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    Hi Marjorie,
    Joshua Wong, a very young activist,19 years old in Hong Kong is making quite big waves in Hong Kong .
    Would you look at his chart and see if this brave young man is going to make any real changes in Chinese run Hong kong.
    he has just been found guilty of unlawful assembly outside government headquarters. Named as one of the top ten leaders in the world …apparently!)

  2. You’re insights are always amazingly deep and helpful. Pegasus has certainly inspired you, Marjorie! Some of your observations and summaries are truly moving. and I am grateful for the positive sides also being explained for it’s towards the positive we all need to move and work. Thank you so much.

  3. Hello Marjorie,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful work and website.
    The awful events of late over the last two weeks, such as the Nice Lorry horror, Paris shootings, Turkish events, the attempted abduction of British R.A.F. soldier, and today Munich shootings; All have happened on a Thursday and a Friday. Could there be any astrological significance? Thank you.

  4. I was wondering if Ted Cruz chart may give us insight into possible US President winner? As he’s refused to support Trump & his future career & possible 2020 run now rests on him being right about Trump, his chart & his relationship with Trump (who gets the upper hand) may be interesting?
    I read through your previous comments on Cruz where you said:

    “If his birth time is accurate then tr Uranus will trine his Solar Arc MC around the election which will bring a positive change of direction. And his December 2016 Solar Return located to Washington, DC has Jupiter in the 10th and Sun in the first – so successful and centre of attention.”

    This may hint at Cruz being right & Trump losing the election…. although it may be more wishful thinking on my part!

  5. Dear Marjorie,
    thanks for the nice astro analysis of Melanie Trump. Would it be possible to do the same for Trump’ daughter Ivanka?
    Many thanks.

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    In light of recent political events, please could you give some long-term forecasts for UKIP’s chart if possible.


  7. Hi Marjorie, What do you see ahead for Armenia? There is a current standoff situation where protesters have taken hostages in a police precinct. This is part of years of opposition activities/protests by the people who are frustrated by the corrupt and brutal government of President Serj Sarkisyan (June 30, 1954, born in Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh). He has been in power in one position or another since 1991. The people in the country are desperate for a complete regime change of all those now governing to restore some hope for the future. Despite various attempts by the opposition over the last many years, the country has remained under the tight control of the same people for two decades. Do you see any serious change ahead?

    By the way thanks for all the wonder astrological analysis of events everywhere. The Brexit detail was fascinating.

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