Trump campaign cash – where did the money go?

Details are just emerging about a shell company set up by Jared Kushner in 2018 to allow Trump and family to bypass federally required financial disclosures on how campaign funds were spent. Over $600 million from the $1.26bn coffers were funnelled through an opaque company with Lara Trump (Eric’s wife) named president, and Mike Pence’s nephew John Pence as vice president. The allegation is that this allowed the Trump inner circle and friends to be paid vast sums without it being under scrutiny.

  One media outlet’s story was headlined: “Jared Kushner Might Have Helped The Trump Family Launder Campaign Money.”  Vanity Fair said: “OOPS: Jared Kushner reportedly created a shell company to secretly pay Trump family members and spend half the campaign’s cash.”

 Although Lara Trump resigned before most of the cash was paid out she may still end up under federal investigation as complaints are being laid. Born 12 October 1982, she’s a Sun Venus in Libra with Saturn Pluto also in Libra – a mix of cool charm and unyielding determination.  Her Solar Arc Mars is squaring her Saturn around now which will accompany a considerable setback with tr Pluto conjunct her Solar Arc Mars and square her Saturn from exactly now as the story breaks and on and off through 2021; followed by worse as her Solar Arc Mars squares her Pluto in 2022/23. Her life will shudder to a halt.

  The company set up on 18 April 2018 has the same timeline and though now not operational it will still be affected by the influences. It has a ruthlessly determined Mars Pluto in Capricorn, which comes exact by Solar Arc in late 2021/2022; and Pluto square Sun Uranus in Aries. Which latter will be turned upside down by tr Pluto square the Sun Uranus in 2022/23.

   Jared’s relationship chart with Trump which has a fated Yod tying them together irrevocably for good or for ill, is in for a fair battering from this coming July onwards, with a few disappointments before then. But mid 2021 onwards for two years will be nerve-stretched and deeply insecure as tr Uranus opposes the composite Neptune through the second half of 2021, followed in 2022 with tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting on the composite Neptune Mars on one foot of the Yod; and more serious setbacks and frustrations also in 2022/23.

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  1. Wow! As the veil of protection afforded by the presidency lowers, the true colors of the crook re-emerges shining ever brightly. Let’s see how he squirms out of this one over and above his shouts of ‘fake news, it’s a set up, I won, etc….’

    I wonder why the reporting has been so low key?

    • “I wonder why the reporting has been so low key?”

      Possibly due to how complexed this matter is, and it coming out on Friday Night. Business Insider reporters seem to not only have been breaking the story, but they probably were the only ones tracing this particular lead. Follow-ups will likely require contacting people who, as incredible as it seems in this 24/7 era, won’t respond on weekends.

    • Jared and Ivanka just purchased a 1.8 acre plot on what’s called Billionaire’s Bunker for a cool $30 million. They will be neighbors to Tom Brady and his family.

      Rumor has it that Ivanka wants to run for U.S. Senate which means she will be running against empty-suit Marco Rubio in the Florida Republican primaries in 2022.

    • @patriicia, or he is where Trumps got the idea from, through Mercers. His whole political career has clearly been a grift based on being a fairly popular contrarian, not trying to gain power. That’s what Trump aimed to in 2016, as well. You can see how utterly shocked he was he’d wan The Election Night.

  2. As I commented elsewhere, these people are brazen beyond imagination! The reporting has been surprisingly low key, given the sums mentioned. But for some reason, of all Trump (Campaign) related scandals, I have a gut feeling this one is going to stick, so I had to go and check the exact moment the story first appeared at Business Insider, which was 7.09 pm ET on December 18th. I think this has a lot to do with Saturn already in Aquarius at the time, and Jupiter about to pass there. Also, Sextile Series with Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius and Mars in Aries. Research behind this story is legitimate, and there is most likely more to come. Even if DJT would preemptively pardon all his family, there might be big enough state crimes here to result in prison sentences. Most importantly, if/when details of how this money was spent, this could seriously damage DJT’s intended 2024 campaign. And, in both cases, this could lead to a Trump Family Civil War. These “kids” don’t like each other to begin with.

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