Trump and Clinton Juniors – helping the family cause




The Trump juniors have been on display through their father’s convention and Chelsea Clinton is scheduled to speak at the Democratic one.

Ivanka Trump, 30 Oct 1981, New York, is an intense Sun Scorpio sextile a hard-working, pro-active Mars in Virgo, with a super-confident and determined Jupiter Pluto Mercury Saturn in Libra sextile a lively Venus Neptune in Sagittarius, with a fiery Sagittarius Moon probably square Mars. With her Mars also square Uranus – definitely go-ahead, a risk-taker, attracted to excitement. She’s very much on the up and up in 2017 though not until April when tr Uranus opposes her Jupiter Pluto. She’s got a tough tr Pluto square her Saturn up to and across the election and some less than wonderful transits to midpoints right through to the end of January 2017.

Donald Trump Jnr, 31 Dec 1977, is a charming and ambitious Sun Venus in Capricorn trine Saturn in Virgo, with Sun square Pluto and inconjunct Mars in Leo – a controlling father, though proud of his family and its wealth, stressed with anger issues from Mars.

He has his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Moon, exact in two months’ time, which looks like a shock and strain; and also Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Mars now, so a surge of confidence and exuberance as he steps onto centre stage. He looks less than cheerful in the run up late Sept/Oct (but then neither does Hillary). He’s more upbeat from late November.

Tiffany Trump, 13 Oct 1993, like her elder sister is a Libra Scorpio mix, with a Sun Jupiter in Libra trine Saturn, and Mars Mercury conjunct and Pluto, all in Scorpio. Her Sun Jupiter square onto a highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn. She’ll be alternately charming, then sensible, then vengeful and given to odd whims. Her life will be changing radically from December onwards with tr Uranus opposition her Sun, then her Sun/Jupiter midpoint and finally opposition her Jupiter from next April. So whatever happens she’ll be in for lucky breaks and a confidence surge. She looks disconsolate in late Oct to early Nov; and over-stressed with Solar Arc Uranus square her Mars in three months, but upbeat again come December.

Chelsea Clinton, 27 Feb 1980 11.24pm Little Rock, Arkansas, is a private 4th house Sun Pisces opposition a lively and ambitious Mars Jupiter in Virgo in her 10th. Her Mercury in Pisces in the performing 5th will make her a good speaker, though it opposes Saturn and squares onto Neptune so she will be a worrier and vague as well. Her 9th house Leo Moon suggests she’ll live abroad at some point during her life.

She also looks stressed in the run up to the election with tricky midpoints till mid October. From late Oct she has tr Uranus opposition her Pluto and conjunct her Venus – so her life will change radically at that point, win or lose. She also has tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint from mid Oct till late Nov which is definitely good news from her point of view.

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