venus spread out through Libra; with a penetrating Mercury in Scorpio square a hefty collection of Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Leo.

  If anything, he’d lean more towards Biden with a composite Sun Venus in a workmanlike trine to Saturn; and an enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in their relationship chart.

His relationship chart on the other hand with Trump has a palpable dislike and power-struggling composite Sun, Mars, Pluto.  It’s a good deal starker in terms of outright aggravation than the Trump/Biden relationship chart. Wallace would press Trump’s buttons.

  Trump was in any event even more out of control than usual for two astro-reasons.  One was Mars Saturn and the other Pluto. Firstly there was a celestial Mars Saturn square yesterday which was activating his Venus (conjunct Saturn) and tr Saturn had until a couple of days before been inconjunct his attention-hogging Mars in Leo. Mars Saturn mixes two very different energies. Mars is go-ahead, assertive, competitive, angry when pent up. Saturn is restrictive, putting blocks in the way of forward movement. It’s why it is associated with accidents and broken bones since hot-headed Mars running smack into Saturn’s rigidity and brick-wall qualities isn’t a good combination.

It’s also associated with both assassinations and the military. Saturn’s Grim Reaper plus Mars’ warlike tendencies = death.  But it also points to the necessity for soldiers to obey, which means they have to suppress their personal wishes in order to do as they are told. This breeds an underlying resentment over time, which builds up and can have explosive consequences.  Dysfunctional childhoods – cruel parents – often show up as Mars Saturn in a chart – and it does breed self-discipline, the ability to withstand tough conditions. But there’s also a simmering volcano effect, whereby the underlying anger only stays hidden for so long and then blows, often with destructive effect. At a more trivial level it’s very ratchety and irritable.

   The other is his Pluto – from what I can gather, not having watched, he wouldn’t let anyone else speak and constantly interrupted, which suggests a desperation to exert control on everything and everyone in his environment. Allowing any other voice or presence floor space would pose a death blow to his shaky self-esteem and that threatens psychological implosion – it’s narcissism on steroids.

  He’s just had tr Uranus upending his 12th house Pluto which is conjunct his Mars/Saturn midpoint, both at 10 degrees Leo, so he’d go into the debate standing on very shaky ground. Falling poll numbers and the NY Times expose of his tax returns indicating his claims of being a financial genius were built on sand would have penetrated through even his rhinoceros hide to shatter his illusions of grandiosity, entitlement, and superiority. What lies underneath that in him is inner inadequacy, shame, and vulnerability. Shame is especially corrosive for a narcissist and they will go to the ends of the earth to avoid facing it or worse feeling it.  And of course it could well be a dementia symptom.

“Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others.” —Paramahansa Yogananda

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  1. I think from reading the Biden/Trump/Harris charts is that Biden will indeed win the election but Trump is not going to go quietly. Hence why Biden’s chart doesn’t shed much light on joy but Trump’s is trapped and letdown.

  2. Chris: I was also wary of mailing my ballot, so I called the local County Board of Registrars to inquire about ballot drop boxes. They told me there was one in front of their office. That’s where I put my ballot. The letter that accompanied my ballot provided a website where I could check the status of my ballot. Two days after depositing my ballot in the drop box, I went to the website and entered my name, date of birth, etc. It was confirmed that my ballot was received and accepted. So I feel confident that my vote will be counted.

  3. Trump has a very Sun/Moon opposition in his natal conjunct his lunar nodes. He is need deep in to a nodal return. This is serious.

  4. I think this is real. Apparently, POTUS and his close staff get tested frequently, even daily, and it’s possible this was discovered “casually”.

    In any case, DJT sees sickness as weakness, always has. He mocked Hillary Clinton for phemonia. Apparently, some advisors were aware of Hope Hicks having contracted Covid-19 by Thursday morning. Hope Hicks might have been aware of her test being positive on Wednesday, travelling with POTUS. But given of on the edge DJT is, they just kept it under lid and hoped for the best.

  5. Has he really been tested for Covid though or is this his get-out clause for all future Presidential debates? It’s certainly the kind of thing Trump would pull because he’s not man enough to face up to his responsible behaviour the other night. This is his note to the teacher to get out of class. I mean, how convenient, huh?

    • I think this is real. Apparently, POTUS and his close staff get tested frequently, even daily, and it’s possible this was discovered “casually”.

      In any case, DJT sees sickness as weakness, always has. He mocked Hillary Clinton for phemonia. Apparently, some advisors were aware of Hope Hicks having contracted Covid-19 by Thursday morning. Hope Hicks might have been aware of her test being positive on Wednesday, travelling with POTUS. But given of on the edge DJT is, they just kept it under lid and hoped for the best.

  6. That debate was a hot mess. Since Donald Trump is a complete idiot with a very limited vocabulary who barely knows how to read or comprehend anything above a preschooler, I was expending him to make a fool of himself like he always does. However, I wasn’t expecting him to be as unhinged as he was. He was so out-of-control, he was arguing with Biden and the moderator (Chris Wallace) the entire debate.

    I give Joe Biden credit for keeping his cool, remaining civil and professional, and at least he was trying to answer the questions (whenever he could get a word in).

    Joe Biden has been declared the winner by default by all of the post-debate polls and the media networks despite the fact he had little opportunity to share his thoughts because of all the chaos Trump was causing.

    Trump even turned off a few of his own supporters by his uncontrolled, psychotic performance – I met one undecided Independent voter who said she was definitely voting for Biden now…and I met two voters (who are Republicans) who said they had been reluctantly supporting Trump because of the SCOTUS situation…but now they have decided they cannot even hold their noses to support him any longer – they’re voting for Biden now.

    It’s embarrassing that somebody like Trump is occupying our White House. And knowing that the rest of the world is watching us with raised eyebrows and clinched teeth makes the situation even more embarrassing.

    My parents and I received our mail-in ballots the other day. However, all 3 of us have decided were voting early (in person) on the very first day of early voting (October 19th) here in Florida. We don’t trust the postal service right now; not with that awful post-master general Trump appointed being in charge.

    We’re looking forward to casting our votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on October 19th. Keeping fingers crossed and hoping Florida goes blue this year.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • I’ve observed that Trumps vocabulary the last year has dramatically become reduced. Simple phrases, repeated. There’s some kind of mental tic affecting his brain functions.

  7. @realDonaldTrump

    I won the debate big, based on compilation of polls etc. Thank you!
    4:14 PM · Oct 1, 2020

    LOL! The Orange devil is on real denial and meltdown!

    • The first post election poll by a large pollster (CNBC/Change Research) has Joe Biden at +13 (54-41). Apparently, latest CNBC poll had Biden at +9, which is above average, but I expect to see similar development elsewhere. If I had to guess, his biggest gains probably come from white, non-college educated women, who are too busy running their and their family lives to be on Twitter or even watch Fox News much, and only tune in for big events. The big selling point, to them, would be how Biden responded on Trump’s attack towards Hunter Biden, maybe also the easy, complicit relationship Joe and Jill have, as opposed to Donald and Melania.

  8. It was bad. I watched for five minutes and then decided he was not getting space in my head. I already know I am voting for Joe. You should know about some other things. The Sunday before the debate Brad Parscale had a meltdown and was arrested. Brad Parscale was his former campaign manager, and before that ran the Cambridge Analytica dealings and helped him win in 2016. Brad is on a psychiatric hold at the moment. The other thing that happened is during this thing they called a debate- it was not a debate – donations to the democrats went through the roof.

    He over talked Biden every chance he had, and would not allow him to speak. It was something, and painful to watch.

    • What they need to do in the next stand off when Trump starts talking over Biden and being his plain, old, rude, aggressive self that is so desperate to snatch the limelight back toward himself, is have the technician guys in the auditorium to switch off his damn mic until it’s his time to speak!

      However, by letting him rant like the village idiot he is, it looks like he is handing the Presidential reigns to Biden. If you think he’s deranged now, can you imagine how he’s going to look if he loses? Like Nancy Pelosi said, if he won’t leave of his own accord they will have to fumigate the White House. The guy is an absolute cockroach!

      • Yes indeed Jo! It’s possibly subjective to look at Trump’s mental health as “showcased” by his tv appearances and this so-called debate. BUT, really, it is obvious he isn’t well and has declined even since 2016. Comparisons with his younger self really do reveal a loss of vocabulary, and so much more. I’ve long suspected some form of frontal lobe dementia, having seen it in someone very close to me in recent years. It will be very hard to persuade him to leave the White House.

        • Apparently, new plans state that they are going to turn off the mic if the opposition keeps interrupting the debate, thank heavens. But good lord, Trump’s supporters are just eeuurgh!

          From the BBC it’s reported that ‘Trump campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh, criticised the plans to shut off the mic. “They are only doing this because their guy got pummelled last night. President Trump was the dominant force and now Joe Biden is trying to work the refs. They shouldn’t be moving the goalposts and changing the rules in the middle of the game.” How can they honestly think someone aggressively interrupting an opponent 73 times, regardless of who it is, is acceptable? Would they have been okay if Biden or Hillary Clinton did this to Trump? I don’t think so somehow.

          Afterwards, Biden’s granddaughter tweeted something like, ‘I don’t know how my grandfather didn’t go over there and slap Trump.’ Cue comments in their hundreds levelled at her like, ‘Violence! What do you expect from a drug addict’s daughter,’ ‘Oh, look, typical violence coming from a liberal,’ ‘This is what happens when female violence is escalating in this country. We have a culture of female violence and it needs to stop!’ WTF?!!!

          And not one word from this same base against the disgusting display of violent toxic masculinity in the form of the Proud Boys bracing themselves like pasty-faced, beer belly-soaked wife beaters, peacocking themselves for a fight to take the political platform back in their own hands in which they will use guns if necessary? Honestly, I just wish someone would drop a bomb on all this vile misogyny, which is like it is ramped up on steroids everywhere you look and listen. You have to live like a damn hermit to escape this carnival madness! I wish I had the money to live in a remote Scottish croft or a shepherd’s hut in deepest, darkest Norway! Jesus Christ!

      • Nancy Pelosi also pointed out that what you saw was authenticity – Trump authentically a bully and Biden authentically a decent person who cares about American families. Trump’s callout to the white supremacists is also causing a backlash – it’s reported that it’s energized black voters in Florida and probably elsewhere. Trump today expressed bewilderment that his racist messages aren’t working with the suburban “housewives” (!!) he thought he’d win over with his scaremongering. Exceedingly few women including white suburban women wouldn’t have been disgusted by his debate performance and he doesn’t understand how diverse our suburbs actually are.

        • In a debate against Hillary Clinton 4 years ago, he positioned himself and moved and stand right behind her or near her in a most obnoxious way, clearly wanting to unhinge her. He managed to bully her in a physical way, and she handled it graciously. I think that was even more shocking than the interruptions to Biden. The guy is a bully, but he may have a secret weapon to win this election and we just don’t know what it is. It doesn’t help that the far left has its share of bullies who are also adverse to the truth and call you “racist,” “homophobe,” “Islamaphobe” or “Nazi” when you disagree with them on any matter. Then they shame you into agreeing with them or they will destroy your reputation. So there’s really a disintegration of American culture, if we ever had it.

  9. I watched with a growing sense of horror and certainty that Trump is mentally ill and in full breakdown mode. Senior Republicans haven’t said a word, though.

    • They are shellshocked too, I guess. There are a couple of States on ballot where Trump has been more popular than the sitting Republican Senator, most notably Iowa and South Carolina, and I think Montana and now Missouri, as well. Their genuine fear might be that some people appalled by Trump will stay home and hand those races to a Democrat. Something like this did happen in Alabama special election to replace Jeff Sessions, with an abyssimal Republican candidate and Trump not on ballot.

  10. I like Biden and have already cast my vote for him. I think he handled himself as well as could be expected against a clearly mentally ill opponent. That said, Bernie Sanders would have nailed Trump to the wall.

  11. Trump’s ranting and raving on the Presidential debate reminded me of the James
    Brown track:-“Talkin’ Loud And Sayin’ Nothing”.

    Marjorie’s observations are spot on. At the heart of everything, Trump is a hollow
    man. It would come as no surprise to me if he has a massive physical and
    psychological breakdown, should he lose the Presidency on November 3rd.

  12. One pool show 6 american in 10 give debate victory to Biden… on other news

    Democratic campaign records peak donations during presidential debate

    The person in charge of the Biden campaign says that he had never received so many messages from people wanting to donate as during Tuesday’s debate when, for several analysts, the noise far exceeded the concrete and objective discussion.

      • Thanks for notes on Chris Wallace! I would think he is a Libra Moon. Libra Moon signature runs in my family, and one thing I’ve observed about them is that no matter how acute observers they are, they can’t stop giving people benefit of a doubt. This was especially true with my Libra Sun/Moon/Jupiter grandmother with Mercury in Scorpio in contact to Pluto, just like Chris Wallace. She would never stop believing people couldn’t improve at least their behaviour. So, I think Chris Wallace genuinly thought DJT would at least try to behave.

        Instead, I read that Trump was prepped to be aggressive and personal in order to trigger Joe Biden’s stutter. That is, obviously, a cruel strategy, and stupid given Trump’s lack of self-control. Given free rein, he will follow his worst instincts and go over the top. Saturn inconjuct to his Natal Mars won’t help with that.

        • Unmystic Mom, fortunately next Presidential Debate is a Town Hall type event, with common voters asking question. This is a format where Trump can’t dismiss questions as “dumb” and people asking them as “enemy of the people”. Interrupting a question will seem rude, as well. He already had a Town Hall a couple of weeks ago where a Black lady who had lost familymember to Covid-19 refused to be interrupted by him.

          However, if Trump won’t get the polling boost he expected from the first debate and Harris will do as expected with Pence, he might call them off on some excuse.

    • October 7th is two days before a really intense high-energy Mars square Pluto which will be in full effect – not confrontational but certainly spitting through gritted teeth. 15th is a pressured Sun square Pluto and two days after Sun opposition Mars
      so much the same as the 7th. On the 22nd Sun moves into Scorpio. October is exceptionally messy.

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