Tony Hsieh – a soaring meteor who crashed

Tony Hsieh, the visionary entrepreneur, who created and sold multi-million dollar companies, and revitalized downtown Las Vegas, has died in what appears to be a tragic accident. Since standing down from Zappos this August, his drug abuse, misuse of nitrous oxide and alcohol appear to have escalated and is likely to have contributed to his death.

  Born 12 December 1973 in Chicago, the son of Taiwan immigrants, he was an adventurous Sun Sagittarius trine Mars in go-ahead Aries which in turn was in an uncompromising and risk-taking opposition to Uranus. He also had a confident and charming Pluto trine Venus Jupiter in Aquarius. And a wide stressed Yod of Saturn square Mars inconjunct Mercury in Sagittarius; with a stubborn and depressive Saturn square Pluto. The Yod focal point Mercury would make him a quick-thinker, though also highly-strung with a tendency to be scattered as well as a good communicator.

   Tr Neptune has been squaring his Sun earlier this year and would have continued to do so throughout 2021 which would lower his energy and ambition, giving him a desire to drift and dream. That was emphasised with several midpoints also catching tr Neptune. Plus a key tr Uranus opposition his Neptune/Pluto midpoint which would have intensified his desire for mystical or supernatural experiences.

  What would be the clincher really – though death is often not marked in a chart – is two of his major configurations approaching a collision by Solar Arc. His Solar Arc Neptune (conjunct his natal Mercury) was almost on the square to his Uranus which would shake his natal Mars Uranus Sun wedge – and was the forerunner to the Yod moving by Solar Arc to do the same. Usually when two such configurations move to meet it brings a crucial turning point in life with often a good going crisis to overcome. Tr Pluto was also heading to square the Uranus from early 2021 turning his life upside down.

 His creative, businessman’s get-it-together 5th harmonic was strong as was his creative though can be addictive 7H; and his unorthodox, breakthrough-genius 13H.

  So much talent, so much money and yet all he wanted at the end was to space out into another reality.

7 thoughts on “Tony Hsieh – a soaring meteor who crashed

  1. Thanks Marjorie. Such a sad waste. I’ve noticed a strange ‘coincidence’ – Humphry Davy, the pioneering chemist, and brilliant inventor, was born 17th December, 1778. He discovered “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide, when he was 20, and did many wild and risky experiments with it on himself, and his friends. It became a hugely popular party drug of the early 19th century. Certain patterns in his natal chart echo those of Tony Hsieh.

    Humphry Davy had Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto at 0 Aquarius, trine Jupiter in Virgo, which was conjunct Neptune at 1 Libra. His airy Mars in Libra is trine Uranus in Gemini and the Nodes in Gemini. The Jupiter/Neptune would symbolise the “laughing gas” rather well, while the Mars/Uranus/Nodes points to his inventiveness, recklessness, and possibly the significant effects of his work on the wider public.

  2. Amended to right birth date. Teach me to do posts at the end of the day when I’m tired. A Sag not an Aquarius – pity I quite liked the previous super-Air chart.

    • If this is any consolation, I also read the original post not noticing anything wrong except town Tony Hsieh revitazed. Zappos was based in Las Vegas, which was one of the worst hit towns in The US after Subprime Crisis. Too many people to count lost their homes, and homelessness was a serious issue.

      This chart also too makes sense. Saturn/Jupiter transit got truly brutal on Hsieh’s Moon (and I actually think we’re close here with a Midday birthtime)/Mars. It doesn’t always have to go this way, I have late Libra Mars, so these planets have been ganging on me too, and I’m undoubtably more irritable nd tired than usually, but still alive (and the passage is vaning).

      What I think is really highlighted by movements on the chart is where Hsieh’s understanding of customer experience, and I’d guess humanitarianism come. I’ve work with a couple of Mercury conjunct Neptune in Sadgittarius, and been blown away by their problem solving skills, something I think wouldn’t be usually associated with combination. And here, it’s supported by a sextile series involving Pluto. Jupiter/Venus is the humanitariasm and gives us further hope on upcoming Aquarius passage. There are also countless stories on Tony Hsieh’s personal kindness.

      I think it was ultimately that powerful Mars Aries that “crashed” him. People with naturally high energy level and passion for what they do like this are also the ones suffering the worst burnouts, because they deny having bounderies (here, I’m quite happy about my Libra Mars which makes me deliberate so long that I sometimes simply miss opportunities).

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