Toyah & Robert – a relationship to marvel

Toyah Wilcox, venerable punk pop star, actress and all-round entertainer, has been one of the pandemic hits with her wild and wayout YouTube Sunday Lockdown Lunch videos with her husband Fripp, musician and founder of the rock band King Crimson – 4.3 million views.

  They’ve been together extraordinarily for 35 years given that both have exceptionally challenging temperaments and charts. The past year has been the longest stretch they have spent together. In normal years, both are touring or working away, and they lived in separate houses until 2001. Even now they exist together as two strongly independent people, not having joint bank accounts and each doing their own laundry. She reckons it works because both are passionate about their careers and don’t cling.

  She was born 18 May 1958 11.57 am Birmingham and has a self-sufficient Taurus New Moon in her 10th house of career squaring onto Pluto, so she will be resistant to being controlled or crowded. Her childhood was difficult with medical problems galore including a twisted spine and developmental problems with her feet and hip sockets, requiring surgery and physiotherapy. She was bullied at school for her disabilities and her lisp; her father went bankrupt; and her relationship with her damaged mother was difficult. Despite her physical problems she started running away aged 12 and onwards and became famous young. She said in a recent interview: “I am deliberately, relentlessly happy because my mother deliberately, relentlessly tried to stop me being happy.”

  Her New Moon is also on the focal point of a Yod to Jupiter sextile Saturn which would set her on a unique path in life. Her Mercury in Taurus opposes Neptune and squares a 12th house Uranus fuelling her innovative and rebellious, oddball tendencies.

  Her husband, Robert Fripp, 16 May 1946, no birth time, is also a Sun Taurus with probably a Scorpio Moon which sits on top of her New Moon square Pluto – so quite a potent and challenging combination. He has a do-or-die-determined Mars Pluto in Leo which is conjunct her Uranus; and his Uranus Venus in Gemini oppose her Saturn and square her Mars. No one could say it’s an easy combo.

  Their relationship chart has a fiery composite Sun Mars which squares onto Pluto and probably the Moon which is more than tricky, but also fairly locked together.  There’s a Pluto square Venus for a hint of passion and a Pollyanna-ish, gloss- over-the-difficulties Jupiter Neptune conjunction which may trine the composite Moon.

  Just goes to show that context can be all for relationships. A constantly separated lifestyle will soak up a good deal of the stress and strain. But still it’s amazing it has stood the test of time.

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  1. She’s dyslexic, and he’s dyspraxic, which she says is part of their bond. Both with Mercury in Taurus too, so on various levels they can tune in mentally as well. There’s also a story about her mother experiencing a huge family traumatic event at 16, which damaged her and made it hard for her to express love. Toyah discovered this at the end of 2020 apparently, I don’t know what it was. Her Sun, Moon, Pluto might hint at it.
    I also recall a ghost programme on Radio 4 where she talked about their very haunted house and its spectral inhabitants. Very cheering to see this eccentric, creative couple still together, and a couple who don’t seem to be part of the “celeb” factory in any way either.

  2. Ha!!.. just read about these two this morning… had never heard of them before!!
    His Sun conjunct her Moon.

    My husband’s Moon is conjunct my Sun. I know other couples with this. And it is absolutely lovely, giving a foundation of deep understanding and “glue” in the relationship. We, too, have other quite difficult planet aspects…

    but this Sun/Moon conjunction gives a vast space for all the other relationship dynamics..
    and actually offers a lot of growth for each of us.

    My husband and his first wife had conjunct Moons.
    He shared something very profound with her… a “twinning” of souls.
    But very different than us… more “stimulating” he would say!

    He feels very blessed in his relationships!
    thank goodness!!!

    • My partner’s Libra Moon is conjunct my Libra Sun too! I think it’s a great combo.

      Whenever I see RF and TW as a couple, they always seem very loving. I had better not mention this article to my partner because it will be the perfect excuse for him to play ‘Court of the Crimson King’ at full volume while doing air guitar and drums. He does this regularly in a sad attempt to relive his youth.

      • Thank you Marjorie for this, particularly an overview of Robert’s chart. He’s a musician I’ve admired for decades and have wondered what astro markers there were to explain this complex and disciplined* man.

        *a pun of resonance to Crimson fans

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