Tony Blair’s folly – a deux with GWB

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The principal fault (from a UK perspective) in an unnecessary, disastrous and potentially illegal war in Iraq, came about because of Tony Blair’s misguided and personal commitment to George W Bush. That’s Chilcot’s damning conclusion.

What’s interesting is that GWB’s Cancer Sun is conjunct Blair’s focal point Uranus – so he was the catalyst for the events that wrecked Blair’s life and legacy. (And a good many other people’s as well, but the Iraq attack would have gone ahead anyway with or without Blair’s support.) GWB’s gung-ho Aries Midheaven is also conjunct TB’s Mercury and opposition TB’s Saturn Neptune; and GWB’s Saturn in Cancer is in square to both ends of that opposition – so hooking into the other legs of TB’s Cardinal T Square, and not in a positive way.

Their relationship chart does have a friendly/affectionate composite Sun Mercury Venus opposition Moon which is sextile/trine a powerfully confident Jupiter Pluto; though also, noticeably, square Saturn.

This was always going to be a high-crisis time in Blair’s life since his two T squares have collided. His Fixed T Square of Aquarius Moon opposition Pluto square a Taurus Sun has moved by Solar Arc to have Solar Arc Sun conjunct his natal Uranus and Solar Arc Pluto to conjunct his Saturn Neptune. So tremendous pressures and challenges.

TB looks gaunt and distraught at the moment, years older. With tr Uranus square his Mercury/Saturn and Mercury/Neptune midpoints exactly now, he’ll be depressed and confused. None of that will lift quickly since he’s aiming for a nervy, jolting tr Uranus opposition his Neptune Saturn again early in 2017; with a stuck, discouraging Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Saturn, exact just after mid 2017; and then a devastating tr Pluto square Neptune Saturn 2018 to 2020. Almost too much to bear.

His increasingly semi-detached marriage to Cherie is also moving into its trickiest phase for a long while. It’s a curious relationship anyway with a needs-space composite Sun Uranus opposition Venus square a cool, overly hard-working Saturn and disappointing Neptune; and two strained Yods onto Mars and Venus. That chart is being bounced around in all directions over the next two or three years.

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  1. Hi Marjorie
    One interest to me on this is WHY he was so motivated to go to war, bolstered I believe on lies and deception? We can speculate endlessly. Do you have any interest in horary astrology? Might be worth an article? As an experiment how about timed for the moment you read this? “What motivated TB to take Britain to war in Iraq”? If of significance I am writing this 05:26 am London 9th July 2016, London. Bit of fun.

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