Triple conjunction – USA and Saudi Arabia are on the bullseye

Triple conjunctions of any of the four outer planets are rare occurrences – only ten in the past 2000 years – and coincide with massive shifts in the power centres on the globe and in the aftermath there are usually significant migrations of people, often for decades after.

The last triple conjunction – of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in Capricorn in the late 1980s coincided with the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the break-up of the USSR amongst other events. The Russia 1917 chart has a controlling Pluto in its 10th which was under assault from tr Saturn Neptune and Uranus in opposition in the late 1980s, so found its grip on power wrenched away.

The year’s triple conjunction is of a lesser variety since it includes the faster moving Jupiter alongside Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. But it will still have a significant effect. The two countries which spring instantly to mind as being on a collision course – one is the USA with its Pluto in Capricorn opposition Mercury catching the hard aspects. And Saudi Arabia with its Sun Jupiter Saturn in Capricorn being ground down by the triple conjunction.

To a lesser extent China with its 12th house last decan Jupiter will take a financial and confidence hit.   Germany also with its 10th house Uranus in Cancer may spring a surprise or two as it swings in a radically new direction from 2021 onwards.  Other countries more affected than most will be Turkey, Australia and New Zealand, all with late Cardinal planets.

If the early 19th Century Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction in Pisces is anything to go by – although there were differences being more spread out and in an unstable square to Uranus as well – there will be a financial collapse followed two or three years later by a shift over to a different economic model and a resurgence. Though as ever with major planetary aspects it is likely to home in on a limited number of specific targets, so to speak. You see it with accident prone influences – there are usually one or two headline-grabbing crashes around the globe – but not everyone is affected.  It’s a weird phenomenon  as if the planetary vibe needs to be acted out by a designated mark and then it moves on. The ripple effect will be felt elsewhere but not the bullseye.


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  1. Agree with you Hugh that Ed Tamplin is very much missed right now. He would have been in his element during these incredible times.

    Marjorie, this leads me to ask if you could please expand further on your comment that Australia (and New Zealand and Turkey) will be more affected than most. Australia had barely emerged from the ashes of terrible bushfires that raged across the country, when the pandemic hit. I think many people here feel traumatised and very vulnerable.

    Thank you for this compelling website Marjorie, and if you have the time, I look forward to hearing what you think is in store for Australia over the next half decade. My best to all who contribute to this site too.

  2. The late and much missed Australian astrologer Ed Tamplin drew a chart for the Petrodollar drawn up for 8 June 1974 at Washington DC at 9.00 am EST (13.00 UTC).

    The chart has Mars at 29 Cancer on the Ascendant and the Moon at 27 Capricorn on the descendant. The Sun is at 17 Gemini and Jupiter is at 16 Pisces. Pluto is at 4 Libra and Uranus is at 23 Libra. Venus is at 9 Taurus.

    All these planets have either been hit by recent transits or will be hit by them in the near future. For example the Pluto in that chart was exactly square the 26 December 2019 Solar Eclipse. Uranus was square the 2020 Pluto/Saturn conjunction. The Petrodollar Sun has recently squared Neptune in Pisces. Significantly, the Moon in that Petrodollar chart is exactly conjunct the USA natal 1776 Pluto. Saturn and then Pluto by transit are going activate both those planets and then oppose the Mars in the Petrodollar chart. The latter looks potentially very explosive.

    • Just to add that the Sun at 17 Gemini in the Petrodollar 8 June 1974 chart is exactly conjunct the Saudi Arabia 1902 chart Pluto. So it echoes the USA 1776 27 Capricorn conjunction to the Petrodollar Moon. The power relationship is etched into the conjunction of the two respective national Plutos to the two luminaries in that Petrodollar chart.

  3. thanks marjorie i just read this article and now reading today’s article. Could we say that we are rapidly going to a new world order, a multi-polar world? The United States would no longer be the hegemonic power but it will continue to be an important player worldwide.
    Energy is the key, generating energy for economic growth, so far only two sources of energy (1) can keep up with the increase in economic growth of a country: fossil fuel and biofuel. They are followed in order of importance by nuclear, hydroelectric and renewable energy.
    Will the way of producing energy change?


  4. Questions and comments are not on front page, so commenting here on Democratic National Convention being postponed to August 17th. I still think it will still be a “different one”. These dates will have Sun, Moon and Mercury in Leo trined by an Aries Mars. Venus in Cancer. Still can’t figure out what to make on triple conjunction there falling on Trump’s Mars/Ascendant. But I think this might have a “flashier” tone, and given how much most of the best entertainers in The US want Trump gone become one of the first occasions to see them postepidemic.

  5. Nobody older than 50 wants to see these arrogant millenials go back to their old antics but the economy must be ‘restarted’. you have to think out of the box to do it.

  6. Just saying I notice that China’s Aquarian Moon and Ascendant whether you base it on 15.01p.m., time or 15.15p.m. time
    for Beijing based on 1 October 1949 means that both their Moon and Ascendant will be pummeled by Pluto once it moves
    into Aquarius later this Decade.

  7. History has shown/taught us even recently that Empires change/fall and/or become something else.
    Germany has changed so much in last 150 years, the Austrian/Hungarian Empire, Eastern bloc Countries since 1989.
    I see Canada trending here and wouldn’t be surprised in future if Canada/U.S., merge, plenty of good books
    and papers in last Decade predicting this will occur later this Century.
    A great post Marjorie and hats off to whoever asked this question.

  8. Well said Solaia. America’s true power lie with their allies! The ability to consolidate influence with their money and military(and entertainment). This is what China and Russia lack, which is the reason why Putin is trying so hard to dismantle NATO(via influencing Trump). Fortunately is hasn’t worked. Even if Russia and China were to form a military alliance, they’d be no match for the U.S and colleagues(including Japan, a former foe, who’s military power is ranked 4th). So barring an asteroid strike or a pandemic that wipes out 3/4 of their citizens, America’s might will keep chugging along for some time.
    @Andre. I agree. My view of Canada was more aspirational than highly plausible. In the sense that instead of a super power, a stronger Canada forging a stronger alliance with a Democrat admin controlled government in the U.S would create a super continent. An even stronger deterrent to authoritarianism.

    • I’ve been told, in various occasions, by people with much more expertise on the subject than me, that allies aren’t even that important for The US Military success if not for the logistics. Especially for The Navy, which truly dominates over any other Navy. But logistics is an other thing Trump clearly does not understand due to his general mathematical illiteracy, and this is also why he is open to some horrible influences, such as Steve Bannon, who was trained as a Naval Officer and clearly understoods how Military works, but did/does all Putin’s bidding, or Esper and Pompeo, who want to turn US Military to mercenaries.

      • Mighty disingenuous of them for insinuating this; borderline facetious too. The logistics IS the point of the Allies. Being able to respond to threats anywhere anytime before it reaches the mainland. Everyone needs allies. Whether the alliance is genuine friendship or transactional is moot really. Both parties benefit. It would be in their best interest to lend assistance if America were unjustifiably attacked, and vice versa. Most Americans know going to war with Russia or China alone(worse them teaming up) is unwise, even with their amount of power.

  9. One thing I see rarely mentioned in astrological circles is The US Military Power. Military has been, always, the foundation of The US Power, no matter how much people want to make it about Constitution. American Independence wasn’t wan by brilliant legal argumentation, but groundbreaking military organization and tactics. Everything else, Economic Power (fueled by Conquest of The West) and Soft Power (moral leadership stemming from beating authoritarian regimes during WWII and Cold War), truly relies on this.

    And, maybe people forget about this, because there have been too many promises broken in four years, some of DJT’s most prominent 2016 campaign themes were about “making NATO countries pay” and “bringing our troops home”. This was also where he clearly differed from all the other Republican Candidates (I think Ted Cruz came closest) and most prominent Republican Politicians, especially late John McCain. However, this is also where Trump has lost, time after time. There has not been any significant effort to dismantle or even diminish NATO involvement in Europe. In fact, NATO just had their biggest War Games in Italy since the end of WWII last month – leading to all kind of conspiracy theories. They had their biggest Winter Time War Games in Europe last year. All these were planned and put to place under Trump’s Presidency. This has all been somehow under the radar.

    Therefore, I’m just wondering whether one of the “triple conjunction” would be The US Military Power becoming much more visible, again. China has tried to position itself as a Military Superpower, and they clearly have manpower. However, I think them failing technologically in Covid-19 Crisis might demonstrate their Military Technology isn’t quite what it’s made to be, either. I do not have any special interest in Military Tech, so this is just a consideration.

  10. I wouldn’t count on Canada too much. Its fossil fuel industry is 8% of GDP; it’s 3 % in the US. Alberta and Newfoundland are the two oil-producing provinces. One is already an economic basket case and the other soon will be. An economist said 10 years ago that the two wealthy economies that will suffer the most from climate change are Canada and Australia.

    Astrologically, Uranus is heading straight into Canada’s Pluto at 15 Taurus opposition Saturn at 17 Scorpio. The last time this happened was 1939.
    Canada’s Ascendant is in mid-Aries and its MC in mid-Capricorn, so heavily affected by the triple conjunction as well.

    • Isn’t fresh water their biggest resource? Perhaps new technology will utilise that in a way we can’t imagine right now, who knows……although I guess Australia would be at the sharp end of that

  11. Thanks Marjorie, very insightful! I suppose Saturn Pluto can be about the urge to resist transformation, but in the end Pluto wins… If and when our current economic model collapses I can imagine Saudi Arabia, being dependent on fossil fuels as a primary source of income, could take an enormous hit. To a lesser extent, same goes for the US. Such a collapse could pave the way for a transition to an economic model based on sustainability instead of eternal growth (i.e. new con capitalism).

    • As far as I am aware, Saudi Arabia is inch by painful inch, moving towards solar and wind power. Although this is complex, (Saudis are still huge consumers of fossil fuels and changing attitudes will be difficult) plus the Saudis have not been able to meet their ambitious targets to generate using renewable sources by 2040, they do have the capacity as Saudi has some of the world’s most intense sunlight, dust and sandstorms notwithstanding. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

      Thank you for this, Marjorie – very interesting article.

      • The Saudis need oil at a minimum of $80 a barrel to finance their country. WTI and Brent Crude are trading at $20-$25 due to the Coronavirus impact on the world economy. They are going bust if this continues for long.

        • Indeed, and not helped by the stupid Russia/Saudi oil price war. Saudi must know that they cannot not rely on oil forever.

          • The coronavirus crisis has of course accelerated the decline of fossil fuels and I believe with the Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, we are witnessing its final death throes.

          • Thanks Marjorie, always good to see the long view. I hope you’re right, VF….If oil is ruled by Neptune, then what happens when Neptune moves into Aries? Is that a fresh start, or more ridiculous battles over oil? I know people have very short memories, but perhaps seeing how clean things are becoming without huge amounts of oil being consumed may stay with people. Maybe it will encourage everyone to move faster towards a cleaner energy? Well, we can always hope….

          • Certainly in the case of coal, insurers and investors are backing away as we speak:


            ”Coal mines are becoming “stranded assets” — unlikely ever to pay off the costs of their development. The risks for financiers are becoming too great.

            ”Now, even insurance companies are refusing to underwrite coal-fired power plants and coal mining ventures. And without insurance, say gleeful climate campaigners, coal is dead.“

          • Expanding on the point of the price of oil and its impact on the world in these current times, Marjorie, is there any chart to consult on the 1970s oil crises and see if it shows anything of these current times.

            I was looking at it in terms of cycles, but the closest that I can think of is a half-Uranus cycle (42 years). That would make 2015 the Uranian reverse of 1973, when oil prices went through the roof and the first “oil shock” occurred.

            One Neptunian cycle is almost exactly two Uranus cycles and so a half-Uranian cycle would be a quarter Neptunian cycle.

            Are there any other cycles (Saros, fixed stars, etc) that could explain the developments in terms of dependence on oil?

          • Well, as it is so often about following the money, or lack of it, then perhaps coal is dead – with oil close behind? Uranus in Taurus then representing a tangible, earthy revolution? There will doubtless be resistance from the usual suspects. But in a funny way, the speed of the pandemic and its effects offers a kind of hope that other, good things can be started quickly.

          • It could be interesting to look at the chart for Opec – 14 September, 1960, Baghdad. It’s Neptune (oil) is 7 Scorpio, sextile Saturn 11 Capricorn. Also Standard Oil, 10th January, 1870 NY has 20 Capricorn Sun opposing 19 Cancer Uranus. Mars at 3 Aquarius, Mercury 6 Aquarius. Then powerful Jupiter and Pluto at 11 and 16 Taurus. Quite a lot going on by transit anyway.

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong anywhere here. Is this saying that the U.S will lose their sole super power status, Germany is to become more powerful and lead, or Canada will be the next leader? Or non of the above?
    Tensions between the U.S and the Saudis is understandable as a Democrat administration wouldn’t tolerate Bin Salman’s b.s(nor forget or overlook Khashogghi).

    • It’s likely that the USA will see a radical shift in its status – it would anyway having its first Pluto Return which brings it back full cycle to the start. I doubt if Canada will be majorly affected. Impossible to tell if Germany will rule the world, unlikely I’d have thought.

      • Ok. Well if not Germany then only Canada has any real potential otherwise(U.K clearly no longer interested). Perish the thought of China rule…yikes!
        Question is, do Canadians have the ambition and drive to be world leader? Whomever takes up this mantle has to have the cojones or spine to take it to Putin! Otherwise, I can’t see the U.S NOT being the leader(though maybe slightly weakened) for the next century.
        Maybe Canada will be a stronger partner in a dynamic duo scenario.

        • The EU, Russia, China and possibly more regional players, such as India and Brazil could all be contenders for becoming the next “leaders of the world”.

          Indeed, I would say the EU could take a lead, assuming that it lasts and gets through its own internal crises.

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