Tony Robbins – a fiery salesman of a high order



The power to win will be unleashed in London in April as the money-making phenomenon that is Tony Robbins comes to town. His blurb describes him as a world authority in the psychology of leadership and from unlikely beginnings, over 38 years, he has amassed a vast fortune from a portfolio of companies that generate $5 billion a year from best-selling books, consultations and workshops.

Born 29 February 1960 8.10pm Los Angeles, his parents divorced when he was young and he had ‘a chaotic and abusive childhood’ with his much-married mother. He left home at 17, worked as a janitor and also for a motivational speaker and stepped up from there.

He’s a creative Sun Pisces in the hard-working 6th in a determined opposition to Pluto. He has planets in all three inspirational and entrepreneurial Fire signs – a hyper-communicative, enthusiastic Jupiter in crusading Sagittarius in his 3rd trine a go-ahead Aries Moon which is trine an innovative Uranus. His Jupiter is also on the focal point of a Mercury in Pisces opposition North Node in Virgo – such a Mutable Jupiter is inclined towards instant wisdom and speedy enlightenment and tends to be overly scattered. His Saturn in Capricorn on his IC, a hint of his cold childhood, possibly anchors him in earthier concerns of gaining material security.

His Neptune in Scorpio on the cusp of his 2nd is also a focal point planet to Uranus opposition Venus – giving him an intense need to fill an inner loneliness. It can be intuitive and idealistic but he will rely a great deal of his inner visions which can sometimes veer towards the fanatical (Uranus Neptune).

His actors/orators’ 15th Harmonic is strongly marked; as is his get-it-together 5H; and his pleasure-seeking and can-be-humanitarian 9H is also powerful.

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  1. He has a biographical-documentary on Netflix called “l am not your Guru” that came out last year.

    Fortune magazine couldn’t have picked a more hideous picture of him.

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