Tillerson out, Pompeo in – for today



The rolling musical chairs continues. Mike Pompeo of the CIA is expected to be nominated as the new US Secretary of State as Rex Tillerson, long seen as an irritant to the President, is summoned back from Africa.

Pompeo, 30 December 1963, is more hawkish than Tillerson on Iran which appears to please Trump. But it won’t be an easy partnership. Pompeo is a Sun Mercury Mars in Capricorn square Jupiter and trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo – not short of ambition, robust opinions and determination. But his Mars Mercury opposes Trumps Saturn Venus so he’ll not always make the president feel loved or be too tactful. His well-organised though not overly-sensitive Saturn in Aquarius opposes Trump’s Mars and widely Pluto, with Pompeo’s Neptune square which will bring suspicions and doubts along the way. And Trump’s slippery 2nd house Neptune squares Pompeo’s Sun.

Their relationship chart has a gritty, cold, aggravated composite Venus Saturn opposition Mars; with a needs-space Sun trine Uranus. It will get seriously rattled from this July onwards with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Venus; with a few high-tension moments before then with tr Uranus square the Uranus in April.

Pompeo’s chart shows a teeth-gritting year with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars and Mercury; career losses in April; and jolts through the spring and later in the year.

My impression was that James Mattis and Tillerson were tight. Mattis looks less than enthusiastic now with tr Saturn opposition his Uranus and a disastrous tr Pluto square Mars/Saturn;  tr Neptune is in an undermining opposition to his Virgo Sun in April, along with a dreary-slog tr Pluto trine Saturn plus plus and much of that repeats on and off into 2019. His Swearing In chart, gets a jolt from May onwards.

His relationship chart with Trump is infuriated at the moment, worsening considerably through April, on and off into 2019.

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  1. Marjorie, just an FYI, Q does not post on Twitter, he started at 4chan and moved to 8chan. He has loads of followers on Twitter though. You can tell by the distinctive purple background that his posts are from 8chan. Because there are so many people cluttering up the Q board there, there have been sites opened devoted to no chatter, just his posts. Qanonposts.com is one site. If you want to make a chart, Q’s first drop was around 2300, evening of Oct. 28th, don’t know where he posted from though. Seems he’s been in Asia/China lately, specifically Hong Kong.

    • Q is not unknown to me. Thought the D’s were mentioning an actual website. Q predictions/insider knowledge: Paul Ryan is retiring, Alabama election was rigged against Roy Moore, Rosenstein is Himmler’s son, Cancer cure being covered up, 7th Floor Group is a shadow government, Snowden never went to Russia but stayed in China, Judgement Day would be near the State of the Union address last January.

  2. So, Trump has now lost Financial Establishment backing with Cohn and Tillerson gone. Mattis is the one person keeping Military Establishment behind this Administration. There’s almost a cult of personality surrounding Mattis, who is, indeed, incredibly wellread and apparently standup person. Trump really, really can’t loose Mattis too. He is who holds what ever Military/Veteran base he has together. And Veterans especiamly are key Republican voters.

  3. There’s a special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district tonight. I’m hope this “breaking news” works to Democrat Conor Lamb’s advantage.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • Read it briefly – it reads like someone was tripping when it was written. Convoluted. This is the Q version of reality?

      • Larryc, I’m taking the door out. Going to get dank here as the midterms approach. Comment section is a Thunderdome. At an astrology site, who would think it? As you say, you can’t make this stuff up. Wanted to find you though and thank you for your friendship and for the laughs you’ve shared. You’ve taught more than anyone or any post on here. Fight the good fight, in all things. Will lurk every now and then to find a comment of yours—restore my faith in humanity and all that bosh!

        • Ah, I hear you. Moderating a forum is not the most fun or easy activity. Feel free to post a reply ping. I find I’ve become a little too caught up in the postings, tho many forums have been worth it. Now following the news about the school walkouts and the “school administrators” dealing out punishments. It’s not their kids who are being killed. Im going to self-moderate, esp after the nonsense with Deborah-with-a-D.

          Still plenty of fine reading from others’ posts and the articles by Marjorie.

          Best ‘o luck.

  4. Trump has nominated Gina Haspel to replace Pompeo as CIA Director. Controversial because she ran a black site prison in Thailand where torture was practiced. Trump likes that, though. (Via BBC news) October 1, 1956.

    • As a fellow Oct 1st Libran, I feel I must have missed my calling somehow. I have Pluto/Sun in 1st, too.

      This is irony, of course, but maybe explains why I’m obsessed with Intelligence. As a child, given a lead when playing with Barbies, I’d always develop these spy stories.

    • Oh, Buckeye, that’s sweet! Another option is dead, for a too realistic storyline. I guess I’ll stick to dystopian sci-fi.

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